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  1. I have also done this mod, but I took about .3 off the motor itself instead of adjusting the vintage gearbox, I found the problem to be the black coating on the motor is very thick.
  2. I've dealt with him on numerous occasion on ebay and he always goes above and beyond to help you out. Any more news?
  3. I was going to use washing up liquid but reading this thread it doesn't look like will be strong enough ! Anyone tried this?
  4. What about something like this (Photoshopped) :
  5. 97% vintage Tamiya 1% modern Tamiya 2% vintage Kyosho I'll be selling the vintage Kyosho soon so that I can buy more vintage Tamiya
  6. I have a Fox project looming also. Watching with interest and taking notes
  7. Yes you're right ! a project for the weekend
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome and the comments I'm already finding this out as I have another 11 cars waiting in the wings for restoration ! More photo : Lunchbox chassis, broken in all the usual places Quick repair and some added strength Made some metal pins to hold the shell on and added the servos, speed controller ect.. I also moved the heat sink and receiver so I could add the suspension mod to the rear (doesn't look pretty but does the job) The finished article
  9. Hi all Been lurking on the site for a while and thought it was about time I posted. I've been into Tamiya since I was about 12 (now 33). Most of the cars I had at the time I bought of mates as being 12 at the time I couldn't afford new kits ! So I promised myself that when I was older I would buy the kits I wanted when I was a kid I bought a few cars from ebay recently which has rekindled my Tamiya flame, I'll post these later. I remembered that I had old Lunchbox and Pumpkin in bits and pieces at my parents house, which I found and both were wrecked. I sorted through the bits and found I had enough parts from both kits to make a running Lunchbox, as it was never going to be a restoration project I thought I would build it for my 7 year old son to thrash about. Started with the shell (I was a A Team fan ) big crack on the roof. (syringe is for glue nothing else !) Crack fixed and sanded ready for primer Primed First coat of colour (can you guess what it is yet?) Made a stencil out of masking tape and added the green Final stage, stickers added More to follow ...
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