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  1. Bargain 20pd and it's in new condition ebay here I come
  2. Excellent thank you very much now I can put it on ebay thanks again
  3. Please can any1 tell what this is
  4. Thanks have got bearings on order the bullhead is 100% original mite leave it as it is put it in loft and leave it for 20years
  5. Thanks for advice brought both on ebay for 100 each the superclod has been modded big time servos on both axles and a ton of upgrades the bullhead is original still has msc do u think its worth leaving as standard
  6. Hi any1 fancy a project I don't have time car runs but needs parts in poor condition message me for more pics thanks mark
  7. Thanks for answer brought the pair off ebay for 60pd if it is knock off it will b going back thanks mark
  8. Help needed just got these any ideas what they are thanks for ure help
  9. That would b correct got a gd reserve on it so if it sells I'm happy and if it doesn't sell I will restore myself
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