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  1. Can't remember if i posted this before. The trailer is close to the one in the movie Convoy. The truck, not so much, but i like it.
  2. Nothing special, you may say to yourself, but I'm a C5 Tetraplegic, ( have functional deltoid and/or biceps musculature. Can internally rotate and abduct the shoulder, which causes forearm pronation (lowering) by gravity. Wrist flexion is similarly produced. I can externally rotate the shoulder and cause supination and wrist extension. I can bend the elbow, but elbow extension can only be produced by gravity, or by forceful horizontal abduction of the shoulder and inertia or shoulder external rotation.) I use the screwdrivers in me teeth and wrestle the pieces of car around the desk with the little arm and wrist function i have. Pick the screws or any metal up with magnetic screwdriver. Need the odd bit of help. A vice on my desk helps for somethings. Takes hours to do even the slightest thing, but ultimately satisfying when done. Hope you like it. ( I'm showing off really). Edit 28.08.16 OK. Got my modding head on again and modded the Pumpkin. Spent ages trying to get the front suspension right. tried one way but the wheels had a lot of flex in them. So bought yet more balls and rod end and turnbuckles. ( I could open a shop) then with fiddling got it better, But the wheels may catch the shocks on full lock. May need to limit turning on the Tx. So what did i do? Added 2 more shocks. FX10 front conversion. Oil adjustable shocks all round. CSC shock braces (fibre-lyte.co.uk ) for front, rear, and 5th/6th shock plate in and under frame. Centred servo. Kimbrough Servo saver Medium. Aluminium front bumper. Bigger anti roll bar wheels. Aluminium rear shock lower mounts. Enjoy.
  3. See http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=53805&hl=
  4. So got some Traxxas Talon Tires and All Star Black Chrome Wheels 3669A. They are no bigger, height wize, than standard wheels and tyres, but slightly wider. Can always get some taller tyres later. But I think you will agree, they do look good!
  5. Just bought some HPI GT5 WHEELS and HPI GT2 TYRES. All i can say is they're a bit bigger than i thought. And don't fit. There on ebay now. Going to try Traxxas 2.8 all-star black chrome with Talon tyres. #3669A
  6. Thank you all for the kind replies. See my web site for some mods on a larger scale. Visit My Website
  7. I'm a C5 Tetraplegic. Meaning i am paralysed from the neck down with some arm movement. I use screwdrivers in me teeth and wrestle the pieces of car around the desk with the little arm and wrist function i have. Pick the screws or any metal up with magnetic screwdriver. Need the odd bit of help. Sawing and dremiling done in a vice on desk. Takes hours to do even the slightist thing. So please bear this in mind when you see my "C5" Wild Dagger MODS SO FAR: 1. Metal bearing all round 2. 20T PINION GEAR 3. 4 X SP808 Tamiya TG10 Long Wheel Axle #50808 4. Ofna Rear Dogbones ( used all round ) #OFN17145 5. Schumacher 14mm screw on hex ( NEED TO DREMIL THE PIN SLOT TO 2MM ) #U2682 6. Multi Wheel Widener Adapter for TXT-1 Clod Maxx Savage ( needed to dremil inside edge to fit the Schumacher 14mm hex ) 7. HPI Savage X M4x70mm Turnbuckles #93535 ( had to cut down to 64mm ish to fit ) 8. KYOSHO 6.8MM Ball Ends (OFFSET TYPE) #IS053 9. Losi Steering Ball Set 6.8mm: 8B,8T #LOSA6050 (used screw on ones on servo saver ) 10. KYOSHO 6.8MM BALL PIVOT MT114 ( on steering knuckles ) 11. OFNA Heavy Duty Servo Saver w/CNC Top #10762 12. MG995 Tower Pro Servo 13. Shock towers from www.fibre-lyte.co.uk 14. Aluminium right angle bolted to chassis for extra shocks 15. 8 x Aluminium BIG BORE Shock Damper for T-Maxx 3.3 2.5 E-Maxx 16. 2 X HPI GT 550 14.4V MOTOR #1145 17. HPI GT Speed Controller 14.4V Dual Battery #309 18. Kitchen chop board to hold second battery in 19. 2 x 7.2v 4400 NIMH Batteries. 20. HPI SAVAGE XL FRONT AND REAR BUMPER + F/R/ SKIDPLATES 21. Made my own centre skid plate out of gavalanized metal with foam inset between chassis. 22. Made my own crude skids over arms out of a plastic bistuit tin. 23. Custom nylon unbreakable EL8 Rhino Bar Stinger. 24. Used the HPI front bumper lower down at the front for extra protection. MAYBE FIT 25. Bigger wheels and tyres. What about these? HPI GT5 wheels with GT2 TIRES. They say the GT2 Tires are lightweight I used a 2 channel stick controller with car gear knobs on top of the sticks on my laptray, but had to look down to see when my hands sliped off them. Hense crashing and knackering car. So I joined a PC joystick to the rc controller. I have several joystick in bits from making one I could hold on to for my PC games, but the potentiometer wouldn't work with the Acoms AP-202 I had. I couldn't find ( didn't know ) which ones to buy online. So bought 3 old transmitters off ebay for £5. Took them apart and found the potentiometer from an Acoms AP-227 MK2 fitted my Genius MaxFighter F-16U joystick. ( with a couple of washers and superglue and a bit of soldering by my Mum + Dad ) I cut the wires in the Acoms AP-202 between the potentiometer and circuit board. ( 3 wires from each potentiometer ) Then add some 3 pin fan wires from a computer to the ends. Male on the potentiometer, Female to the circuit board. These come out of the transmitter through holes made in it. You can then plug the 2 ends in and use the transmitter as normal. Or unplug then and plug in the Male 3 pin wires from the potentiometer on the joystick to the female wires on the transmitter for PC joystick control. I modded the joystick handle using the original bottom part of the joystick handle. The top half is replaced with 8mm threaded bar and 2 nuts. Pieces on tube steel covered in foam padding, and a piece of wood so I could "hold" onto it better. The wood on top jams against my hand when pulling back.
  8. Any one have some accurate drawing of a simple chassis design for Wild Dagger? ( hole places etc ) Needs 2 battery slots.
  9. Sorry about links. Hope these are ok? http://www.hobbyetc.com/cgi-bin/item.cgi?p...1#ilikepictures http://www.hobbyetc.com/cgi-bin/item.cgi?p...0#ilikepictures
  10. Which are the strongest out of these for my Wild Dagger? As i just bust my plastic one. The Tamiya 53523 The cheap GMP ones The Hot Racing ones or the X Spede or is there a better one? http://www.etamiya.com/shop/tamiya-53523-t...ml?currency=GBP Links to live auctions removed - Please read the rules
  11. Never mind. Turns out 1 of my battery packs wire had come off the battery.
  12. Just bought a HPI GT309 ESC. When i try to set it up, it flashes a slow red on a bit of throttle, and stays on red on full throttle. ( which is what is ment to happen ). But when pulling stick to reverse, it just flashes red really fast and will not stay on full red. What am i doing wrong?
  13. That great advise from you both. Thanks.
  14. Well i bought these schumacher U2682 14mm wheel hexs and the gap for the axle pin is 1.5mm. Not 2mm like the tamiya ones. so they don't fit. £20 down the drain. Unless i can get 1.5mm pins and widen them in the middle with tape. Any one know who sells 1.5mm pins? I know HPI do, but there only 8mm long. Which is to short. Schumacher do a bag U1633, but i would need 2 bags just for 4 pins. I don't need the other sizes in the bag.
  15. Would this ( MG995 TowerPro Servo ) work with a Acoms AR-201 reciever? http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12832
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