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  1. Anyone interested in a brand new built sandmaster ez series in blue, comes with the body and wheels to change into the nexxt. Unwanted by son. Looking for £65 posted. Uk.
  2. Stripped plastic arrma shocksand put the shafts and pistons in alloy bodies, huge improvment and no more cap popping off.
  3. Painted a basher white, so i can 'doodle' on it
  4. Ran the raider xl and volition sct and did this, xl needs new part and volition is fixed, didnt break just ripped out
  5. found this place today, lived here for 3 years and didn't know about it till now, only 15 minutes from house.
  6. camy67


    now sold. please close
  7. camy67


    This is a grasshopper shell in abs, has a small ammount of work needed to fit correctly, was a project i dont have time for. It has working lights and the red nerf and bumper bars. Also has a hard compound tyre set. Any offers? May also swap for wyh. Thanks
  8. This little turnigy sct with alloy bits and carbon battery holder for under 40 quid.
  9. Hi all, wondering whats the best buggy for adding the most bling, alloy etc? It would be for a shelfer and has to look v nice. Cheers
  10. Took the raider out to test new shocks, need heavier oil. Then had a run with the volition and 5 mins in broke a rear hub carrier. Super :-(
  11. Put slash wheels on the raider xl. Vast improvement. Thanks andy.
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