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  1. For Sale is my pretty much as new Tamiya TA05 IFS-R Chassis Kit. The 'R' version is the hopped up Racing version of the TA05 which was already good. I bought this a few years ago with the intent of taking it to the VW Action RC Drag Racing however I didn't end up making it to Action that year so it went on my shelf where it has sat ever since. It's had about 10 minutes of use in total which was the testing after I built it. It comes fully built, suspension and steering all set up. It does not come with any electrics (apart from the steering servo which I have left in - bonus for whoever buys it). Also included is the original box with manual, spare parts and tools. A few of the features of this chassis are as follows: Innovative chassis features inboard front suspension with horizontally mounted oil dampers so you can fit extra low nose bodies accurately. Carbon reinforced chassis and suspension parts. Updated front and rear Ball Diff Pulleys. Updated Centre Pulley. Lots of Upgraded Aluminium parts. Many other Hop Ups. It is a very smooth running chassis that is bar the 10 minutes of testing use.... Brand New. Just add your own electrics, a body and off you go! £150 £140.... I will consider sensible offers. + £5 P&P (within UK Only) I will post outside of UK but obviously price depends on destination.
  2. Right, Up For Sale is my Brand New, Still Sealed Parma 1:10 Grave Digger Shell, it comes with all the Decals and Maskings. I had planned to fit it to my HPI E-Savage but since I have now sold it, as much as I love the Grave Digger Shell, I have no use for it anymore. Cost me £29.99 + £2.50 Postage. Willing to sell for £25 Including Postage within the UK Cheers, Rob
  3. I'm trying to find a Kyosho Nostalgic Ferrari 250 GTO (Electric not Nitro), Body and Chassis needs to be in good condition. What have you got? Willing to Pay OR do a possible trade for the Carbon Fibre Yokomo in my Trades/Showroom, whicher you would prefer. Cheers, Rob
  4. Finally finished my 2010 Sand Scorcher yesterday, what do you think? http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...&sid=28663# I would like to get some Pargu Alloy Boxart Wheels for it to but will have to wait till I get paid.
  5. Just out of curiosity has anyone who has there new Scorcher polished up all the alloy parts yet? Was thinking of doing this when mine arrives.
  6. My 1959 VW 'Lowlight' Karmann Ghia has covered just 20,373 Miles.
  7. Basically The Real Vehicles that the SRB's were modeled on (Bar the Ford) were based on the VW Beetle Chassis (Type 1) right down to the front suspension mimicking the real thing (I know, I've worked on enough of them) and with the Beetle being such an Iconic Car, when the 2 come together it's just the Obvious Choice! Both belong to members of a Forum I belong to.
  8. I still have the TL01 version, I didn't paint it in the Castrol Livery, Decals still in the box though.
  9. Yea I know, I used to see em all the time but Now I actually have a Scorcher and Want the Bumper I haven't seen them.
  10. Hi, yea I did try contact Jedi-Master but have had nothing back yet. As for J-Mans Scorcher and Bumper.... Yep thats definately the one I've seen. Cheers.
  11. I've tried to do a search but come up with nothing, I'm looking for this style bumper that can be seen on this Sand Scorcher: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...&sid=21530# I used to see them all over ebay being showcased on a chrome blitzer bodied Scorcher and Now I actually have a Scorcher and want the bumper do you think I can find one!? Like badword can I! lol. Any Help on where I can get one would be Great! Thanks, Rob [edit] Sorry I forgot to say Sand Scorcher in the thread title.
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