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  1. Beauty! Such fun cars. I've owned a '90 and '99 - no racing, just daily drivers and weekend fun. Of course, I had matching Tamiya's for both. An M04 for my '90 and an M06 (with HPI body) for my '99.
  2. I run a standard Futaba S148 on mine (with the same suspension) and it steers fine for me.
  3. Beautiful build so far! Love seeing all those old hop up parts being put to use. I've got a freshly rebuilt EVOIII and a mildly upgraded '02 waiting a rebuild. I think you've inspired me to dig them out and get cracking!
  4. They bolt right up to a TL01, imagine they could work fine on a TA chassis with a bit of fiddling. I picked mine up on TamiyUSA, they were blowing out Tamiya Trail Beetles on the cheap....robbed the portals from the kit, built the beetle with the left over parts, and plan to sell it eventually to make some $ back.
  5. I have the correction, thank you! It was in my kit. I tweaked the steering a bit to accommodate my radio.
  6. Moving on, I fell behind on the pics and updates over the holidays, but managed to finish up the VQS inbetween baking, wrapping, and all the Xmas madness... Got the steering installed, love the carbon plate, though I wish the steering was ballraced. Definitely going to lead to some slop over time. I put a beveled edge on the chassis just under the steering bellcrank. The ball stud hangs down just enough that it can snag here... I don't recall it doing so on my previous Vanquish, but why take a chance? A quick trim with the Xacto and it should never be an issue. Found an old HPI servo in my stash, it's a bit higher torque then standard so should do the job nicely on a 4WD buggy. Fit perfectly and a 25t spline worked out perfect. What's this? Tire foams? In a Tamiya Buggy? Not sure the tire need it per-se as they are pretty stiff, but I installed them anyway. Interesting that even though the wheels and tires are staggered, the foams are the same size. Speaking of, these are still a mother to install. My hands were definitely feeling it when done...they are quite stiff and spiky! Absolutely love the wheel and tire combo, one of my favorite things about the buggy. I looked up a spare set on Ebay and was stunned at the prices. Clearly, I'll be taking care of these - in fact, they'll most likely never see the outdoors. Electronics sorted out...stuck with the included ESC and motor - plenty of power for a few easy runs in the driveway which is about all the action this one will see. I tucked in the wiring mostly under the chassis - I do move electronics around from time to time and hate to cut the wires to fit a specific build. Body was already painted of course... I'd rather it had been clear as I would have preferred to spray on the stripes, but it is what it is. Went easy on the decals for a cleaner look and held off on installing the driver for now. LOVE how this came out, it's such a cool buggy!! I put it on display for now. Once the post office catches up a bit, I'll order another set of wheels for running and take it for a spin.
  7. Trail report! The Prime Dynahead did very well on the trail. Surprisingly well, it's far more stable than I expected it to be (It looks tall, but most of the weight is down low) and pretty darn capable. The tires kind of let it down a bit, it was cold, wet and slick and they really struggled for grip on the rocks - even with 6 of them. But they did fine everywhere else..I'll give it a run in the dry before considering any changes. The gearing is spot on with the 18t pinion and Holmes Crawlmaster, I had excellent low speed control and plenty of wheelspeed if needed. 4WS was for sure the way to go, I have it set for 0, 50, and 100% so I could lock it out if needed...which wasn't often. It got quite a bit of attention out on the trail too, kids seemed to gravitate toward it. I must have answered 100 questions... Can really see the wet conditions in this pic - made for some challenges, but a good time in any case! Much more at home going down the trail, it was a blast watching the IFS work and the 4WS snaking around obstacles. Made it! Too bad the shot came out blurry. No real changes are needed imo, though might look into a tire change depending on how it does in drier conditions, and eventually I'll tear down the portals and add the tiny bearings. Very happy overall with the build and result!
  8. Great build as always! Sharon came out great!
  9. Huh... fiber reinforced parts.. interesting. I figured there was a reason. Should handle the stock motor just fine then I reckon! Appreciate the feedback fellas!
  10. Love workshop threads! Fantastic to see amazing rooms that are dedicated to RC! We hope to move within the next 5 years, and a dedicated RC area is going to be a must have. But for now, we have a small house, and I don't have a room to work in, so I get the nasty basement. I'm very thankful for it though, blessed to have a supportive spouse who doesn't mind my madness. In any case, here's my main workbench after a fair cleaning: Secondary bench and "photobooth" - usually it's covered in projects, as it is now. Drafting table for ...well, drafting. Currently covered in a few vehicles awaiting paint. Parts storage V1. Various projects are tucked in wherever I have room... Parts storage V2.I keep bins and group parts together, sometimes by manufacturer, sometimes by kit - whatever makes sense and fits best. I have an enormous bin for Tamiya random parts for example, but have several bins dedicated to a single chassis if I have enough specific parts for it. - CC01, CR01, etc. Sometimes I group them by fitment - I keep all my Wild willy, TL01, Konghead etc. parts in a single bin since many of the parts are interchangeable. Fabrication bench. No 3D printers for me, saws, files, sanders, occasional cuts and abrasions. Vehicle storage... it's a mess. Touring on top, crawlers/scalers in the middle, projects towards the back. Pretty much put stuff wherever I can find room. I'm very due for a cleaning/reorganization.... I forget what's even back there. I know there's a few falcons, a Bearhawk, King Cab and a few old nitros back there somewhere. I have several cars in random locations around the house on display also, and the gas cars stay out in the garage. More storage...mostly buggies and offroad. I'm hoping this Spring for a rebuild of the benches and some painting of the walls and floors. Something I should have done long ago before the mess took over.
  11. I'd wager the Avante diff is the stronger of the two. I've melted 2 KC ball diffs in the past. I don't forsee any issues with this one -not that it will see a lot of running of course.
  12. Moving to the front... the front gearbox has the same odd texture finish that the rear does. Certainly doesn't affect anything, just an oddity for a Tamiya kit. Knuckles and CVD's... I'm not into gold at all, but the machining and finish of the parts is absolutely flawless. Typical Tamiya Front shocks....seem like an odd combo of mini CVA's and the old yellow CVA's. The tapered springs are cool as well, nothing something you see a lot anymore. Front gearbox and suspension bolted together and ready to go. Again the counter gear in the front rides on 2 2x6 plastic bushings. Very frustrating! Not even oiilite bushings... GRR! I definitely didn't have any of those laying around, I'll have to order some of those as well. It's almost made up for with the machined uprights and CVD's...Almost. Again, such a cool and unique design. Not a lot of travel, but certainly a lot of character. And the front gearbox mounted to the chassis tub. Really starting to look like something here! I thought this would take a lot longer to assemble, but it's going rather quickly.
  13. Sadly, no. He is of no threat, he's disarmed.
  14. If you don't want to be replacing axles, I'd avoid 4S. The internals are just not up to it unless you want to spend a fortune on hard gears, VP CVD's and axles, and aluminum axle housings. Their origins date back to HPI's nitro 1/10 days. Clod tires and locked diffs are especially hard on the axles. I run mine on a 3200kv 550 (Orion motor, HW ESC) and 2S. It's not super fast, though I'm sure it would be with more volts, but it's very torquey. Very monster truck-ish and so far I'm happy with it. I started with a Holmes Revolver which had gobs of torque, but not a lot of speed. Regardless of volts, a 550 can is the way to go imo, the truck is somewhat heavy. I also use open diffs front and rear and 2.2 Destroyers to minimize the breakage. So far, no issues! I have clod tires on standby, just haven't installed them yet.
  15. That's excellent! Just having some fun... Feel free to amend or expand on
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