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  1. There are "take offs" of the Traxxas stuff all over Ebay. I bought a take off EVX2 for about $85 and also take off Titan 550s for $16 each.
  2. Very nice! And the best part, it's a real ORGINAL Clod with the Chevy emblems before Tamiya had to remove them.
  3. Had some unexpected medical bills come up, so I need to sell off some of my cars to help pay for them. First up, my bad boy, TRF501X. Car has only been run about 5 times. I just recently rebuilt the entire car and added SS screws throughout. Details include: Brushless 5.5 EZrun with programmable 60amp ESC, 4900 25C lipo saddle setup, brand new slipper clutch, brand new high speed/high torque/metal gear/BB servo, alloy caster blocks, adjustable belt tensioners, heavy duty upper control arm mounts, rear sway bar, re-enforced rear shock tower plate, alloy 12mm wheel hex adapters (uses DF03 wheels or can be converted back to original style). Comes with an extra chassis, a bunch of spares (see pics), 501X manual, and several bodies. Bodies include: two painted 501X bodies, one brand new uncut Tamiya 501X body, and one cut, but unpainted 511 body with undertray (still has plastic coating on it). Price: $500 plus shipping. This is a steal for everything included with the car. Next up, is my fun monster truck project. It's a Grasshopper chassis basher (like a Mad Bull). The gear box has full bearings with a locked diff. It runs a vintage Trinity Blueprint series 17 turn motor and has a Futaba MC220 ESC. Standard Futaba steering servo. The front end has Thundershot control arms with tough 501X knuckles. Tamyia CVA shocks all around. It's got chrome Lunchbox wheels and a King Blackfoot body. I made a nice little box for the electronics to sit inside for some water resistance. This little basher is way more fun than a VLB or Blackfoot. The functional front suspension works great and the locked diff gives some nice traction for being 2wd. Price: $125 plus shipping. Last up.... I hate to sell it.... my Thundershot/Terra Scorcher project. This is the ultimate incarnation of the Thundershot chassis. Details include: Fully ballraced everywhere, heavy duty propshaft, re-enforced lower control arms (from the re-re), adjustable upper control arms/turnbuckles, all ball screws are stainless steel, billet oil shocks, carbon fiber front shock tower, all known weak points in suspension and chassis have been re-enforced with metal plate, front and rear sway bars, CVD driveshafts up front, hop up U-joint driveshafts in rear, adjustable steering turnbuckles, alloy 12mm wheel hex adapters (takes DF03 or similar style wheels), Terra Scorcher body, TRF wing, brand new wheels/tires. Has not been run since I rebuilt the entire car not long ago. No electronics. Price: $150 plus shipping. Also comes with a ton of stock Thundershot parts from several cars. I am in the US but will ship worldwide. Buyer pays shipping. PM or e-mail me at powersurgeperf@aol.com.
  4. Yes I agree the Clod peformed like an 80s monster truck, but with the body off, it's not remotely related to a scale truck. Plus it's 2010, not 1985 I've also seen the TXT vids with "all the time" torque twist. They seem to usually be single motor brushless setups. My guess would be the brushless holds it's torque longer in the powerband, plus a combination of soft shock springs (for whatever reason) and also most likely incorrect stabilizer setup or just none at all. I think my twin Titan 550s on 14.4 volts in my TXT would be powerful enough for all the time torque twist if factory chassis setup allowed that. My vid clearly shows that mine only twists from a standstill for a second or two. As for the TXT vs Clod thing, I'm not looking to debate either. I've owned a Clod. The Clod is "neat", but the TXT is FUN.
  5. On the contrary... Clod and Bullhead may have been INSPIRED by real monster trucks, but that's purely visual. Nothing under the body has anything to do with a real monster truck. The TXT-1 IS a real monster truck under the body. The "lean" you are seeing in videos is the chassis torque under power. Real modern monster trucks do this as well. If you're into "scale" looking monster trucks, nothing out there compares to the TXT-1. As for common upgrades, on mine I have full bearings, twin titan 550 motors running on 14.4 volts, REVO driveshafts, and alloy bumpers/servo mounts. I also added the 4 wheel steering option. IMO, this makes for a really nice, fun, reliable basher. But like the Clod, there's TONS more upgrades for the TXT-1 depending on how crazy you want to go. Here's mine in action....
  6. My Tower Hobbies/Tactic 2.4 doesn't have an external antenna... so I'd say the technology doesn't require outside the body for ones that do use a short external.
  7. Another perspective... TXT-1 (slightly bigger than clod vs truck same size as VLB.
  8. Well, as with anything, collectability is based on demand, and demand is based on personal preference. I'd leave the RR and SS in there just because they are historically important models, but take the SC out as it's just a follow up model to the RR. Leave the Bruiser in for that chassis, but take out the other shared chassis. Wild Willy, eh, not sure it's impact was enough to be considered desireable. Blackfoot maybe, everyone had one, and it represents the ORV chassis line (although the Frog was probably just as important). I was never into the onroad cars, but i've seen enough posts here to know the 959 is a big collector. As for the Lunchbox, again, probably not enough importance to be considered collectable, especially since the re-re is pretty much the identical truck. There is one model missing from that list, that is probably THE most collectable of the vintage series.... the Avante. Demand is always there and prices reflect that.
  9. I'd re-re the original Avante, and also do a special edition gold version (all the metal parts in gold).
  10. Most people use Revo shafts. I went that route as well. The only problem I had with the Revo shafts was that the joints that go to the transmission need to be pretty tight and the set screws just thread into plastic ends. Mine stripped out pretty quick under my twin Titan 550 14.4 volt setup. I solved the issue by swapping the TXT metal joint ends onto the Revo shafts and all is happy again.
  11. I've got a 112B sitting in my hand, and it looks just like that. That one is mounted upside down. Looking at your pic, the far right hole is the "high" adjustment, and the next one to the left is the "neutral setpoint". The big hole all the way to the left is the LED, and the other two holes are nothing (covered by the label). Mine has a made in Taiwan sticker though, but I've had it for a LONG time.
  12. Thundershot/ThunderDragon/FireDragon/TerraScorcher bodies will fit Grasshopper/Hornet also.
  13. I'm sure anything can be made to fit, but it's probably not a good idea. Those wheels are so big, the MB would probably be slower then heck being only single motor. Plus, on such a short wheelbase truck, they'd be practically touching each other and you'd have pretty much zero turning radius. You'd have to widen and lengthen the chassis and I don't see that being an easy task on that truck. I'm sure there ARE larger wheels you can put on, but I think Clod size is way too big. Just for comparision, here's a pic of my TXT-1 (same size wheels as Clod) next to my Blackfoot scaled truck (same as MB) that has Lunchbox wheels (which are wider and a tad shorter than MB wheels)
  14. I just happen to have a vintage Futaba Attack.. AND, I am pretty sure I used it with my original Clod years ago
  15. Hmmm, you probably know who I am then....
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