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  1. This is what I love about Tamiya. So much part interchangeability and you can go in all kinds of different directions starting with just 1 kit.
  2. I think it depends where you are planning to run it. I run mine (MF01x Beetle Rally) on road only and use a heavy coat of AW grease up front and standard in back. Handles absolutely fantastic, one of my favorite runners.
  3. Ha! And check the tire coverage. We actually got pulled over outside of Carlisle and the state trooped got out the tape measure and went through our truck. For 30 minutes.....on the side of the turnpike. The build looks fantastic BTW! I've got a clod body and some MST axles laying around.....Hmmm....
  4. I started when I was 15, 28 years ago. Took a small break in my 20's for 2-3 years, simply as I was working full time and going to school full time, and couldn't afford much other than plain noodles and water. Graduated, got a good job, and got back into it, and have been into it ever since. I don't drive as much as I used to, but I build, tinker, and dream as much as I used to even when I was 15. Always read the news, surf the forums, and keep current. At most, I'll take a few weeks off from hands on RC when things get a bit stale, but I read up online daily. Can't fathom selling off my collection. I'll probably be buried with it.
  5. I grafted on a set of HPI front arms/knuckles/C's to my trail runner CC01. 8 degrees of caster now, slightly more downtravel and improved steering. Combined with a Vaterra rear axle which underdrives the rear slightly, it now turns so much better. Exactly the kind of changes I'm looking for in a CC02!
  6. Wow, I've had one of these in my garage since '93, back when they were called the XC-01... I've had a dozen or so over the years, and still have 5. Amigo, Sumo, 2.2 FJ, Range Rover Drift truck and one that's in parts waiting for the next crazy idea. My wishlist - please, please keep the IFS. It's what makes it different! Keep the size right where it is.. More adjustable gearing, better steering and a bit more adjustability on the rear suspension is all I'd be looking for personally. Can't wait to see what changes have been made!
  7. Love the color combo! Great looking truck! For those wondering, the CFX does work fine under the Blackfoot body. The motor is close, but you can get the body down appropriately.
  8. I used Tamiya 54194. The rear diff had no internals when I received it for whatever reason. Just the outdrives and the gear. IIRC I used the balls, thrust washer, long screw, spring and capture nut - basically the guts that hold it together.
  9. I've been on the backorder list for this since early late April/early May. Initial release date was late May. It's now mid July with no updates.... Anyone in the know with what's holding it up? Haven't bought a new Kyosho in decades, very excited though my patience is wearing thin.
  10. You won't be disappointed, it's a great little truck. Very capable and looks great with Tamiya CC01 bodies.
  11. I've had six CR's over the years, have sold off 4 of them, 2 I still have. (and will keep!) No, they will not crawl like a dedicated trail truck such as an Axial, MST, etc. without serious modification. They will do trail running just fine though. My 2 have been pretty heavily modified and they can hold their own out in the wild no problem. Biggest issue with them is the steering angle. Someone really needs to make a set of CVD's. They are a very satisfying Tamiya build though. Complicated truck and a thick manual. Just what I like from Tamiya. It's a very unique platform. From the very strong planetary transmission to the cantilever suspension. There's nothing like it on the market. The chassis design is kinda Meccano in nature - with all the holes you can easily move components around. I've had a blast with mine. If you like to tinker, it's a great chassis. Built like a tank too, other than the center driveshafts, I've never broken a single part. My 2 cents. On a side note, I will say that I bought all mine in the $300 range here in the US...with the MAP price increase over here, it nearly doubled in price. I won't be buying another. It's simply now too expensive for what it is.
  12. Really like where this is going -nice work!
  13. Finally the rains have subsided for a bit and I got chance to get the CC01 Spare Parts Sumo out to play. Just took it out back on my course for now. The course is a mess, winter has not been kind to it, and with all the rain I haven't had a chance to get out and do any work to it yet. Typical CC01 - it's a very capable little truck as long as you keep it within it's limitations. Wheel placement is key as with any tiny tire truck. Amazed it zipped right up my 60d ramp. My CMX with the same tires couldn't do it, and even my TRX4 sport struggles here. The aluminum gear cover on the bottom is indeed a boat anchor. Stops the truck dead if it catches. I had to keep it pinned to get up and over. Not much of a problem as long as you keep it in mind. I may go back to a plastic part here as is slides so much better. Out on the rocks, the Hustlers do a good job, and it's planted and predictable. I did change around the shocks a bit before playing - went a little softer on the front and a bit stiffer out back. Had the typical IFS tendency to let the rear do all the work. It's pretty balanced now, though a rear swaybar would help even more. Found I have a new inhabitant in my rock course....about 2 feet long, and scared the heck out of me at first. Little ****** was fast, just got a pic of him slithering into his hiding spot. Wasn't happy about this tiny truck invading his living area...sharp eyes can see him poking his head out.... Anyway, back to wheeling. Took a little wheelspeed, but did get up and over "the &%#$" which is my somewhat tricky (1/2 finished) 45d test ramp with obstacles. The Hustlers are pretty good tires and make a cool screeching sound as they search for grip on the wood. Didn't have this issue with the previous Pajero body, but it does torque twist just a bit on steep climbs. Can see the right wheel lifting off the ground just a bit. Not enough to worry me though, it still climbed just fine. The lighter body does help in all situations though. I test sidehills on my giant maple tree out back, and with the lighter body it goes around far better than it used to. The stock foams are letting it down a bit, but all in all it's a much more stable machine.
  14. I love the red, very unique! I picked up a very lightly used EVOIII for all of $60. Rear diff was blown, otherwise it was nearly mint. Rebuilt the diff with M05 ball diff parts and it's like new again. Still a great car! No fancy red though, it is indeed all gray.
  15. Love restoration threads. Seeing a beat, muddy mess come back to life is as much fun as building new imo. Boy, got your work cut out on that one. Driveline looks like it has taken a beating!
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