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  1. Awesome! Love this chassis, I have the the Avante and an RA version, both loaded with plenty of goodies. It's like a modernized TA chassis. You've got quite a collection of hop up there, watching with interest.
  2. I'm not sure yet... I have a set of Tamiya wide wheels on another car not sure if I want to swap them over or not.
  3. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel here! Tamiya shims were out of stock everywhere, so some Yokomo and MST shims did the job. I went though everything, even the C-hubs and steering knuckles. Takes forever, but now there is no slop anywhere on this thing. Well worth the time and effort. Also set all the suspension and toe to 2 degrees to start. Went with the kit TT motor for now. I dremeled out the recess towards the front of the chassis. There's a slight lip front and rear, and I've found if you grind off that lip, the Tamiya ESC fits perfectly. It does fit if you orient it side to side, but I much prefer it pointing in the right direction. Also fitted a carbon TL01 battery retainer and the kit front bumper while I was at it. Got all the wires in...I don't trim them down as I move things from vehicle to vehicle as needed. I did shorten the on/off switch for the ESC, but otherwise just zip-tied everything and called it good. I did add a small wire clamp in the middle of the chassis to keep the wires away from the prop shaft. Eventually I'll have a BL motor in here, but the TT will certainly do for now. And onto the body... I used some TL01 body posts out back as I thought they fit the body profile a bit better. Always makes me nervous drilling the body post holes - been doing this for nearly 30 years and can still easily screw this up - especially when there's no dimples! Took my time and got it about as good as it's going to get. Got the wheels about as centered as I can. The front is off slightly due to the different in WB, though I can certainly live with it. The tires almost fill the wheelwells. I think it's a bit narrow - especially out back. Pretty common with Tamiya, I think some fine tuning with some wider hexes should solve the problem.
  4. Glad you commented good sir, I was wondering how yours was working out! This LA setup spent some time on rally duty back in the day, so it's far from pristine. I have no qualms about bolting it on here. Having said that, my one rule is no cutting or altering so it can always go back to my TL chassis where it belongs.
  5. Been a long time since I fabbed up some aluminum bits. Used to love doing it, but I burned out a bit I guess. In any case, needed 3 parts for the Porsche and I think they came out ok. First piece is a simple shock mount... even with the longer rod ends, the mini CVA's were too short. Plus, I think they shocks would have been laid down too much using the stock holes. So I made a small tower that pushes out the upper mounts a bit. Worked out perfect! Second idea was to do something about those rear upper links so I could bolt on the LA suspension. I came up with make some rear extensions out of 2mm aluminum. Then bolting them to the rear hubs...there's not enough room for 2 screw heads, so I got inventive. I used a standard Tamiya tapping screw (to match the rest) to tighten the assembly and a small 3mm headless screw to keep the mount from rotating. Works perfectly! Since the hubs had to be flipped a certain way for proper rear toe, I needed a long spacer up top... bolted together, it all looks a little wonky, but it works! Finished with some YR turnbuckles I had in my stash. And just enough room for the shocks to mount. Nothing fancy needed here, they bolt right on. I used gray mini CVA's since they matched the gray chassis. Total guess on the springs and oil.... Most of the chassis is done - still need to do some shimming, they should be in the mail today! Had to put the wheels on. Love it! Ride height is pretty much spot on for our usual parking lot adventures Oddest rear suspension I've ever seen, but it feels fine on the bench. We'll see how it does on the road... Steering might be an issue. That's full throw, and though I haven't fine tuned anything yet, I don't think there's much more there. The geometry of the LA kit was never designed for the single pivot servo steering of the TL01, or the MF01. Definitely have some tweaking to do here. And a quick beef....Tamiya, can you please do the body mounts separate? To get both front mounts if ever needed, I'd have to buy 2 parts trees, with a ton of parts I'll never use. It's a total waste! in any case, onto electronics and body mounting!
  6. Technically, yes. Not bad pieces, I use them on my Bug with the full YR kit However, I think they would give me some serious issues as the upper camber link would be super short compared to the lower arm. I have a plan in mind, it's just a matter of doing it.
  7. Making a little more progress on the Porsche... No matter what I did, I could not get the stock front diff to turn smoothly. Tore the diff down, looks fine, and spins perfect out of the chassis. Took out the red inserts, sanded and re-installed - nada. Finally I swapped in a ball diff and it's perfect. I'm still not sure why the stock front diff is not playing nice. The rear diff was slightly notchy too, so before going further I swapped in a ball diff back there too. Now that the drivetrain is happy and free, started on the chassis and suspension. I glued the chassis extensions together. Not sure of it helps rigidity or not, but I figure it can't hurt. I am out of Bondene, so I used CA. Worked very well, though it left some blobs on top of the chassis that I had to sand down. Ended up sanding quite a bit. Looks terrible.. Though I added a few decals to detract from it. "MF01X Concept" - that kind of works! Front LA suspension was bolted on. I am apparently out of shims, so I'll have to go back later and shim everything up. The big U-bolt is just temporary in that case, I'll swap in some stainless pins when it's ready to go. I was dreading this part... fitting the center shaft. I came to the same conclusion that Juls1 did and modded the gears ilo the shaft. I sort of trimmed a bit too much of the ends of the TL shaft, so hopefully it stays centered for and aft. I think I have another somewhere if I need to have another go at it. So far it seems to fit and spin fine.... I did chuck it in the drill and polish it up before installing.. it is probably 20 years old and looked it. Now it looks good as new! Tamiya 2 piece wheels were in short supply... after scouring around, there were none of the Porsche wheels stateside that I could find. Not really a fan of the BBS type which were everywhere. While the Tamiya tires look the part, they are not super grippy. Doing some digging, I found that Traxxas wheels from the GT have a wide offset out back and a more narrow offset in front. Hmm.... Took a chance and picked up a set of new takeoffs for $25 and they seem like they'll work very well. Good fitment and grippy to boot! I could help mocking everything up... Time for a bit of custom work on that rear suspension...
  8. I could have used my TL01 diffs, but decided to start fresh with the MF kit parts. I built the diffs with Lucas Red and Tacky grease inside. It's a bit more viscous then Tamiya grease, but not nearly as thick as AW grease. I've got a ton of options here - stiff AW diffs, light diffs with no grease, ball diffs, one ways, etc. ... starting with the stock diffs both front and rear. I mark them with a sharpie so I know how they are set up. Rear gearbox built with the upgraded motor mount. Anything to help dissipate heat... the motor on my Bug gets quite warm! Not a lot of airflow back there. Rear suspension options.. .the LA parts, some Yeah Racing bits left over from my Konghead, and regular TL01 bits. Not sure how well the LA bits are going to work - the upper link mounts are far more inboard than the others...Can't bolt the extenders to them, so not sure what I want to do here yet. Plus, I had to flip the hubs due to the rear toe, and the upper link mounts are way offset compared to the MF versions. Definitely need to think of something, or just revert to the stock TL bits - they work fine. Setting up the chassis...as Juls1 found, using all the spacers in the kit brings it right in the 251mm ballpark. It's just mocked up below, but it's for sure very close. Interestingly using the leftover small spacer from my previous MF takes it right to 257mm by my math. Interesting info for a future build. Front gearbox being built up. Upgraded servo mount installed as well. Nothing wrong with the stock unit, but I cannot resist Tamiya blue! One thing I don't like with newer Tamiya kits are the diff outdrives are no longer aligned with a pin. In the splined outdrive days, they were kept aligned and seems to be a more solid setup. Finished up, the front diff was very grouchy. Tight and notchy on the diff action, though the trans gears themselves spin fine. I'll have to tear it down and investigate. The red inserts are suspect...might be some flashing I missed or something.
  9. This is a project I've had in mind for a long time... Juls1 beat me to it - Great build! I agree 100%, I built my first MF as an offroad truck, but it was just too small. I ended up selling it, regretting it, and bought another to convert into a Porsche of some sort. To that end, I had bought an MF01 a while ago for this exact purpose, but quite honestly once I built it up stock-ish and took it for a test drive, I loved it.. So I used the parts I bought, picked up a few more and built up both a MF01 and TL01LA (of sorts) - they came out great! I didn't have the heart to tear them down, and this project has been in my head forever so I sold off an M06 I had and bought another MF01 kit. I picked up another Beetle Rally version and a few hop ups. I had the Porsche body laying around from my previous attempt. My shelf queen TL01LA was torn down to donate parts for this project. I'm not sure if all the suspension bits will work or not due to the quirks of the MF chassis, but we'll give it a go anyway. Plus a box of goodies from my previous MF project. Can never have enough parts when mixing and matching kits. Love it when the workbench is filled with parts trees, manuals, and tools. Going to be a good day!
  10. Same track width as the CC01. FJ body looks much better with some solid axles under there.
  11. Photos are all still there? Maybe load time, this forum takes a while with embedded images, and there are a lot of them here. Great looking truck Juls! Agreed the plastic is far better than the ABS of yore. Definitely a composite of some kind - very stiff and light. The "nutserts" have rounded out in a few places on my CR01 chassis - skid plate comes to mind. I've resorted to gluing them in (helps keep them from falling out to boot!) and they still break loose on occasion. We'll have to agree to disagree, I think they are a terrible design personally. I've settled on an FJ body for mine, its sitting in the shop awaiting finishing. Agreed as well that the bump steer is a serious issue and will need some tuning. I think overall the steering is going to be as vague as the CC01!
  12. To my eyes it does... I think if you remove the front bumper mount, it'll drop down nicely. Not sure, I haven't messed with it much as the holidays are upon us! Be getting back to it shortly.
  13. Time to decide on the body. Starting with the G500... This is very un-Tamiya... I'm not sure that if I drill out the body holes at the suggested spots that the wheels are going to be centered in the wheel wells. Hard to take pics of, but here goes. First off, the manual shows what holes to drill. Double checked, and made sure the body mounts were in the right spot on the chassis as well. Body for sure looks like it's going to be sitting too far forward. Look at the wheel nut compared to the fender arch. Same with the rear, it'd kind of hard to get a picture of, but it's very noticeable when you drop the body on. If I line the wheel up, here's where the body mounts sit - slightly forward of the marked dimples. Directions show the front body mounts in the first set of holes, but seem to me they'd be better in the second as it would line up with the dimples.. Same out back... if I line up the body so that the wheels are centered.... Body posts are off slightly, same as the front. Body posts are mounted as far back as they can be however. Honestly, I have such faith in Tamiya's instructions that I'm convinced I am doing something incorrect or just missing something, but I have no idea what it could be. I solved the problem by punting and mounted the Mercedes body on my CC01 where it looks right at home. :) Can see it in the background below if you look hard enough. More on that later. So now I need to figure out a body for the '02. Just messing around, I took a spare Tamiya Jeep, adjusted the WB of the chassis (very easily done BTW) and dropped it on. Not a bad way to go. Front of the jeep keeps the body from dropping low enough imo, it's already shaved quite a bit, but still sits on the bumper support. Think if I remove the bumper, it'll drop down. Not sure what I want to do here yet...
  14. Yay! Thank you mods! OK, the little guy is now standing on 4 wheels... There's some little bolt on wings to the chassis rails and that's where the electronics get mounted. Fairly clean setup. Tamiya gives a little radio box, though I chose not to use it. I chose to mount the servo upright and had to use the servo spacers to lower it a bit. The steering rod did not have enough vertical reach to reach the servo horn, so I had to add a spacer. Not a Tamiya problem, I used a solid servo horn ilo of the kit servo saver and it's not nearly as tall. On the bench when new, there's already a bit of play on the front axle due to the 4-link... since there's no panhard bar, that play affects the steering. Already, I can see it's going to be a bit vague....definitely belongs in the CC/XC family! Front and rear bumper (more nut-serts!) The front bumper has 3 height and 2 length options.. seems to work well. The kit for some reason has 2 5mm ball ends attached to the rear bumper at the bottom. I have no idea why, I did not install them. Rear bumper installed. I did leave a few parts out in the battery area, I'll be running smaller 2.2 packs, so I don't need all the parts to mount a full size pack. I'll make something custom later. Front bumper installed. Pretty nice to be hiding under the body. Just for giggles, I put an FJ body on... wow, frankly it looks great. Kinda leads me to a dilemma. I was planning to go stock, but boy, the FJ body looks great. And I have a CC01 here whose suspension matches the G500 perfectly.... hmm....what to do??
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