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  1. Wow, talk about a quick reply. Thanks! I will try it out with 1 o-ring per outdrive.
  2. My Blackfoot kit is waiting on my doorstep as I type! Quick question...does anyone ever run their Blackfoot or any other Tamiya kits without the rubber o-rings in the rear axles? I was watching a build video and the builder showed how his Blackfoot rear suspension would not move smoothly with the o-rings installed, like it would catch at certain stages of compression. However, when he removed them the rear suspension moved much more freely. I was just curious if anyone had any further information about this. Thanks, Smug
  3. Just ordered a 2016 Blackfoot kit last night. So excited for this build!
  4. Hello, I just ordered a 2016 Blackfoot kit and was wondering about this ESC that comes with it. I have heard varying reports that it comes set up from the factory for brushless motors, while others have said it is set up for brushed. Does anyone have any information on this? I will be running everything stock, motor, esc, etc. Thanks!
  5. Bravo, my good man, bravo. You echo my sentiments perfectly! This is a fun hobby and always should be treated as such. When we were younger, did anyone ever look at a (insert your favorite Tamiya model here, for me it would be the Wild One ) and think "Wow, I can't wait to get hundreds of dollars for this someday"? Like Cinnamon, I do not begrudge anybody who would find a kit they always wanted and put up big bucks to obtain it. I choose not to because I cannot afford that type of luxury. This is why re-releases are so important to us. It let's us travel back to a time when we may not have been able to afford a certain model we always wanted, only to discover that we can indeed afford it this time. It's all about perspective, and my perspective is to let everyone have a piece of their childhood back! If people cannot handle that then so be it! Mr. Tamiya, bring on all of the re-releases you got!!!!!! We can take it.......... Mark D.
  6. Hi kalsh, I found a picture of the current re-re Brat stickers at the link I posted below. It looks like there is only one set of gold/black striping, but there are other stickers specifically for the lexan body (windows, lights, etc.). I have one of these in the mail coming to me right now. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp...083_NM278_6.jpg Mark D.
  7. Check the last post on pg. 13 I didn't have the link, though, so thanks for the easy access! Mark D.
  8. I just typed in Buggy Champ 2009 on youtube and found a promotional video directly from Shizuoka! Short and sweet, but so cool! I also posted this info in the other "photo" thread about the re-release. Mark D.
  9. I was looking at Rough Rider/Sand Scorcher clips on youtube when I typed in Buggy Champ 2009 and discovered a promo clip directly from Shizuoka! About a minute and a half long with supper-happy-fun Japanese pop music! I don't believe it was posted yet, so check it out, everybody! I would place a link here, but do not know how to. Just type in what I did above and you will find it. There has only been a handful of views. Mark D.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome and the info, guys! I will fiddle around with the gearing and probably start out with the middle pinion and spur. It will be driven on various surfaces like grass, asphalt, and dirt. I also appreciate the building tips and will follow them during the build. I do not intend on being rough on the Brat. It will live the good life bombing around the yard being chased by my Boston Terrier for the most part. Maybe occasionally venturing onto the street for some road-ripping, or to the local dirt track on days when nobody is racing. I will be using the lexan body for driving and the hard shell for looks. I really cannot wait to begin this build. If anyone else has some additional useful Brat info please feel free to reply! Thanks, Mark D.
  11. Hello everyone, My wife just ordered a Brat kit as a present for my 34th birthday along with a set of 8 5x11 bearings (to finish off ballracing) , 3300 battery pack, and Sport Tuned motor. I have been out of the Tamiya scene for quite some time, but always wanted a Brat. I will be using an Associated XP2 transmitter from a RC18MT, Dynamite Tazer 12T ESC, and a Hitec ultra-torque servo (all parts I have laying around from other RC toys). My question is, with the Sport Tuned motor, what gearing would you suggest me using when building the Brat kit? Are there 3 spur and pinion gears with this kit? Also, any tips on building the Brat would be appreciated. Now, a little about myself. I have always held a special place in my heart for Tamiya RC vehicles. When I discovered this site and began reading the many posts of people describing the same feelings I have had, and still do, I knew I found a special place. My first hobby quality RC vehicle was a Grasshopper bought used out of a bulletin board in the mid 80's. It was beat up, slow, handled like a bouncing brick (if that makes sense), and I absolutely loved it! It looked so cool compared to all of the Nikko toys that were out at the time. I mean come on, there was a driver at the helm of this realistic looking beast!!! It came with a well used Tamiya hump pack and cheap 15 min. quick charger. After the Hopper went to where all good Tamiya's go came a brand spanking new, box-art-beautiful, Wild One (still my favorite Tamiya model to this day). A classic Tamiya design with realism that would make any afficianado weep! I must have went through 10 pair of those horrible driveshafts throughout my travels with this car. I can still hear that grinding, spinning noise in my head. I am still hoping for a re-release of this classic, with upgraded axles of course. I then went through a period of other manufacturers and vehicles. A Kyosho Big Brute, gold tub RC10 (which I later traded for a Lunchbox), and a Kyosho Double Dare. While fun, they never really captured that same feeling I got from driving, even looking at, a Tamiya vehicle. I then got out of RC for many years. I got back into it a few years back with a few nitro's, a mini, a crawler, and a few random electric models. Again, they never captured that same feeling I had when I was younger. Everything except for the crawler, which will be gone soon, has been sold for quite some time. Here's to hoping that the Brat may be able to rekindle some of those great feelings of yesteryear. If so, I see some more re-releases in my future! Thanks for reading, Mark D.
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