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  1. Thanks for that i'll stick to the 2 cell for now and see how well it goes. The esc has a 12t twin motor limit and can run up to 14.4v, has no cutout but i always use an alarm anyway since one esc cutout failed on me and nearly mashed a battery.
  2. What ever avante you have looks good! Avante mk2 original yellow front wheel part no 0440290, rears 0440291. I use fusionhobbies, they have the 7 digit part no section in the spare parts section. £6.50 per pair. Google comes up with loads of suppliers as well.
  3. Has anyone out there ever run 540 brushed motors on a 3 cell lipo (11.1v) ? I'm building a double blaze with an mtroniks super e truck esc and twin checkpoint 19t money motors, obviously one motor has been retimed to run backwards at the same speed but would love to run them on a 3 cell lipo but can't find anything that's setup like that. I'm assuming it's not possible as no one else is but hoping someone will tell me otherwise.
  4. It looks like someone is finally making lunchbox aluminium body mounts and there on ebay.co.uk.
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