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  1. Hey Guys, I'm in the process of painting a Poly Shell and after Masking I've managed to get a small amount of Bleeding under the tape Anyone know of any tips, or the best way to remove it? Thanks Racer-T
  2. Hi everyone, I've just been wondering; Tamiya's Rising Fighter has been out for a short time now. Has anyone purchased one of these new Kits? Whats the overal verdict on its quality and performance? ...And is it on a par with the good old fashion Grasshopper Cheers Racer-T
  3. Cool I think I could have alittle fun with that You guys are a bad influence...I have 2 projects to complete already!! Ah well at least with the Lunchy Chassis I can just tell her indoors its the same LunchBox..."I've just lowered darling" Racer-T
  4. Hi Guys, Almost have my LunchBox back together now after several years of sitting in the loft in pieces. Just waiting for a new Body-Shell and Body-Mounts to be delivered now! I still havent however sourced myself any Wheels or Tyres as yet... What do you guys suggest? I still have the original LunchBox Wheels, but the Tyres have perished unfortunately So should I just get some replacement Tyres for the existing Wheels, or would it be a better idea to change the wheels aswel for either WW2 or Black-Foot variants. Where is the best place to source these items aswel please? Regards Racer-T
  5. Thats Great! Thanks for that, I cant even remember that Kit to be honest. I've loads of Grasshopper, Hornet and Lunchbox parts sitting around...I'm temped to source myself a second Lunchy Chassis and create something similar perhaps Racer-T
  6. Thanks Guy's, Lining the inside of the Tyres with Tape and Foam has indeed made a difference Considering looking for some Blitzer Wheels and Tyres now. Time to hit e-bay me thinks!! Thanks again. Racer-T
  7. Hi All, I'm in the process of restoring my LunchBox at the moment complete with a few "Gradual" Hop-Ups... But while I was putting the Chassis together the other day I noticed it has alternative mounting points for front axles, rear suspension, etc? Does this Chassis build another model originally? Strange question I know...But I honestly dont remember noticing all these points when I originally put the Kit togther as a Teen. Regards Racer-T
  8. Hi All, A good friend of mine has recently rebuilt his Mad-Bull. Beside's the usual Hop-Ups like bearings, Springs, etc he has shoe horned a M-troniks Genises Pro Brushless system. Having "finally" programed the Speed Controller he was all good to go...But he cannot get the power down to be of any use? The tyres are glued to his Wheels, but when he applies the throttle the tyres themselves distort like a Dragster and lift in the centre while remaining on the Rim. We paid a visit to our local Model Shop but the guy there said if he were to fit larger Wheels and Tyres the Gearbox would give out? Anyone got any ideas please? Is there anyway of using this Brushless System in his Mad Bull. Regards Racer-T
  9. Thanks Guys thats great! Thinking outside the box! I like it! Regards Racer-T
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Forum and I'm currently in the process of re-building my Tamiya LunchBox I owned...And thacked around as a kid Having been out of the loop for a time however I was wondering is there any other Body Shell other than the LunchBox and Pumpkin around that will fit the Chassis without too much work? Also I read on another post in this section something about a conversion kit available that enables you to fit slightly different wheels using some kind of adapters, could anyone please fill me in on this Kit and its use? Sorry for all the questions...But knowledge is Power!! Thanks Racer-T Great Forum by the way guy's!
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