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  1. According to Rich from Axial, there won't be a builders kit based off the III. Kits just don't sell as well as RTR's. The JLU kit is it. Owning several V1's, II's, and a III I (all kits BTW) can say I'm not overly impressed with the III. It seems they tried to copy what Traxxas was doing instead of just building a better platform than the II. The transmission in particular on mine, no matter how I shim it, grease it, or file on it is quite noisy. Several of the gears have pins insets on both sides, though they only go in one way. It's very easy to put the gears in the wrong way (especially with my older eyes) and that leads to more clicking. I'm still chasing clicking in the driveline months after I built it. Ridiculous. Frankly, I think the entire truck is a bit over-engineered, and quite pricey. Maybe the RTR is better, I don't know. The II RBK is simple, sturdy and performs well. Doesn't have the 2 speed, portals, or dig obviously, but does well for what it is. I turned mine into a UMG and it crawls and trails as well as anything I own, and better in some respects. I can also recommend the Enduro builders kit - probably the best out of the lot., especially now that they've upgraded it. Smooth, silent driveline, OD and WB options, and top notch shocks out of the box. Not to mention IFS and trailing arm options if you want to go that route. Quite a flexible platform. I've built three so far, and they have all been top notch builds.
  2. @Willy iine That looks fantastic! The stance on that thing is just mean. All this talk has convinced me, I think I need to monsterize one of mine again.... I want to play too!
  3. Love the concept! I have fond memories of the CARtoons, I had stickers of them everywhere in my youth, haven't thought of them in years. Looking forward to see how you finish it off!
  4. I just finished this one yesterday.. Picked it up off a friend, I was going to leave it stock (ish) but couldn't help myself. Replacing the chassis rails lops 80g off the top - really helps it when out on the trail. It should be quite capable. Having said that, I have 2 others that are crawlers and as much fun as it is, I'm debating "monsterizing" it. I have clod tires, SMT, and a bunch of other 2.2's collecting dust. Hmmm... I think I need at least one good trail run with this one and we'll take it from there.
  5. It varies. I'm running 90mm Axial Icon shocks on #3 at the moment, they fit on OK without adding some standoffs to the chassis. My Jeep is running some 100mm Vaterra shocks with some small standoffs, and the Crawler Bug does indeed run the G-transitions. That's a custom cut chassis though, not especially comparable. (Number 4 is in bits ATM, but uses the stock suspension) The monster version above has 120mm 3Racing shocks IIRC. Definitely needed some standoffs on the chassis for the best performance, and has custom mounts on the axles to stand up the shocks.. Part of why I enjoy the CR01 so much is it is so easily modified. There are holes everywhere, it's like a Tamiya Erector set.
  6. Excellent thread as always good sir! Ever consider some dualies out back? Should look perfect with the wider front axle, no? I mounted up some Proline Carbines on my 6x6 last year and they are pretty nice. Not to mention traction with 10 crawler tires and locked diffs is astounding. Should easily be able to shove buggies back on the track.
  7. I tried to use Acetone to remove the tires off my F350 rims... I left them submerged for a day or two. Imagine my surprise when I came down, opened the container and the rims were gone! The acetone completely dissolved them...... Tamiya ABS does NOT like acetone at all. Excellent build, the Bearhawk is one of Tamiya's finest looking buggies imo!
  8. Tamiya BFG's used to come with the white lettering. They stopped quite a few years ago. They still make the BFG's, just with no lettering. I would guess the first two tires are the same, just one sans lettering. The tire on the right did indeed come with the Hummer, and I'm sure they've used it in a few kits afterwards. The Cayenne tires are much smaller, about 60mm tall. Kind of an odd size, I use them on a few builds since they ae inbetween a standard touring tire and a larger, 90mm tire like the BFG's.
  9. Had and sold, or ran into the ground in my youth...roughly in order of purchase. It all blurs together over the years, and I'm sure I'm missing quite a few offhand - especially sold ones: Have Currently: Futaba FX10 (I consider it a Tamiya... ) Tamiya Super Hornet Tamiya Wild One Tamiya Thundershot Tamiya Bearhawk Tamiya Rising Fighter Tamiya Avante Tamiya Avante DF03 Tamiya Bruiser Tamiya Bruiser clone (PG something or other) Tamiya M02 Tamiya M04 Tamiya M06 Tamiya M07 Tamiya MF01x (3) Tamiya TA02 (5) Tamiya TA03 Tamiya TA06 Tamiya TL01 (2) Tamiya Konghead Tamiya Dynahead Tamiya TLT Tamiya GF01 Monster Beetle Tamiya Falcon Tamiya Wild Willy 2 Tamiya EVOIII Tamiya DF03RA Tamiya CC01 (5) Tamiya CR01 (3) Tamiya TXT-1 Tamiya VQS Tamiya TC-01 Tamiya DT02 Holiday Buggy (2) Tamiya DT03 Have had, sold in the past: Tamiya Lunchbox Tamiya Stadium Blitzer Tamiya Blitzer Beetle Tamiya TA02T S10 Tamiya FF01 Tamiya F103 Tamiya Blackfoot Futaba FXT (that counts, right?) Tamiya Dark Impact Tamiya TT02 Tamiya TT02B Tamiya XV01 Tamiya F350 Tamiya M04 Tamiya M06 Tamiya TLT (3) Tamiya Boomerang Tamiya Hotshot (2) Tamiya FF03 Tamiya Clodbuster (2) Tamiya F103GT Tamiya Fast Attack Tamiya Thundershot Tamiya CR01 (2) Tamiya XC/CC01 (5-6 sold over the years)
  10. Owning several of your choices, I'd agree with @jonboy1 for the most part. I'd suggest the CC01 over the CC02 though personally. Lots more aftermarket options and a solid trail runner with a few mods. The CR01 can be whatever you want it to be really, it's very easily modified. Probably the most satisfying build of the bunch. Will certainly take you a while, there's quite a pile of screws and hardware.
  11. When I built my 6x6, I locked up the diffs with putty and knowing it was going to be beat on, I swapped in the "D shaped" gears and outputs. Those cast splines are usually pretty durable for me, but the D shaped ones are far stronger imo. Funny you say that about the plastic gears, I have some that are 30+ years old and have held up fine. I tend to wear out the pinions before the plastic gears.
  12. I use the other bench, more outlets for the bone saws over there.
  13. I am relegated to the basement. And not a nice finished basement, but one that gets quite damp at times. Here are my 3 main workspaces, unusually clean when I took the pics about a year ago. Normally they are covered with stuff. Main bench has the TV and radio. The SMT is still sadly waiting for paint, along with a TA03, CC01, 2 MF01's, and a DF03RA.
  14. RPP has a complete gear set in stock. link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/151106661667?epid=1901788431&hash=item232ea8ad23:g:hz4AAOxyCSRSFmeh AMain has them as well. TL01 G parts, PN 50738 The gears are quite common as they were used in a lot of vehicles, the diffs especially. TA03 ball diffs are a nice upgrade if you want to go that route.
  15. I'm not sure that I'm sold on the paint scheme, but the bus body idea on a Dynahead crawler is absolutely cracking! I love it!
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