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  1. 32 minutes ago, Nikko85 said:


    First 3D prints in ABS. Need a slight sand but seem very solid. Will test them this evening and we'll see! 

    I've always struggled with ABS printing and keeping the heat up to stop the print lifting from the bed. :( 

    Well done for getting these printed and looking so good :) 

  2. 30 minutes ago, No Slack said:

    Nice. This is the chassis I always wanted. But the HPI Cupracer was already out of production. This chassis combined with the True Ten Stratos: magic.

    Its a really nice build.

    I have the Lancia Stratos, Porsche 911 and Datsun 510 bodyshells brand new, waiting to be done. They are all stunning to look that's for sure!

  3. Had this in my collection for some years and finally got around to building it. HPI Cup Racer - True Ten scale Datsun 240Z.

    Sorry its not Tamiya but makes a nice change to build something else. Lots of options in the kit for shock position, wheelbase and wheel offset. Just need to add a motor, which I will do tonight.

    More pics in the RC Gallery :) 


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  4. 22 hours ago, Kol__ said:

    Jeez that's a bit rubbish mate:(What was the total of your order? Near a couple of hundred I'm guessing.

    We've skipped VAT by purchasing outside the UK, so I get that, but what are the customs charges all about?

    Total order was 170 euros, including the postage.

    I am sure my other Tamico order was higher than that but had a lower charge :huh:

    Quote from Google - Customs duties are imposed on goods from out of the UK in order to raise revenue and protect the local market and are a percentage of the overall value.


  5. Just got back from holiday to a ransom demand from Parcelforce for my Tamico order (ordered 18th July), Total charges to pay £64.42,

    Customs duty £18.29

    Import VAT £34.13

    Clearance Fee !!! £12

    Paid online and hopefully delivery will be on Monday 8th.

    Probably be my last Tamico order, unless they have something that I cant get from elsewhere :( 

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  6. On 7/26/2022 at 8:16 PM, alvinlwh said:

    It looks like it is at UK but not in UK. What this usually means is that it is undergoing customs clearance (from what I gathered from the postie forum). 

    Importing from Europe is very slow and troublesome these days (what my wife told me as she does import/export in work) and it is best to just avoid EU suppliers if possible. They didn't want a happy Brexit so we are dishing the same to them. Every package is inspected and taxed carefully by HMRC. Even her company now avoid doing business with Europe, more profits and less trouble elsewhere. 

    Well, it looks like its hit the UK and straight to customs for revised charges, no shock there, I was expecting it :( . 

    Now to wait for the ransom demand through the post. 

  7. On 7/20/2022 at 10:22 AM, Tobyone said:

    Yesterday, I placed an order with Tamico. I have managed to keep it exactly at 160 euros + postage via Royal Mail.

    Lets see how this gets on with custom charges when it hits the UK.


    Still waiting for Parcelfarce to advise if the parcel has got to the UK yet. It left for the UK on the 21st July, but tracking is showing nothing else :( 

    Was hoping to get it before I go on holiday next week, but seems slim chance of that happening now.


  8. Same here, anything under £135, never been a problem, with either Fedex or DHL (which some ended up go through Parcelforce).

    Unlike @Juhunio, both my last Tamico orders have been hit with custom fees, both were just over the £135 limit, i purposely kept it low just in case, but made no difference. As such, I wont be order from Tamico now unless its something i really want and cant get elsewhere.


  9. Couple of packages I've been waiting for

    New in box Golf GTI Cup 58410, bodyshell, decals, mirrors, light buckets, wheels and instructions (wheels look lightly used) 

    Unfortunately the muppet sent box with no outer and lots of tape :( , why do people do this !?!




    HPI BMW M3 E30 and M3 GT

    Need to finish off a couple of projects before starting on these :) 

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  10. Evilbay purchase (58127 FF01), which is actually in pretty good condition. Not the original manual or any decals but otherwise looks to have had very little use :) 





    Have stripped it down ready for a clean. Only surprise was no grease what so ever in the gearbox !

    I have a new 51421 body set to put on it and can salvage the body it came with (needs trimming properly) to do as a street version. Cockpit is very good too, so looking forward to getting that trimmed and painted. Now just need to find the time :( 


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  11. 6 hours ago, GeeWings said:

    I'm glad it exists too! Amazing work @TobyoneI love your Mini and the WPL van. Both with great detail. Nice work!

    Thanks @GeeWings

    I was hesitant at putting the photos of the WPL van on , as its not Tamiya!

    Its a great little van with some good detail on the hard body, too good a chance not to add some weathering and rust.

    The mini, an early attempt at making it look like it had taken part in a rally. 

    I love the RC Gallery thread, sometimes you just want to post a photo and don't have time to put some words to it :) 

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  12. I use Kyosho Micron tape, comes in various widths, 0.3 or 0.5mm is my go to.

    I will also be trying some ABC Hobby 70441 Micro Line Tape 0.5mm on a new build soon, just so i have an alternative as the Kyosho tape can be difficult to get hold of sometimes.

    Its easy to apply an d can cope very well with curves. Little bit of heat after from a hair dryer keeps it in position.

    Not sure how well it will hold out for runners though.


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  13. 14 hours ago, Busdriver said:

    I am very pleased with the purchase from image.gif.d39863978717654c638677c29cc81e0d.gifCost me €45 inc p&p (€19.95)  so under the tax threshold I suppose. P&p was a little steep but I couldn’t find the body anywhere else so all in all not a bad price.

    Used them lots of times (10+)and never had a problem. Quick delivery via DHL, sometimes in 3 days. Always make sure the order is below £135 with postage and never been hit by customs charges.

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