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  1. Hello i d'ont know if this is typical for the cr-01 but at very low speed i hear a tick every time the wheels take a round i first thought it came from the 3racing driveshafts i installed but now i think its comin from one of the gearboxes ( or the motor) you tamiya guys know the sound of 2 gears in grease runnin at slow motion so its the same noice but only one time a turn , this is the first car i ever noticed this but on the other side i never drove one so slow and with my nose on top of it , greetings from belgium and thx for the help
  2. Hello can somebody tell me whats the best esc and motor for the cr-01 i have a hitec HS-5955TG servo installed and its ok but my speed controll is a dynamite tazer 12T and and is not the right thing for the job specialy not with the standard motor , so every comment is welcome , greetings from belgium.
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