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  1. Hi Guys Its been a while but I thought Id give u an update. Although all gears looked faultless they were slipping because the spacer just wasnt big enough! Somehow the gears had been wrecked in the first week of use! Since got a new gearbox and everything is running fine, also now running a 19T motor with ball bearings and she's flying! Thanks for the help
  2. This is where things get a bit sketchy. The first step works great then I put it all in one side and I can (fiddly but...) get it to do the same thing with both axels solid on diff the spur gear turns great and vice versa. The main problem is when the case is screwed back together from this point on there is play in both axels probably slightly more in the left. Now, if I turn the left axel with the bit of play loose, the right axel doesnt turn, if I put pressure on it towards the diff the right axel still doesnt turn, in either case I can also hold the spur gear stationary with my finger. HOWEVER!!! Now without holding the left axel any more...... If I turn the right axel with the bit of play loose, the left axel doesnt turn, and I can also hold the spur gear stationary with my finger BUT if I put pressure on the right axel towards the diff the left axel now turns in the same direction AND I can't hold the spur gear stationary with my finger. Now Im aware of it I can even feel the right gear coming of the diff if I slacken the play. Does this mean a bearing is knackered, will the steel ones Ive got coming fix it do you think?
  3. Thanks guys for being so helpful, the pin is definately there sorry you cant see it and nope, still doesnt work. I can spin both axels in opposite direction at the same time thats right isnt it? Quote "If you have installed the pin and it still doesn't work, then remove the motor and check that the pinion is still tightened on the shaft - sometimes the grub screws come loose and you lose all drive." Its funny you say this because the first time it died I took it apart and found the tiny allen grub screw in the garbox, but........ I fixed the brass gear back onto the motor spindle with a bit locksafe, held it in m fingers and tested the motor. Its definately not spinning now but the gearbox still has this problem Ive checked the hex heads on the shafts and theyre tight. The gearbox seems to feel completely normal but as soon as you put any strain on it there is slippage, I suppose Im gonna have to buy new gears, just cant understand it, theyre meant to be tough!
  4. Hi Pulled it apart again and layed out everything for you to see. I did notice before I pulled it apart that there is play in both axels in and out of the gearbox, should there be? Have checked all cogs and teeth under magnifying glass no sign of damage whatsoever. Cross pins are in the axels but havent even bothered with the wheels yet. If I hold the white gear through the motor opening just slightly the axels still turn. Have put it all back together with new plastic bearings (have ordered a set of steel ones tho) but still no joy.
  5. Hi all Have checked hi and low to make sure no ones posted on here bout this yet as it must be something real stupid but cant see anything. A month a go I bought a lunchbox kit. Chuffed to bits built it the same day and was up and running. The truck run great for 3-4 outings but for some reason now the gearbox doesnt turn the wheels? When I first built it, it was to the exact spec in the manual and worked, I have stripped it back and rebuilt back to the manual spec but it doesnt turn the wheels anymore? Every single tooth is still present and the motor turns the biggest cog but it doesnt power the wheels. Its really really odd as it seems that when the diff turns one wheel its also allowed to freewheel while the other wheel runs. By hand slowly it works but wont power the axels when there is any pressure AT ALL! Please please can anyone shed light on this as apart from buying a new gearbox now Im stumped Many thanks
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