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  1. Think I'm being optimistic thinking I'm going to get the chassis built to be honest, wife already has other ideas for using my time
  2. Amazon delivery ! Just waiting for paint, hopefully going to be a weekend build
  3. I was on the fence about the MB-01, especially after the concerns over the Abarth body not sitting low enough, but at that price I've pulled the trigger
  4. My understanding is anything under £135 including postage/insurance etc. VAT should be collected by the seller at point of sale and the seller is responsible to pass this on to the HMRC. If i place an order with Aliexpress then the last part of the checkout adds 20% to cover the VAT, which i presume they pass on to HMRC. Over £135 then its collected by HMRC (customs) on entry to the UK and charged to the buyer directly with any handling fees, i presume that's why Tamico and a like will only ship to the UK for orders over 165 Euros to avoid the paperwork hassle etc. that they would have to do. All my Tamico orders since the 165E limit, have been hit by customs charges. Not sure how customs tell the difference with the orders under £135 having paid VAT or not, unless there is some indication on the postage label/invoice attached to the parcel?
  5. I had the same for a recent order, Joanne got back to me after a few days and apologised for the delay as they are going through some personnel issues. I am sure she will be in touch soon.
  6. Looks like AsiaTees are also getting stock in too.
  7. Unfortunately they have gone the same way as Tamico and now have a 165 Euro minimum order, without shipping costs, for the UK Used to buy from them a lot.......
  8. Not all today but over the weekend as well. 2 x FF01 Vectra's from EBay (another 1 on its way with hopefully a good enough for the shelf body. Vectra sticker sheet - for the above if its a bit rough around the edges Opel V8 TL01 - Ebay used Opel V8 new bodyshell from Tamico - found in their vintage page as I was trying to find something to push an order to 165Euro for UK Civic bodyshell for a future build - not box art, Idemitsu?? Yaris WRC kit - love anything rally related, so why not Toms GR Supra kit - lovely body so had to have one and enough cockpits (touring and rally) to keep me busy for the rest of the year
  9. Just got confirmation that mines on the way, so disappointing to see that some of the sponsorship decals are missing. I had the previous release and regrettably sold it, so was very happy to see it had been released again. I painted the red, its a lot of masking but looked great when finished. Sure I have photos of it somewhere.
  10. Got these this week The bodyshell on top of the pile is the Chevron FSL038 LMP-70 BODY FOR TAMIYA F103RM from Banzai Hobby. Been out of stock for ages and got a notification it was available again on Jan 10th, so ordered straight away. Got here last week, I had forgotten all about it so nice surprise when it did turn up.
  11. They are great for the price! Here's mine, had a bit of a hard life though Looking forward to see what you are going to do with it.
  12. Hi, TamiyaBase is a good place to start , https://tamiyabase.com/chassis
  13. Used Tamico a lot over the years and never had a problem, in fact I'm just waiting for a ransom note from Parcelforce for an order that's just landed in the UK and had customs charges raised. You just need to be aware that inevitably it will get stopped by customers coming into the UK (100% hit rate for me, but i know others have faired better and not had additional customs charges), this is due to them putting a minimum order value of 165Euros for orders to the UK. So customs will raise a charge and you need to pay that before they release for delivery to you and the additional £12 for Parcelforce to pay on your behalf. I see the minimum order level of 165Euro is now stipulated for UK orders for RC-KleinKram, somebody else who i have also used may times and never had an issue, their shipping to UK was usually 2-3 days from placing an order.
  14. Wow, that looks excellent. What a stance too! Love the bodylines, what tape do you use?
  15. Hi Juhunio, I will take the 50927 please. Drop me a PM with your paypal details. Thanks
  16. Used to be, before the postage costs went up like everywhere else. You just have to be mindful that a 'cheap' kit (£70) can cost over £35 to ship to the UK using Fedex (cheapest delivery method, 1-2 days) , so sometimes falls in line with UK prices from the likes of Fusion and TImeTunnel. Easy to get carried away and find shipping is more than the parts in your basket
  17. Everything i have ever bought from AsiaTees has had a value of £13 on the paperwork, never had any problem with customs charges, and I've bought a lot over the past 2 years. I do try and keep it below the £135 threshold but on the odd occasion its been over, no issue. Obviously not a guarantee you wont get additional charges, but that's my personnel experience.
  18. Nice haul. Did you get caught by customs coming into the UK ?
  19. Ignore me. Having a Monday morning blip, just hunted in the garage for the paint I used on the Wolf and it is in fact PS-59
  20. This is my Wolf painted with PS67, tried to get a good shot in the light. I think @berman's post looks pretty close.
  21. Slooowww progress due to work commitments, but managed to grab a couple of hours this morning to sort a few bits out. Rear spoiler was a nightmare to fit, its out of scale and has little to no contact with the body. I installed some rod into the body to support it. Really would like to get it finished this weekend as I have a big list of others to do before the UK weather starts making it not ideal weather to paint in.
  22. MCI decals arrived. My initial worry as to the condition, considering the packaging, was gone once opened Will have a closer inspection tonight. 2 weeks from order to delivery to UK.
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