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  1. Can anyone help? Broke a wheel but the tyre is fine. Has been glued on with tyre glue, buy I have no idea how to remove it! Any 'top tips out there?' Cheers
  2. As a small man restoring Grasshopper, Hornet and latterly Frog it bloddy fantastic to see such a MIGHTY upgrade. Not by any means wintage... but VIVA 1984!!!
  3. TOP info mate. I would hope that since I bought it on Fri, charged glow starter and the ran it on on Sat as per recommendations then shop should refund/ repair under warranty. Or am I in for a nasty surprise????
  4. Will do. Might be a while if repair is in orded, especially as im off on hols in a week Cheers though for all your advice, much appreciated.
  5. HI Nothing turns but the fly wheel... I think a back to the shop is in order!!! I have no idea how this works and was going to learn as I go along. However NOT prepared for baptism of fire. Sam
  6. Hi If I turn the red gears they will turn the 2 silver cogs and thats all the wheels do not turn. On turning the wheels, the red cog does not turn, which it did previously when all was well. Thanks Sam
  7. Confession- It's a CEN Talon. The fly wheel turns but nothing else. Plus now turning the rear wheels by hand doesn't turn the front. When the engine is revving the flywheel turns but the two silver cogs do not. Previously when turning wheels by hand all 4 wheels would turn and so would the red cogs that you can see from underneath the car, and are linked to the silver ones just infront of the fly wheel Any better?? Thanks Sam
  8. Hi Just begun running in a new 4 x 4 Nitro car (new to me as well as just off the shelf!) and have evcountered a problem. All was well until suddenly the wheels have stopped touning. Endine starst fine, and revs great when I push forward on transmitter, but NOTHING from wheels and (sorry total novice) the cogs no longer turn. Plus if I turn rear wheels by hand then front no longer turn and vice versa. Has a screw come loose? Advice would be VERY VERY welcome as these things aren't cheap and I have a whole sunday of fretting ahead of me before the Model Shop opens on monday In Hope! Sam
  9. Hi Had no idea that you were in the US. Sorry your suggestions for a Tamia ESC's (prices $ not £ gave me clue!?) Just had a gander at your profile and then at your at your Frog and it's a BEAUTY. Would love to be able to show mine, but seem to be unable to BEGIN to attemp to upload pics to the TC site. Suggestions?
  10. Ok. All my time and effort means that the thought of excessive heat and thus melting (let alone the dreaded fire) has persuaded me that an ESC should be the way to go. Are there any ehem... Vintage ESC's out there? or should I opt for a shiny new one? Cost is vast becoming an item!! and so, again advice please!!! Cheers.
  11. A very valid and fair point. Cheers. When the term 'vintage' is used does it refer to all that Tamiya provided in the 1980's kit, or is period radio gear/ servo's / speed controller etc required, if this it to be a TRUE vintage restoration (in all honesty the only thing I couldn't get were the vintage decals) Would appreciate any advice Cheers Sam
  12. Hi Tut Tut! Cheating indeed. Have 2 Frogs, 1 which I restored but that already had (2?) ceramic resistors mounted on the gear box. Have just been swapping MSC's on this renovation and have mounted the resistor on the chassis near the aerial (there are 2 convenient pre-drilled slots there, on both sides) Does anyone know if this could cause any problems?? Cheers Sam
  13. Thank you kindly for the info. I have an old transmitter and was unaware of the function of those switches until now. Problem solved!! Frog now steers in correct direction. As for MSC - I'm trying to keep it as original as possible and am using a VERY old MSC (the one with the large coil, as apposed to the one with the ceramic resistors). I do have a spare ceramic resistor type MSC but unsure how/where to attach resistor on to frog. Thanks for the info though, very valuable. Cheers Sam
  14. I'm a new member, but a lifelong fan of vintage Tamiya's. Have lovingly restored a Frog buy on testing I have found a number of problems. Firstly the steering is reversed so driving becomes a whole new experience (not a good one!) Secondly it tends to wheel-spin furiously in circles. It has a 16T pinion and a substitute hopped up motor (it's all I had lying around apart from vintage Grasshopper motor) Is there too much power? Do I need more teeth in the pinion and how to I sort the steering!?!? Can anyone advise? I'd be VERY grateful. Cheers Sam Ps Never posted a query before so I hope this works
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