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  1. 1 hour ago, alvinlwh said:

    How did you even managed to get hold of PS-67? Thing about PS-59 is that it is metallic, can be seen in @berman post. Not sure if that will look right on the Wolf? 

    Ignore me. Having a Monday morning blip, just hunted in the garage for the paint I used on the Wolf and it is in fact PS-59 :wacko:

  2. Slooowww progress due to work commitments, but managed to grab a couple of hours this morning to sort a few bits out. Rear spoiler was a nightmare to fit, its out of scale and has little to no contact with the body. I installed some rod into the body to support it. 

    Really would like to get it finished this weekend as I have a big list of others to do before the UK weather starts making it not ideal weather to paint in.





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  3. On 10/12/2022 at 9:12 AM, Yoshimitsu said:

    I don't know about that. The L&L shells and graphics are not Tamiya but they offer some really cool stuff like the Supervan, the Talbot and your 205. I really like the Legacy they do too.

    Id really like some mudflaps for the Talbot but it's not something I've tried before. Did you mention you were doing some on your 205?


    I'm making them out of thin plasti-card. I really wanted to do them out of rubber but nobody seems to do a small amount of red rubber sheet, not for a modest price anyway :)

    I've had limited time available to get anything major done, but the mud flaps are made and the front ones fitted. I'm having to use plasti-card for part of the rear spoiler, the lexan cut out just wont go together properly. 

    Need to put a divider in the front lights as well, to separate the indicator and head lamp. I am aiming to put LED's in and don't want it lighting the whole lens.



    There was a rallying event over the weekend, Weston park in Shropshire that I went too. Some great cars and happened to come across a few classics,




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  4. Here you go. Still got lots to do with adding some detail. Its currently sitting on a TL01 I had spare, but will probably get changed. Not 100% sure about the wheels.

    I have some fine mesh for the cut outs and some lens film for the lights, so I can add some LED's. 3D printed some wing mirrors and large hex's to throw the wheels out about more.




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  5. I have one of these amongst many of the L&L shells in my stash. Currently working on their Peugeot 205 T16.

    Interesting to see how you get on. Like you say, dangerously thin in places, some thought needs to go into the preparation for sure. Decals are so so, and need some care when adding some heat to get them to adhere to curved areas. Window surrounds always seem way to thick too.

    Big fan of rally cars from the 80's too :) 

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  6. 28 minutes ago, berman said:

    Finished the DJR Sierra. Customer was very happy with it. My LHS owner liked the Sierra so much he commissioned me to paint this 6R4. I'm not hugely ecstatic about doing it but can't say no to him as he has done me many many favours.

    Also got a free DT03 from him, he had two used ones, so gave me one. Wonder what i can do with this? 🤔





    Looking forward to seeing the 6R4 evolve. Got the same ControlFreax version only last week with the Belga decals. Are you sticking with that livery or doing something different?

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  7. Found a bit of time this week to have a crack at one of the many Team C bodyshells I seem to have acquired  :rolleyes: and always put off starting.

    It was an education in pre planning. With the use of several images from the web, I have nearly finished the Honda Accord PIAA, this is sitting on the recent FF01 from eBay, which came up really well after a clean up.

    Need to find a spoiler for the rear, the one supplied is lexan and very basic. No wing mirrors supplied, found some from a previous build which fit the bill.

    Window masks were too small and needed additional masking. Cut lines poor but overall not a bad 'copy' of the Tamiya original. Considering the cost is close, if not the same as some Tamiya bodyshells, I would have liked a full set of better quality decals and all accessories included, but you have limited options if you want to go down this route.

    Decals, not a patch on Tamiya. Had to be really careful applying some heat to adhere to curves as the decal would start to melt, you can see on some of the decals on black areas of the shell, white marks under the surface. Some decals missing, different sizes etc. I worry how long they will stay in place, i have had to re stick the window surround already. 


    Started with the black areas


    Then hit it with the white




    You can see the white areas under the decal EPSON on the rear, were the decal has started to react to the heat


    Overall, I'm happy and it may even encourage me to do another at the weekend if SWMBO lets me :) 

    I will add some photos to the RC Gallery thread once its completed.

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  8. Not delivered but picked up, latest eBay purchase. In really good condition, hardly any use, but no Vectra bodyshell. Will be stripped/washed/rebuilt ready for when i get round to finishing a bodyshell for it :) May be time to face 1 of the many Team C bodyshells i have, thinking Honda Accord PIAA ....




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  9. I've got quite a few of the L&L body's, mainly the rally ones. Every time i go to start one, i look at the shell, try to work out the cut lines and put it down to do another day.

    Shame really, would hate to add up how much i have spent on dust collectors :) 

    Just looking at my collection now, i have completed 1 out of the 8 i have and that's the 935 Porsche, turned out OK but the stickers were a royal pain and slightly undersized. 

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