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  1. Mainly I find out about an indoor track in Sleaford (Lincolnshire) so I got a Schumacher SupaStox to race Then my mrs got me a Traxxas TRX-4 Defender for christmas
  2. Got this, it's roughly 45mm diameter If you want it send me your details and I'll get it posted on Friday
  3. There was a group of us used to just rock-up at Clumber and have a blast Some of the others were Tamiya Monkey, Milfhunter, joelvardy and Gaz I see Tamiya Monkey is still sbout
  4. Yes there's a Reset option which hasn't done anything
  5. Yes I've got a manual, it's the ETronix one Not much help though
  6. Thanks Erich. I can see it's going to get expensive
  7. Yeah now here's a thing if I switch the screen to monitor it shows the steering numbers going up and down when moved With the TH-HOLD switch in position 0 nothing happens, in position 1 it shows -53, but doesn't alter when I move the stick
  8. As per the title really Used to enjoy going to Clumber for a mess about Also the truck meets at Clumber were always good
  9. Simples really After a few years out I've returned to RC land So Hello to the oldies who remember me And Hello to those who don't
  10. So recently came back into the RC game as there's a lovely indoor carpet track in Sleaford (Lincolnshire) Decided to go down the GT12 route and got a Schumacher Supastox started with a pistol radio, but decided to go to sticks Ended up with a Tamco 330(which is the same as the Code151 and ETronix 1110) Got one from Ebay with 6 rx's, anyway it arrived and I got it fitted and everything worked ok I changed the steering servo for a better one and somehow the TX settings altered and now I can't get the **** thing to work again!! The rx binds ok and the steering works spot on, just nothing from the throttle It's a TAMCO TAC330 radio system and the esc is the Core Pace 45R If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it as it's really doing my head in and is liable to be launched through the window pretty soon TIA
  11. What length is the rod you need? I've got a few spare ones laying about,maybe one of them will do the job?
  12. Ok just wondering if anyone's interested in this sort of thing? You'd need to make or get a suitable uniit to fit the leds into if you wanted to make them as a roof mounted beacon Or drill some 5mm holes and stick the leds in place They could also be mounted in a grill or roof bar depending on what you wanted to do The link is to my Youtube channel if you look at the various videos on there it'll give you an idea what I can do for you Prices would start at £17.50 posted in UK (overseas extra) Any questions please ask https://www.youtube.com/user/fertred/videos?flow=grid&view=0
  13. Going to bump this once more with a final reduction to £130 posted in the UK now sold
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