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  1. Build and fist run video of my Super Astute. Mated a Tamiya 10.5 turn TBLM-02S brushless motor to the TBLE-02S speed control. Plenty of power on tap to clear jumps.
  2. I upgraded my sons Sand Viper from a Superstock TZ to a Ezrun 35A with 13T motor. The Ezrun is faster and has more punch but is very programable so you can tame it down if you wish. I also run these systems in my Sand Scorcher and Subaru Brat. I have 6 of these systems with various motor as well as Xerun systems. My oldest one would be about four years old now and still runs like new even after being dunked in salt water a number of time when running at the beach.
  3. I run 2200mah Turnigy and DLG power 2S 25C Lipo in mine with a 13T Ezrun brushless system. Turnigy come from Hobbyking and DLG power have an Ebay store. There both pretty cheap, have good power and fit the radio box with room to spare. I put velcro tab on bottom to keep it in place.
  4. Here's a thread of a twin brushless clod. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...=brushless+clod
  5. I have run 9T brushless in the past. The M03 gearbox is pretty strong as long as you run a steel pinion. The alloy pinion will only last a couple of runs and when it wears it will damage the spur gear. Stick with the 20 tooth pinion. The M03 is under geared standard so the 20 tooth is fine.
  6. I use 2200mah Lipo's in mine. They fit easily and are very light.
  7. I'm hoping for an original FAV followed by the Wild One. That being said this is a picture of one of the best DT-02's ive seen. Add a couple of machine guns and it's not hard to imagine this as a modern equivalent of the FAV..
  8. Another vote for DB-01. The only negative I can see with this is your wife with a DB-01 will run rings around your Avanti.
  9. The front shock layout yes but the rest, no. The F201 had the battery across the chassis with the motor running length ways and the TA06 had the motor running across the chassis and the battery length ways. I like the look of the motor layout and the attempt to balance the chassis. I'm not sure about the front shock layout. The only reason I can think of for Tamiya doing this is the ability to fit GT sports sedan style bodies to this chassis. If it was for performance I think we would see this feature on TRF cars.
  10. Rear 51321, Front 51414. These are the dish wheels used on the TRF201 and with this combination you can use any aftermarket of 2WD off road tires. The fronts use a different size bearing to the 1150 used on most tamiya 2WD fronts.
  11. I agree Willy, a silver can will never be equal to a 13.5T unless there is something wrong. I started this thread to see others opinions as I have seen this comment made on a number of occasions now and would like to know how people have come to the conclusion that 540 = 13.5T BL. Even in M chassis racing a good sports tuned will be able to compete with the Ezrun 13T (380 rotor) but I think this is only because of the limited gear ratio used in M chassis. Put them in another car with open gearing and the Ezrun will pull much taller gearing than the sports tuned. I personally have not had one of these good Sports Tuned but have seen some quick M03's over the years fitted with them. I have run a 13T Ezrun in my Xpress mini and it will smoke a M chassis in a straight line. The Xpress normally has a Superstock TZ fitted and the Ezrun is quicker even than this motor. Corners are another thing, I have never been able to make the Xpress turn well .
  12. I keep seeing on this forum when people compare brushed vs brushless they state that a silver can brushed is = to 13.5T brushless. I don't know what brushless setup they are talking about but a 13.5T should smoke a 540 silver can. Since the 540 silver can race class was opened up to allow 21.5T brushless the silver can has become extinct in racing a most places I know off because they can't even compete with 21.5T. I know people with compare there rated RPM but comparing brushed RPM with brushless RPM is comparing apples to oranges. The torque output of the brushless is so much higher it will pull much taller gearing. Add to this adjustable timing advance for even more speed out of the brushless. Really, does the rated free revving RPM of a motor count for anything once they are fitted to a car. I can only think if you have a silver can 540 with the same power as a 13.5T brushless than you either have one awesome 540 or a dude 13.5T.
  13. The old M03 aluminium upright, 53523 was flat like the standard M03 upright, but the newer M03R aluminium upright, 49441 which became the M05 aluminium upright, 54177 steps up and only requires a small spacer like the standard M05 upright. My M03R and M05PRO both have this upright fitted.
  14. I've always used the aluminium knuckles on my M03's and M05's. Never bent one, problem solved and they also look bling.
  15. Ezrun = sensorless. Xerun = sensored. The Xerun can run both sensored and sensorless motor and is more expensive. Ezrun only sensorless motors. The Xerun is a much better system but also more expensive. That A or amp rating on the ESC is for how fast a motor they can handle. I believe the current 25A is for 1/18 scale cars. The 35A will run down to 9T motors but will be pushing its limits with faster motors. Again this also depends on the car. Obviously a lighter car like the M03 with little wheels for less rotating mass will put less stress on the ESC and motor than a heavy offroader with large heavy wheels. The 60A can handle down to 5.5 motors.
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