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  1. Looks fantastic! So much better than the "Neo Falcon" we got on the DT02 chassis a few years back.
  2. I did indeed, I scan all the CR01 threads! Love the blacked out chassis, I didn't have the heart to cover up all the shiny aluminum goodies on mine, though it looks much better in black. I just plan on running around the backyard, nothing serious. in fact, a little slippage from the tires might be a good thing for cyclones and general mayhem. Hub covers it is! Whatever they are, they look much better in black inside the white wheels.
  3. Semi wheels... they are a bit narrower, so they have a bit more offset. Glad to help!
  4. Tires, axles and body all showed up yesterday. Went with Jconcepts Ranger Blues, I have them on another CR01 and I think the size is perfect for this chassis. The others are on 3D printed wheels with built in offset - a little too much, so I went with the new wheels and glad I did - the white is just a classic look. The planetary covers are out getting a coat of black paint. Stance is spot on for a mini monster New cliffhanger body, sitting a bit higher than before. Love the way it's shaping up! Taper on the body works well with the big tires, but I still get a bit of rub up front when turning and the suspension is compressed, I'll wait and see if it's an issue when running before doing some trimming And yes, I did eventually tighten the kingpins. Got excited and forgot apparently.
  5. Love the color combo, build is coming along well!
  6. Just tried the TT02 semi wheel for you - that's a no go as well. Same as the semi wheel, doesn't clear the kingpins. LESU makes a 12mm front wheel with a decent amount of offset. Can't say if they'll work, but they have much more offset than Tamiya wheels. https://www.ebay.com/itm/134121184298?hash=item1f3a3edc2a:g:4g0AAOSwTFNigzSm&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8DlK14vMegPWR9Y9YaTTVHK8WF1qExWzllubRBFcrMgMMWqFy%2BmdFNSAYHSosM%2FEUsljkHXRj%2Bq4IsECz6dI0nFEXQiMrEn%2FEnuybnZn7lcNBb3xb4NTuJupt%2FLk2SudbZvHnNwb%2F0L7JqmUSdzVN0w%2FP38Jd6dcIpwDMt3pQT80vgXgU2zzUgxYoYweHf6cdX112uujRe%2BJkRVmNXZWkFHjrB6S2CTXXlG2CfZad%2FMNLLiGqNgKRVXn1agjLiieNA3vodeV9JFRdUaYVmslhH5AACk5EwebSJHIDMoDvzIbWCc%2Bikw8OQhlo5zupsHhqA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABFBMvvCAjpJi
  7. Might work well in 1:1, but it's the opposite in 1/10 driving. Lock the front diff first, if not both front and rear. Locking the front helps pull the truck up and over obstacles much better as for most trail trucks, that's where the weight is. If you plan a lot of running on hard surfaces, leaving a diff open will reduce some wear and tear on the driveline. If you're planning mostly trail running, I'd lock front and rear.
  8. I do in fact have this combination. Sorry, but it's a no go. Even with low profile kingpins, they are not going to fit. There's too much offset built into the wheel, they hit the steering arms as well. you'd need some serious hex wideners, maybe 10mm per side for it to clear.
  9. Finally finished mine... didn't add the driver yet, but painted and ready to roll! Stock underneath except for the white shocks. Love the look of this buggy! posing with my (dusty) Avante DF03
  10. Jconcepts 2.2 Midwest wheels arrived today, I think they'll look great! Built with the middle offset option. Of course, nothing is ever easy - the hubs are so thick the axle doesn't come out far enough to get a nut on. Nothing a set of TG10 axles can't solve! I only have 2 on hand, so I had to order another set. Body and tires should be here early next week.
  11. The lower mounts have 4 holes, 2 for the spring perch and 2 extra, the link mount for the cantilever goes here IIRC. I mounted it in one of the extra holes. Pic from an older build:
  12. I think it's time for a change... Since I've got several of these, all crawlers and trail trucks, how about finally converting one into a monster truck? Been wanting to commit to it for a while... Chassis is pretty much perfect for it and it's built like a tank. Seeing 87lc2's cool build sealed the deal. Grabbed the wrenches and got to work... Here's what I started with - crawled pretty good actually, but out of my four it's the best candidate for the conversion. The custom chassis was 2 holes shorter per side, and I needed the extra length so I went back to the stock chassis for now. Flipped it around so the battery is now in the back. I tore down the axles and removed the HD lockers and went back to diffs. That took....well, forever and a day pretty much. Those axles have a lot of parts! Went with springs and stand alone shocks - love this setup. I didn't want a ton of travel and high CG, so the barrel springs were fine. Soft up front and medium out back. I had to make some standoffs for the shocks to raise them up a touch - they act as travel limiters for the springs so I had to make sure they didn't extend too far. If I had used the longer standard springs, I could have probably gotten away with it. Shocks are de-springed Axial Icons with 25wt. oil all around. There's a 22t Kyosho Outlaw brushed 540 that's older than the hills hiding under there with a 24t pinion. I had a Holmes torque ring left over from a previous project so I slapped it on. No idea if it'll make a difference or not, but thought it couldn't hurt. Starting with a brushed/1060 combo on 2S for now until I get it sorted. Shaved skid for crawler duty, should work out fine here too, and some random Axial and Element driveshafts. I'm looking for a matching set of lower links, either blue or silver. They are here somewhere on something somewhere. Threw on some Proline Destroyers to get an idea of the stance. I like it! Needs a set of wheels with some more offset, that's for sure. I had to order a new Cliffhanger body - i like the shape and it honestly it looks pretty good monster=ized, but I had already drilled 2 sets of holes in it, and needed a third due to the change in chassis length. Once I get to three holes in the hood, in the trash it goes. I'm an RC hoarder, but not that much of a hoarder!
  13. That's awesome - great to see a CR01 in its element!
  14. I love the Rock Socker, I'd add one to the fleet if I see one come up for cheap. I think it's the best looking body they dropped on the CR01 chassis.
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