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  1. That would b correct got a gd reserve on it so if it sells I'm happy and if it doesn't sell I will restore myself
  2. He is 9 and has a double blaze but wants a road car thanks for advice will give him tlo1 and get shot of the m02 ty
  3. Lol thanks for ure help am thinking mayb restoring this or sell it and stick to modern stuff
  4. I'm new to this what's a thread mean
  5. Thanks for help can't decide if I let my nephew have this or m02 don't know which is better ty
  6. Thanks again gr8 help now I know which parts to order bonus
  7. Thank u gr8 help only one more chassis to identify
  8. Can anyone tell me which chassis this is and would like to say thanks to any1 that has helped already brought a loft find and thanks to peep on here am finding out what I brought thank again
  9. I got 8 cars in all a lovely rock socker new build never run beetle a m01 full build chassis and this do u know what this is would b gr8 if u did thanks
  10. I was very lucky brought a whole collection including very nice custom build rock socker with all the hop ups a monster beetle a vintage m01 mini chassis all for 300pd
  11. Hi just picked this up on ebay
  12. Hi can anyone tell me what chassis this is please
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