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  1. Toi update this, I've had no reason to add a fan as the ESC barely warms up. It seems a decent buy. Tom.
  2. I've just bought a Hobbyking X-Car 45A Brushed ESC and, if necessary, I would like to attached a 4x4cm fan to the heatsink. Could someone tell me where is the best place to attach the wires; battery in, BEC out etc? Cheers, Tom.
  3. As part of the restoration of my Monster Beetle I need to fill the CVA shocks with damper oil. I would like to buy some Trackstar oil from Hobbyking, however, I havn't got a clue what to get apart from the fact I reckon I need something in the light to medium weight. I'll be doing general bashing; grass, dirt, gravel and a few tame bumps and jumps - nothing LST2 standard. Can you suggest a suitable weight oil for this application. Cheers, Tom.
  4. A guy on another forum has just offered to send me a couple for free. They measure up at 12.5mm for the flange diameter and 9mm for the dome diameter. That is spot on for my mini CVA's. I'll report back as to whether they work or not. Tom.
  5. I've got a pair of late 80's Tamiya mini CVA's which I'm using on the front of my Monster Beetle, however, they currently have no oil in them as I've lost the sealing bladders. Mini on the right. Obviously, if I can find some vintage mini baldders that's fine but will contempory mini bladders work? Are they the same diameter? I am refering to 'Tamiya (50600) CVA Mini Shock Unit II Oil Seal' Thanks, Tom.
  6. Steve, Got ya. However, I'll be keeping the MB stock with the original 540 motor. Tom.
  7. 94eg, Thanks for the reply. However, I'm running a stock Monster Beetle with a Mabuchi 540 motor and mechanical speed controller. The only improvement to this spec is the likelihood of getting a Hobbyking X-Car 45A Brushed ESC at some point in the future. Tom.
  8. Greg, Thanks for the welcome and the advice. No problem with other aspects of the Lipos as I am into Quads and Helis and I have several alarms. I've been reading up on the diff problem and as you say I might go for the mod. Mind you, my Beetle has been pretty well bashed around in it's life and the geabox is in perfect condition. I'll be keeping the Beetle stock, as far as the motor goes, and use my Losi LST2 for going mad. Cheers, Tom.
  9. Currently, I'm restoring my Monster Beetle which has the stock 540 motor and Tamiya mechanical speedo. However, before I go all out, i.e. brushless and ESC, I want to get it rolling with the bare minimum. What I need to know is what spec of Lipo do I require? I'm not going to go over 7.4V but what do I require in terms of C rating? I have three Turnigy Nanotechs which are specced at 15/25C. Is that sufficient or do I need something with a bit more heft? Cheers, Tom.
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