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  1. Hi All This was part of a collection I got hold of 11 years ago but never done anything with it as I'm 100% Tamiya, anyone know what it is?
  2. Thanks for all the comments, that Mystery Machine looks great Mozzie ! I'm calling this finished, I've added a few more decals and a torque tuned motor, too scared to run it now !!
  3. Still lots of work to do, the design isn’t finished yet and the motor & radio gear still need to be installed.
  4. Added the chrome and the glass. We needed a new design something different, so we came up with this. So the vinyl cutter came out and we got to work, this was the result.
  5. New body shell sprayed in Tamiya TS-8 ready for the new theme. Wheels refurbished and painted black.
  6. The parts were cleaned up and put back together, although most of the parts are still original I thought it was time to buy a new chassis as the current one had earned it’s retirement, not bad considering it’s about 33 years old, I also couldn’t bring myself to sand down the Mystery Machine So I bought a new shell as well. /I know the the rear tyres are on the wrong way.
  7. It's been 10 years since I built this for my son, he is now 17 !! The Lunchbox was retired about 4 years ago when the old trusty silver can died and one of wheels the decided part company with the rest of the truck and sent the Lunchbox flying down the road on the other 3. The lunchbox then got replaced with a Bush Devil (more to come on this) and the Lunchbox found It's way yet again, broken and neglected dumped In the bottom of a cupboard, that is until now..... It's time for another restoration and this time my son is helping me do it. The Lunchbox in it's current state.
  8. I have also done this mod, but I took about .3 off the motor itself instead of adjusting the vintage gearbox, I found the problem to be the black coating on the motor is very thick.
  9. I've dealt with him on numerous occasion on ebay and he always goes above and beyond to help you out. Any more news?
  10. I was going to use washing up liquid but reading this thread it doesn't look like will be strong enough ! Anyone tried this?
  11. What about something like this (Photoshopped) :
  12. 97% vintage Tamiya 1% modern Tamiya 2% vintage Kyosho I'll be selling the vintage Kyosho soon so that I can buy more vintage Tamiya
  13. I have a Fox project looming also. Watching with interest and taking notes
  14. Yes you're right ! a project for the weekend
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome and the comments I'm already finding this out as I have another 11 cars waiting in the wings for restoration ! More photo : Lunchbox chassis, broken in all the usual places Quick repair and some added strength Made some metal pins to hold the shell on and added the servos, speed controller ect.. I also moved the heat sink and receiver so I could add the suspension mod to the rear (doesn't look pretty but does the job) The finished article
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