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  1. That’s a shame mate. Will be free on Saturday the 19th out on Sunday the 20th. Let me know if u can make it.
  2. Hey guys. im free on the 13th so happy to have you over at my place or meet at a beach / park somewhere. Look forward to catching up!
  3. Hey Paul. No tracks that I have found yet. Just take cars to the park at Golden Beach or Happy Valley. If there are tracks up here I have been told. Have to catch up with Conrad and Dave Redzone to find some decent spots. My father in law still does boats at Boondall so should come down one Saturday and shatter some plastic. Still have my Super Hornet and Lunchbox for such occasions. let me know if you guys are ever up this way and catch up, even for a coffee and talk about the old times.
  4. Hey guys. Great to see this thread resurrected. Yeah we are up at Caloundra now. Sold a fair few of the top 100 but still have plenty of runners and a few working lipos. Happy to host anyone who wants to come up for a beach run. We’ve got a few spare beds so can even make a weekend trip now it’s warming up. Until then, keep posting pics!
  5. Yeah, great morning! Looking forward to the next run. I had the King Cab, Manta Ray and Bear Hawk
  6. Aarrrggh, just charged batteries and loaded the car. Lock in next weekend. Hope you can make it as well Paul.
  7. Hey all. I'm ok for either morning but have to leave before noon. Happy to go whenever suit you guys.
  8. Gee we have been getting slack in our old age. Be good to catch up again.
  9. Ok for Saturday too. Not sure where the best light will be. Maybe the bus station but more in the middle? Capalaba park is in darkness by 9pm. Open to ideas.
  10. I'm keen for Friday or Saturday night this week as I'm off on holidays next week til the end of January. Open to any ideas for where we could run.
  11. Yep, I'll be there. Been quiet lately. Where is everyone?
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