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  1. Sounds great .. if I could find them for as cheap as you are getting them in the US . Here in the UK.. prices seem to be between £130 - £140 for a Tamtech RTR model. ( About $200 - $220 ) I cant find any KITS to build so I assume all are RTR's Unless someone knows some where else in the uk which is doing them at that price ?? In which case .. linkage please Regards m0nk PS: I need to get past the WAF as well ( Wife Acceptance Factor) .. so trying to keep my costs down.
  2. Coolio .. looks like thats the way to go then Thanks for the advice.
  3. Thanks IrenL .. I am more the offroady type of person though, so any offroaders that would suit ?
  4. Hey Guys, Been a bit of a dumbass here. I was browsing through ebay and I came across this . Brushless Motor . Now being quite new to the scene and telling myself I dont want to get into ludicrous speeds, I forgot myself.. and promptly purchased it. I figured a few months down the road, I could look at some new project with it. The kicker however is that it is for a 1:18 scale vehicle.. which I only realised AFTER paying for it .. ( yep I know .. should have read through the whole thing, in detail) .. I promptly emailed the person explaining that I was after a 1:10 scale setup for a buggy or truck and if this wasnt suitable, could they point me in the right direction and I'll pay the difference. 4 hours later, I receive my dispatch notice .. so either they couldnt be bothered or figured it was my tough luck. Are there any 1:18 vehicles out there ( I know they exist) that work well with this setup ? Any recommendations ?? Bearing in mind, my noobness here... Can this be modified to work in a 1:10 scale buggy ? Your opinions are appreciated Regards m0nk
  5. Hey, I have been following this for a while and thought it worth a mention for any gamers out there in RC land. The site is Fuel - Game and is an open world offroad driving game . Looks like it will be a hoot . I know that Play.com ( uk site) have it up for £29 ( 360 and PS3) which is better than the usual £39, and it can be bought on PC for £17.99. Comes out this week Regards m0nk
  6. Just wanted to say thanks to all who were there yesterday. We were made to feel very welcome indeed Love the piccies of my "swimming" pumpkin .. I have to say I prefer the muddy look to the shiny chrome finish .. so may have to keep it that way Look forward to hooking up with yas again soon. ATB m0nk
  7. Thanks for the advice and tips .. I just completed my build a few hours ago, so now know what you mean hehe .. I was grinning ear to ear as I tore around with it outside my house with just bare chassis .. Had a few strange "Whats that all about then?" looks from people as they walked by .
  8. Thanks v much Blacque Jacque Will be cool to hook up. Rustypole and myself are heading up to Snetterton tomorrow afternoon. I think he wants to get his DF03 Buggy .. so will be interesting to check out what they have up there !! Regards m0nk666
  9. Am new to the forums and indeed new to the RC model scene. My mate "rustypole" has been posting on here and recommended I do the same. I recently made my first Tamiya purchase in the form of the Midnight Pumkin, and a 2 Channel Futaba Attack 2 ER radio setup. My build is coming along slowly but surely and cant wait to get out there with it . I was hoping you guys could answer a few techie questions and maybe a few not so techie questions for me !! Am based in the Newmarket region of Suffolk ( in the United Kingdom) so was wondering if there are any clubs/meets that go on around here ? Would be cool to pop along and get a feel for how it all works Regarding the Pumpkin... is it worth investing in some aftermarket bits to ensure its a bit sturdier or are the stock builds pretty good ? ( can you recommend any ? ) How does the Pumpkin compare to Buggys ? Are the a totally different driving experience or are the stock perfomance's similar ? If all goes well with this, I plan for my next build to potentially be a buggy.. Can you recommend any good starter ones ? Also, the radio gear I have will work with it I assume, what other components do I need to purchase in order for me to use the same radio ? I apologies if the questions seem a bit noob(ish) .. Like I said, am new to the whole scene and not 100% down with the terminology etc Thanks for your time. Regards m0nk666
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