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  1. Finally got it all sorted and pictured and so on, so here goes... Ratstylez KC fairly pleased given i knew squat when i started other than what model it was.. already moves about nicely, although looking forward to my motor/esc upgrade over the next few days.. any thoughts on whether brushless is actually worth a look, only bit i'm not really getting now (other than Whats that all about then? i'm gonna do about pinion/spur gear choices.. might even get some cnc machined ones so i can really push things.. kinda prefer a project car to something new and easy to do!)
  2. Aye, only reason it's not already done is i'm cringing at the price of getting the full set.. sweet advice, thanks again
  3. so does this mean there's no real benefit to the full avante ballrace steering set? or would it be better just getting the L parts?
  4. i bought a nitro MT2 replacement body shell, for the race-truck look (£20 in fact).. had to raise the current mounts a little but that was esily done just by removing the originals for the time being and screwing in adjustable replacements.. suffice to say from today that it's running great, really tears up the rough stuff (enough that it wan't too far behind my mates nitro MT2 18SS over the trickier terrain, although got spanked on the flat of course), and the tranny now clearly has a fair bit more to give so gonna look into the ball race steering set and an upgraded ESC/motor this week sometime.. alloy shocks don't have the issue with leaking the oil all over, takes jumps pretty nicely (although i have returned with suitable battle scars of course, some of the BMX jumps are perhaps a little too high for a car with a big weight balance problem!) be intrested to hear people's opinion on pinoin gear choices and perhaps even a recommended motor.. running the standard 20T pinion that comes with the TTC tranny and i doubt i can fit much more in there.. would i get a reasonable boost from motor alone or will i need to customise the pinion/spur next? agreed that they are great fun though, take a suprising amount of punishment before they give in, and the extra ground clearance is wonderful
  5. TTC tranny in, and finished ballraced it while i was doing it also and it runs like a charm... need to play with the pinion a little now as it's clearly got more to give, not stressing motor or ESC in the slightest and it's a load quiter now also very happy with the hop up off to the local BMX track tomorrow for it's first real run in, i've also replaced tires with foam filled truggy tires from an HPI i think, and shocks with some 95mm ansmann alloy ones which i had to add spaces and drill new mounts in between the old pairs the cab has as standard, but it seem a whole load more rigid now im done... will see how it fairs upto some jumps with the changed shocks, see if I get the same issue as yourself. anyway, finishing the new body for it tomorrow also (didn't wanna crash and ruin the originals so bought a replacement to wreck!) and will stick up some photo's, so far it's turning into a real fun little racer and very capable when it gets rough too. Absolutely tears up my gravel driveway so hoping for some good things tomorrow. Thanks again for your help fella, nice to get someone replyin so swift and to a real new member hope you can get the hilux back to it's glory
  6. Thanks for the info, I'll see how I get on with the TTC gear set as it should be arriving tomorrow! kinda excited tbh, see how it works out... already the cab i've been working on is a fair bit faster and handles well with just the ballrace/suspension/tires upgraded the leathal weapon tranny looks nice, will add that to the list of possibles for when i go to upgrade number 2 Have to say your hi-lux looks great! thanks again for the help
  7. Picked up a TTC gear train set for one of them fairly cheap, gonna see how that works out.. also noticed that the egress gear bag has 2 of the plastic diff's identical to the king cab in them, so if nothing else i now have replacements if i do burn through any more anyone has any issues with the TTC gearing?
  8. Just dug out 2 old King Cab's from the attic from when i was a kid, and started doing them up as my first "project" getting into the hobby as they could have been better treated in the past. One of them runs beautifully at the moment with a 23turn motor, diff fits really well and makes very little noise, but needs the occasional tighten as has a habit of working itself loose. The other's diff has a problem mentioned above, the bearings have melted into the plastic pretty much killing the diff. Probably quite noobie questions so I apologise if i've missed other posts mentioning or covering this.. 1) Whats the best long term fix for the general diff/transmission problems the king cabs seem to face, don't mind spending a fair bit getting it going as i rather like these cabs. Preferably something that will actually last me.. 2) What would be the recommended limit for the stock diff as far as hopping up motor/pinion etc before your running the risk of melting the whole thing? thanks very much for any help you can give, just getting into the hobby again now i'm old enough to appreciate it and finding it difficult to get to grips with the masses of info about, and the rarity of specific info/bits for the king cabs
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