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  1. OldSchoolRC1

    CC01 Sumo

    Finally the rains have subsided for a bit and I got chance to get the CC01 Spare Parts Sumo out to play. Just took it out back on my course for now. The course is a mess, winter has not been kind to it, and with all the rain I haven't had a chance to get out and do any work to it yet. Typical CC01 - it's a very capable little truck as long as you keep it within it's limitations. Wheel placement is key as with any tiny tire truck. Amazed it zipped right up my 60d ramp. My CMX with the same tires couldn't do it, and even my TRX4 sport struggles here. The aluminum gear cover on the bottom is indeed a boat anchor. Stops the truck dead if it catches. I had to keep it pinned to get up and over. Not much of a problem as long as you keep it in mind. I may go back to a plastic part here as is slides so much better. Out on the rocks, the Hustlers do a good job, and it's planted and predictable. I did change around the shocks a bit before playing - went a little softer on the front and a bit stiffer out back. Had the typical IFS tendency to let the rear do all the work. It's pretty balanced now, though a rear swaybar would help even more. Found I have a new inhabitant in my rock course....about 2 feet long, and scared the heck out of me at first. Little ****** was fast, just got a pic of him slithering into his hiding spot. Wasn't happy about this tiny truck invading his living area...sharp eyes can see him poking his head out.... Anyway, back to wheeling. Took a little wheelspeed, but did get up and over "the &%#$" which is my somewhat tricky (1/2 finished) 45d test ramp with obstacles. The Hustlers are pretty good tires and make a cool screeching sound as they search for grip on the wood. Didn't have this issue with the previous Pajero body, but it does torque twist just a bit on steep climbs. Can see the right wheel lifting off the ground just a bit. Not enough to worry me though, it still climbed just fine. The lighter body does help in all situations though. I test sidehills on my giant maple tree out back, and with the lighter body it goes around far better than it used to. The stock foams are letting it down a bit, but all in all it's a much more stable machine.
  2. OldSchoolRC1

    TB Evo 3 Surikarn build

    I love the red, very unique! I picked up a very lightly used EVOIII for all of $60. Rear diff was blown, otherwise it was nearly mint. Rebuilt the diff with M05 ball diff parts and it's like new again. Still a great car! No fancy red though, it is indeed all gray.
  3. OldSchoolRC1

    DF-02 Gravel Hound

    Love restoration threads. Seeing a beat, muddy mess come back to life is as much fun as building new imo. Boy, got your work cut out on that one. Driveline looks like it has taken a beating!
  4. OldSchoolRC1

    CC01 build up..

    Enjoying all the home made bits. In this store bought/3D printed era, nice to see some actual fabrication taking place.
  5. OldSchoolRC1

    CC01 Sumo

    Thank you Grastens, and it certainly may! The driveline sounds much smoother, that's for sure.
  6. OldSchoolRC1

    CC01 Sumo

    Thought about brazing some bumpers up, but what's a spare parts build without using actual spare parts? For the front, found out an old HPI Savage bumper lines up perfectly with the holes for the front body mount, and fits the Sumo body pretty well once I cut off the molded in bumper on the body. I made a front skid to protect the brick cut-off, dug out some long screws and bolted the skid and bumper right to the existing holes. Not overly happy with it, but it was quick and easy. I'll do some fine tuning later. Had some Junfac sliders laying around in my CC01 parts, so they were a no brainer. They sit a little far forward compared to the body...some new brackets could easily move them back, though I didn't have any aluminum stock handy. I'll pick some up later and move them back a bit. Or not, I don't know. Out back I trimmed up the stock CC01 front bumper of which I have about 10 laying around (again, spare parts!) and drilled some holes and bolted it on to the back of the chassis again cutting off the molded rear bumper of the body. I was debating cutting off the "stinger" but it makes for a nice little anti-flip bumper. I'll leave it for now... I trimmed the body a bit to sit lower, and sprayed with Parma pearl silver. Swapped the Hustlers over to some RC4WD wagon wheels and it looks just like I remember! I did screw up the front window surround...last time I try to hand paint it. Trimmed the front bumper a bit too. When I lowered the body I had to cut out for the rear shock mounts. It was either that or re-do the mounts...hacking the body was a much faster solution. Boy, those extra holes in the body are annoying....but not annoying enough to spring for a new body. Have to cut down the body mounts, and then it's test drive time (if it ever stops raining...) Super simple little project that came together in no time. So far very happy with the results!
  7. OldSchoolRC1

    CC01 Sumo

    Many moons ago I dated a girl with a silver softtop Suzuki Samurai (Jimny for my friends oveseas). 4 speed stick, white wagon wheels, leaking top and all. I drove it quite a bit and have fond memories of it. I do remember it being completely gutless, sounding like the motor was going to drop out of the chassis at any moment, a shifter that was so vague, I usually guessed if I was in the right gear, and getting it up on 2 wheels on more than one occasion, but I still liked it. So I had that in the back of my mind when figuring out what to do with a leftover CC01 chassis. Plan is to build this using parts that I have laying around since funds are tied up with other projects. Proline's Sumo body is a close approximation to a Suzuki Samarai, and is a perfect fit on a CC01 chassis. Though the Samurai uses solid axles front and rear, I can live the the CC01 chassis not being exactly scale as long as the overall stance is good. This chassis was pretty well built already. This was my Pajero at one point, and was a very capable trail truck. I drove it off the side of my test ramp and the body was pretty much toast. It was unfortunately the last of many falls. It's been sitting ever since, and I've been picking at it for parts. As is stands, it has a Tamiya mini motor on a 3:1 reduction, chassis stiffner on the shock mounts, and made a chunck of styrene to brace the steering servo to keep it from flexing. Very solidly built. Underneath the suspension is all metal - mostly GPM I think. Tamiya CVD's and adjustable camber links just because the stock uppers were flat worn out and wobbly. All shimmed up and rock solid. Integy steering parts which are surprisingly so far better than the GPM setup. Found the aluminum gear cover in my parts bin...the plastic one was almost worn through. I'm sure it'll hang up quite a bit more than the plastic, but I'd rather have that than a possible hole in it. Dug around until I found the missing axle. Nothing fancy here, just relocated the links as per usual mods, made a new upper Y link and set to the Sumo WB. Needed a rear shock setup. Fabbed some new mounts from aluminum angle and plate and used some old buggy front shocks (either old TRF or 3Racing, I don't remember...) Still super smooth! Filled with 20wt oil and the lightest springs I had on hand. Back on 4 wheels and wired up! Found some body mounts in my pile and fudged on the Sumo body. It was already drilled for my CFX chassis, but didn't quite like the way it looked so I never used it. So it's got some extra holes. Oh well. The trails and tribulations of spare parts builds... Experimenting with various 1.55 wheels and tires as I go.
  8. I think I'm on only guy over on RCC who still posts in the CR01 section. It's a fantastic kit - unique suspension, tough as nails transmission, and a fun build but it's just not a competitive truck, nor especially scale so it's stuck in the middle somewhat. I do have a soft spot for it though, I still have 2 in the collection that get some wheel time here and there. Usually when I show up with one to a trail run, no one has any idea what it is. It is a lot of fun to tinker with though. I've built them as crawlers, scale trucks, and even with clod tires as a monster truck. Some with the cantilevers, some with stand up shocks, or as a combination of them two. They do pretty well with a bit of work.
  9. OldSchoolRC1

    MF01 Beetle Build

    I used the shortest ball connectors since mine is sitting low for on road use only. I did use an internal spacer, I'm not sure of the part number, but it was the thickest one available. No, just one set. They replace the spur and counter gear in the rear transmission.
  10. OldSchoolRC1

    MST CFX build

    Small world indeed, I'm across the river about 30 minutes on the other side of Philly.
  11. OldSchoolRC1

    MST CFX build

    Very nice, I've got a relatively stock CMX Bronco and a wild CFX LC40 they are GREAT little trucks. Very durable and perform great. Love that the body posts are designed to match the standard locations of CC01 bodies - makes mounting so much easier.
  12. OldSchoolRC1

    M06 VW Beetle

    Great looking build! Rather like the matte finish/rat rod look, though I think the stock wheels with a bit of paint to match would be a better fit in that case.
  13. OldSchoolRC1

    CC-01 Steering

    I've used Hot Racing, GPM and Integy. The Hot Racing is far and away the better unit. The GPM is ok, though the soft aluminum arms can easily round out since they don't sit very deep on the center shaft. They will eventually get some play in them. There's a few ways to fix them, but it's a bit more hassle than its worth. The Integy unit I tried on a lark since it was on sale for $10 and found it to be pretty decent. It's help up well, though the carbon drag link has gotten a little sloppy. The Hot Racing unit is still nice and solid. Definitely the best of the three I've tried. Pick up some 50875 or 53601 5mm ball cups as the stock units get sloppy and add to the mess. These are much tighter all around.
  14. OldSchoolRC1

    MF01 Beetle Build

    @dc-arena - I used the TT02 shock kit PN 54753 @graemevw - the taillights are 2 piece decals. I had the surrounding piece on, but they looked a bit odd, so I peeled them off and just left the main decal. I'll paint the surround red when I get a chance. Thank you all the kind words! It's a great looking body to begin with. With a bit of patience, even a ham fingered hack like me can make it look good.
  15. OldSchoolRC1

    MF01 Beetle Build

    Finally got the body painted and installed. Took 7 hours total to mask, spray and decal. I was also working on an M06 body, so I'm not sure how long the bug itself took, but it was definitely time consuming. No worries, it's a great way to consume time. Deviated from the box art and went with my usual colors. Had just a bit of bleed through on the front right fender, though it's not super noticeable. Also had some issues with the marker and tail lights - the decals were a bit fiddly for my fat fingers. All in all though, happy with the result. Can't wait to get out and run this one... going to be a while though, it was a balmy 14 degrees today (F, -10C for my friends across the pond who have a measurement system that makes sense) As soon as warmer weather hits, it's test drive time! Curious to see how the YR suspension works out.