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  1. Tamiya 35T Crawler Motor. A little time to wait yet as I didn't go for the quickest postage on the Hobbyking parts. I'm a JAFA but really an Englishman on an extended holiday.
  2. Bitten the bullet....ordered the Hobbywing WP-1060, a Turnigy 5A/6V BEC and monster Turnigy MG959 V2 alloy servo (not waterproof, but mainly good reviews and probably can be waterproofed reasonably easily). I've decided that the CR-01 will begin to get some serious use now! Thanks Richard
  3. That may be the best bet. I could fit the Esc and see how it goes and upgrade to an external BEC if needed Missed part of my thought process in my earlier posts! I had a list of three Options for a new ESC. The HobbyWing WP-1060, the RC4WD Outcry (there are some unbranded versions on eBay) or the mtroniks tio Rock C (both of which have a good BEC output). Given your comments I wonder whether the other two are worth the extra expense. Now wondering whether to get a Hobbyking own brand servo as they are waterproof and cost effective for a high torque version. Are you in NZ too; you quoted the price with shipping to NZ? Thanks Richard
  4. Thanks for the information and advice. The only reason I see going for either of the two more expensive ESCs would be for their higher BEC output. However I'm not sure what current a very high torque servo draws? Thanks Richard
  5. Hi Champ85 Thanks for the help. I've re calibrated it and it still plays up. I did get it wet a few weeks ago and think it is damaged...I now need a cost effective waterproof crawler ESC! Thanks Richard
  6. Having not used the CR-01 for a long time I've now pulled it out and seem to have an issue with reverse. When reversing the car will reverse OK for a little then if I increase speed the brakes apply and it stops. Sometimes this will happen even when reversing slowly. Any thoughts? Also, any recommendations for a cheap high torque waterproof servo? I think I have just killed mine! Thanks Richard
  7. I'm looking at selling or trading my CC-01 Jeep. I built this about 3 or 4 years ago but it has had very little use as my charger died soon after and all three cars have just sat on the shelf...max 5 hours use. Ideally I'd like a WR02 VW Bus to bash around the garden alongside my Lunchbox so would be happy to look at a trade for a ready to run or kit. The Jeep is reasonably stock but has: Tamiya Crawler Motor Hummer Wheels with RC4WD Prowler 1.9 tyres with foams (also have stock wheels and tyres) GPM alloy steering assembly (not yet fitted) Futaba FP-S148 Servo HPI 27Mhz Radio Gear (can remove and drop price) Located in New Zealand so a local trade/sale would be easiest! NZ$290 + shipping or offers
  8. Hi In Auckland and looking for a CC-01 to build. Does anyone know anyone who has to sell or a local shop with one in stock; would consider any unbuilt cc-01>>>or may wait for Unimog! Thanks Richard
  9. Looks simple, but effective! Could adapt with a stud going in instead of the screw; this could be drilled to use the clips......... Many thanks Richard
  10. Oh yes! A couple of SRB Parma humpback battery packs in there too! May not have the body mounts for much longer!! Thanks Richard
  11. I was looking at the discount bin at my local shop (which is the NZ tamiya importers factory shop....) and they had some Parma Adjustable Body Mounts labeled to fit about 3 Tamiya buggies (can't remember which) and the Lunchbox. Has anyone tried these? I'm wondering if they are less fragile than the originals! Thanks Richard
  12. Just bought a CR-01 Land Cruiser, my first Tamiya with a polycarbonate body. Got the main spray paints for the body, but can't get hold of the black for the rear arches. Can I use normal Tamiya acrylic for these areas which are only small and I'll paint by brush or will it crack? Thanks Richard
  13. ..also; what are the chrome wheels those Lunchboxes are running? Thanks Richard
  14. Every time I look on this forum or the club website, I think about all the other cars I want to own; then I see a thread like this or take out my Lunchbox and am glad that I own it! Richard
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