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  1. Why?....Am I going to get chewed out or something? I just don't see the big deal besides being old or new being a re-release. I like the metal front end on it....the tires look real. To each their own, man.
  2. Tower had one of these fo rsale...all gone now... It looks like the same chassis as the scorcher?... I liked it because it looked real, but the price...eh... I just checked and it's not in stock anymore
  3. So where do I get one of these?...preferably USA. Does it cost like 2,000 dollars?..lol What's so great about it besides being a old timer brought back to life?.... It isn't that great looking really.
  4. Why not just shelf it and buy a newer one for driving?... Parts are cheaper and plentiful, not the case for vintage stuff. If it were me I'd put the old models on the shelf..they are nice to look at in original form and adds to the value. Why ruin those when you can buy something newer(and better) to have fun driving. This is why I purchased my BFX.... I WAS going to run my SuperBlackfoot, but thought "What for?..It's a nice truck, they don't make them anymore and I have been offered 400 dollars for it"
  5. The only shelf queens I have are my SuperBlackfoot(NIB) my dad got me back in 1994 and an original(NIB) Kyosho Raider that back in 1989 was my very first Radio control car ever. Both of these have tons of sentimental value and one day they will be built to original specs, paint and everything then sat on the shelf. I'll never buy another with intension on being a shelf queen For the rest..... I drive the living, "My bad", insane "woops" out of them. Sorry to the mods for testing the bad word censorship lol. I corrected it.
  6. I had a look. I like that camo paint and it's two wheel drive yet retains the front gearbox anyways? I like the BFX, TwinDet, Madbull chassis and my BFX has been nothing but fun as complete stock. I want to start a Twin Detanator project soon since it's 4wd and is the same chassis of the BFX. I'll probably hopit up as much as possible though....It will be faster than my BFX which is just used for fun and dog chasing right now lol.
  7. Those shocks look great(thanks for the link) free shipping from HK and adjustable threaded bodies(nice). The price is right and I will put my order in tonight(I hope they have enough). I'm pretty much sold on the Airtronics sport transmitter too. It is 3 channel, 2.4GHZ, EXPOS, dual rates and 10 model memory for no money at all really. Also Airtronics is an old, proven, quality brand. I can use this radio in my boat and BFX.....makes a lot of sense. So with the Futaba and Tamiya shock set-up it would be 109 for the TX and 60 for the shock sets for a total of plus/minus 169 dollars. For the MX sport Airtronics and the Xpeded shocks it's 79 for the TX and 25(shipped) for the shocks for a total of $104.00 give or take a few dollars. I'll save 65 dollars with the second option and now I can take that savings and get a high torque servo and extra battery pack... I think the choice is obvious;) Thanks everybody!
  8. I'm a Futaba freak....never used anything else. Does that radio feel like a Futaba as in...feels quality and not like a Tactic piece of toy junk?... In the Tactic 2.4 I have, I can hear the springs in the steering wheel... The case makes noise too. All plastic ect ect. I hate it and it came with my Miss Vegas Duece racing Hydro boat. I don't trust it in there and figured the 2pl 2.4 would be a great upgrade as well as for my BFX which currently is running a 1989 Magnum JR. AM radio. Yes..I'd like to know where you got those shocks.. All I have on there now is the stock BFX(short) friction shocks.
  9. The reason for the 2pl and 2.4 is that I want to take advantage of the multiple model memory for a few models I have... The BFX and a Miss Vegas boat with a nitro motor on it. I wanted the 2.4 for the water duties mainly..being a nitro motor and all. Plus the 2.4 only needs 4 batteries VRS 12.....
  10. I'll have a look. I mean 29.00 each for two sets of the short aluminums is to much IMO. I don't care id they are Tamiya or not....my truck is a runner and I put whatever will fit on it lol. Who cares if we aren't racing or being competitive. Thanks for the link. I'm going to browse EBAY as well. Especially for those shocks....I'm not paying 60 dollars for two sets of the crappy little ones.
  11. Ran my Blackfoot extreme for about a year now as totally stock with a Magnum A.M and it was fun. The motor is getting wore out(lack of maintenance haha) so I am wanting to put in a sport tuned motor and why not some oil shocks, bigger servo out front and a 2.4 GHZ radio while I'm at it? I went on Tower last night and added up the price for this conversion... *2.4 GHZ Futaba 2pl with no servos- $109.00 * Sport tuned 540- $25.00 And here is what sucks.... $29.00 for two sets of Aluminum oil hop-up shocks from Tamiya made for the BFX(stock replacement) for a total of $60.00 Grand total of $194.00 dollars. Uggg The shocks are expensive fo rthe little stock replacement....I know they are hop-ups..but still.... they are the short ones. Expensive I tell you....lol.
  12. I'm a good driver of my BFX when chasing the dogs, but I also have good common sense when doing so. Always keeping in mind that what I am driving could seriously hurt an animal. My dogs love to chase it(mini Dachunds) and I try to keep it ahead of them...never wide open.... If I do chase them I do it when they are not directly in front of it and for short hops....I never go wide open towards them... Also I keep good ice water around for them and always let then take breaks.... I hide the truck every five minutes....let everyone get calmed down and drink some water. Just had to put that out there....I love radio control, but I am a big dog lover as well lol. Use common sense and everyone can have fun without hurting the animals.
  13. This is the reason I bought this Blackfoot extreme of mine, for the dogs to chase at camp lol. They love it, but the two Mini Dachshunds are getting very keen and tactic wise at intercepting the Blackfoot lol...It's hilarious In the proccess "dreaming" of installing a sport tuned motor, oil shocks and higher torque servo out front for this coming camping season. This is fast enough(and safe) for all around bashing and dog chasing...errrr being chased. Have fun with your new rig and being chased by the dog....lol.
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