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  1. mugenbulldog

    Stoopid Battery Straps

    The re-re Optima comes with Velcro straps that can hold any battery in.
  2. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid

    If those block tires say Dirt Paw on the sides, a few of us on another forum ordered some and a very nice fellow ordered and re-shipped to folks all over the world that the German site wouldn’t ship to. They are 2.0” and the tread pattern is identical to the Kyosho ones. MIne are on a restored Turbo Optima.
  3. mugenbulldog

    Optima Series Box Art Paint Questions

    Personally, given the existence of the repro decals, I would mix those with a sheet from Marwan and call it a day. The only stickers you’d be missing are the “Rays Engineering” and “Project Team” ones. That way you don’t have to paint 4 colors, although you still can if you’re good at painting or a sadomasochist. While in some respects the sets I printed myself were closer to the originals than Marian’s and other reproductions online, in others they’re not as good; the Alps ink scratch easily, the color match was imperfect and they have some banding.
  4. mugenbulldog

    Optima Series Box Art Paint Questions

    Very cool. I wonder what the story on these is.
  5. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Javelin Re-release

    The polycarbonate body is literally the body for the driver. In the original the head was part of it, in the re-release the head is separate. The cage is plastic just like the original. There's a guy around who made some amazing reproduction cages in metal.
  6. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima Motor

    I did a team Orion brushless with the ESC built in. It's a 17.5T, I've heard others running faster motors with no issues. Plenty fast for me though. Kyosho puts the same setup in some RTR vehicles. Also Kyosho just released a brushless re-creation of the Le Mans 240s. But if you want to go vintage, brushed, a classic Le Mans with the anodized case is the only true option.
  7. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Turbo Scorpion re-release.

    I like the Orion with the built-in ESC for my Optima, as there's not a lot of room for the ESC. My other thought was I can switch electronics around easier between cars. Good point about the extra wire, didn't notice that.
  8. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Turbo Scorpion re-release.

    I predict that the brushless lemans motor is sourced from Orion and has the ESC built in. I have been known to be frequently very wrong in my predictions though. They are obviously going to come out with a Turbo Optima with the same treatment- this same motor and larger wheels than original. So the question is timing - when is this Turbo Scorpion due and how much longer until the Turbo Optima? Both in time for the holidays?
  9. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Lin where did you get the RAYS decals made and where is that excellent box art photo sourced from?
  10. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Venom 15085 should fit this as well as the original since it's got a rounded case and is the same overall dimensions as the old packs. I run them in my old optimas and rere scorpion.
  11. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Thought I was crazy until I saw the side-by-side boxes; the new number 5 is definitely smaller than the old.
  12. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    You can't do the box art completely correctly with the original or most reproduction decals that I've seen. The new ones have some small differences too and like you said it looks like the decals are incorporated with the colors. Best results would be to combine an original or high quality repro with the "missing" decals printed at as high a quality as possible. I have considered screen printing for this (instead of digital) to better match them.
  13. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Wow those decals are pretty sweet. I think they did something similar on the mini-z optima although the back yellow section was painted.
  14. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    Yeah I didn't look at the screws, good catch. The other stickers are original optima as well - they changed some of them, at least on the kyosho images. Fram, western, etc. Hopefully I don't have to make my own stickers again in order to have a box art optima
  15. mugenbulldog

    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    That's weird on that magazine cover they've got the original, different-than-box-art style "5" decals. Is it the new re-re or an old one, or did they use an old or repro shell on the new optima? Tires look like the new ones.