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  1. I have bought many complete kits from Buyee, got to be 20+, 2 arrived this week, 1 still sealed with all oils/grease still present (CC-02) , no email stating it was prohibited and the other I had to get them to remove the damper oil, after they sent the prohibited email, they are very hit and miss on this subject. They do just remove the prohibited item and nothing else.

    I checked back on previous emails and the prohibited item email always states the whole package can not be shipped, but once they have removed the offending item, they email to notify you its been done and to log in to your Buyee account to select the shipping method.



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  2. 5 hours ago, Sogogi said:

    One good thing? Is that i haven’t bought anything from buyee this year…

    Wish i could say the same! :rolleyes:

    Yes, prices seem to be higher than end of last year, but bargains are still there. End of last year, it seemed everyday i looked, i was shocked at the low prices, even taking into consideration the cost of posting back to the UK. Now, not so much.


  3. 33 minutes ago, ChrisRx718 said:

    Great topic. I have ordered some S3M belts on the back of this thread -

    342mm to replace cracked TA05 standard belt
    345mm for my TA05 with Square RC Counter-steer centre pulley - the belt is really hard to get hold of now, but this should be a like-for-like
    525mm for TA03 spares 

    We should create a list of common belt sizes / tooth count for the archives and future reference...

    Great info. Is that for the TA03S ?

    Just measured the TA03 and its 564mm 188 teeth or there about's, if somebody can confirm?

  4. 2 hours ago, gkatz said:

    any one who bought a kit from buyee ever get a request to open the kit because it might have prohibited substance inside that cannot be shipped intl? 

    @Sogogi @Tobyone @Pylon80 @ChrisRx718 and others who can answer - thanks for the help

    Recently I've had 3 instances where I've been notified by Buyee about prohibited items, grease, oil and spray can (PS paint). I just ask them to dispose of the item, usually takes a couple of days for them to respond and the item to then be available on my Buyee dashboard to select shipping. This is instigated by them, i have never asked them to check, but do use the inspection/insurance plan, so presume that is automatically done?

    Before this, i have had a couple of kits (packaged as you would expect if purchased directly from a shop) that have had grease in them but have been posted out fine. I presume it depends how easy it is for the inspection team at Buyee to see the prohibited item.

    All the ones that have been raised were clearly visible on the item listing.


  5. No, the item is shipped to Buyee, they are the third party handler. Once they receive it, then you will get the options for posting on to you.

    You can get an estimate buy using Buyee's international shipping calculator, based on size and weight of item.

    Total cost comprises of the following,

    Buyee fee ¥300

    Buyee Plan fee ¥0 - 500

    Cost of item

    Cost of delivery to Buyee (check item listing, but majority of Mercari items include the cost to post the item to Buyee)

    International postage form Buyee to buyer


    Hope that helps

  6. 11 hours ago, Kpowell911 said:

    Ahh, so I buy/win the item, pay the plan price (¥0-500) and then a few days later Id get the quote to send from Buyee to me? Guessing ‘Buyout’ means buy it now?

    Looking at something like this:




    Yes, but you will also need to pay the Buyee flat rate fee of ¥300 and the cost of postage from the seller to Buyee on top of the plan fee and international postage fee.

  7. 17 hours ago, ChrisRx718 said:

    Amazing. I've been looking for an S2000 for years, but it seems they're very rare. I used to work in a shop in the UK where we would sell the M-04L version, but nobody wanted it at the time (including me) - it sat on the shelves for ages - everyone wanted the Rover Mini Cooper / Racing Cooper, or the cheaper Mercedes SL / BMW Z3 Roadster.

    Hindsight and all that. Closest I ever got was obtaining the official decal set and "H" parts - I don't even know where I've put them now - I gave up on trying to get ahold of a body and moved on to other projects. 

    Where did you find them in the end? Just a long waiting game on auction sites?


    @ChrisRx718 If you are still on the look out :)

  8. 12 hours ago, Kpowell911 said:

    I love these!


    @Tobyone I’m a bit scared of Buyee, I couldnt see how much postage was? Do I use the ‘all in’ service or whatever its called? Sites down at the moment so cant check 

    @Kpowell911, there is an option to estimate the international delivery charges on the item page, it goes by size and weight. 

    When you have purchased the item and it arrives at the Buyee warehouse, they give you several options for delivery, below is options for a standard Tamiya Kit - boxed, chassis, bodyshell etc. 

    They have 4 plans, at varying costs that include checking of the item when it arrives at the warehouse, including insurance, making sure its not damaged, matches the description etc. or you can go the 'lite' plan which is no cost and gives you no guarantees, take a look on the Buyee website (its working again now) under plans.

    Costs can add up, so be mind full to include these on the cost of the item.

    I always use Mercari, its not an auction site and 99% of the items include postage to Buyee, Yahoo auctions you need to factor the Buyee postage in as well (again, there is an estimate delivery charge on the same page as the item). Look out for coupons too, they come up regularly for 10-20% off item price, or discount of delivery charges. 

    And of course, any import duties on entry.

    I am not expert on Buyee, but so far have made about 10 purchases and haven't had a bad experience yet, apart from additional import duties on 1 purchase.

    But, please be warned, once you start its difficult to stop :) 

    Good luck with your first purchase !


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  9. Several Buyee delivery's this week :)  I....must....stop....looking.....(well looking is OK, buying is the problem!)

    New Nissan Silvia Body set

    New Renault Clio Body set

    New BMW Z4 Body set

    58155 Nissan Skyline Loctite - unused with ESC, servo etc. All paperwork present.

    58099 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo - aluminum wheels and DynaTech motor. Bodyshell cut out, still has protective cover, decals, spoiler and cockpit. Manual, and associated paperwork present. Chassis built but unused with carbon fibre shock mounts, UJ's and upgraded shocks etc.

    58128 Alfa 155 V6 Ti - Built to a very high standard, unused. All paperwork etc. present. 

    Very pleased to get the Alfa as I've been searching for a good example for years, even though I got  the dreaded demand letter from ParcelForce :( 

    2DQnZ6a - Imgur [1024x768].jpg

    gxSEaLo - Imgur [1024x768].jpg

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  10. 11 hours ago, Pylon80 said:

    Why not? I thought it would be the best innovation since pitted olives.

    Both times I have used them (Focus WRC03 and Suzuki SX4), some are too small, like they have shrunk a little. Maybe its because they are older decals and some shrinkage is to be expected ?

    Don't get me wrong, I like the fact you don't have to cut them out, when you have 100+ to do it can take an age.

    Not a big fan of pitted olives either :D....  now sliced bread, that's a different league!

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  11. First delivery's from Buyee, more are on there way (I must stop looking, the temptation is too much :) )

    NIB Audi R8 LMS kit (box a little battered), NIB Electric Handy Drill, NIB Xanavi Nismo GT-R.

    A used, but very good condition, Castrol Toms Supra GT body (wide rear arches) and the correct matching 2 piece wheels/tyres, wide rear set. Spoiler a little yellowed so will probably respray that back to white.

    Some are going to be Christmas presents from family, so now going into hiding until the big day.

    ACpfsS0 - Imgur [1024x768].jpg

    jJccMhs - Imgur [1024x768].jpg

    Ri3vkx2 - Imgur [1024x768].jpg

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  12. 16 hours ago, Willy iine said:

    I had 3 orders already this year where they apologized for inaccurate inventory.  

    If it wasn’t for the weak JPY, I would not order from them.  

    @Willy iineThat's not good to hear, very frustrating.

    I haven't ordered for the past couple of months, perhaps things have changed :( .

  13. I have just bought my first items from Mercari via Buyee. 3 items in total (1 kit and 2 bodyshells) and would appreciate some guidance on their package consolidation, to try and keep the costs down.

    I can see that you need to tick each item and then select Package Consolidation to proceed, due you get a quote for shipping before proceeding or do you need to proceed and they give you a quote after? is consolidation always cheaper ?

    Anything else to watch out for? 

    Thanks :) 

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