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  1. Hey Johann Yep, I’m keen for a run soon. Ironically, I’m actually up Mark’s way at the moment as I’m on holidays with the kids for a week.
  2. Hey Mark! Good to hear that you kept a few runners. Johann mentioned that you’d sold off most of the collection. Beach run could be good. Any decent dirt tracks (like Thorneside) up your way? If you feel like breaking some stuff, there’s always Boondall as well!
  3. Awesome video! I almost cleaned up the poor camera a couple of times with the Terra Conqueror.
  4. Yep cool. I even had to reduce the image sizes which I don't like doing. How's the best way to send them to you?
  5. I have more pics but unfortunately, I've maxxed out my upload allowance on here.
  6. Thanks for the meeting up for a run today Johann - it was good fun (with minimal damage!). Here's the best of the pics:
  7. Yep cool. There’s been no rain over here for a few hours now so hopefully it dries up by tomorrow as I’m keen as for some RC action.
  8. Yep, 1pm sounds good. I live about 15 mins from the Redland Bay track at Talburpin Park so I can always duck over and see what condition it is in tomorrow morning. Ive been to Venman National Park as it’s not far from here. Didn’t really see any spots to run RC cars but we entered from West Mt Cotton Road.
  9. It’s raining a fair bit over my way (Mount Cotton) at the moment with more due throughout the day so this may not be on the cards tomorrow. In terms of venue, I was thinking either Thorneside or the little track at Redland Bay; but open to other suggestions. 1-2pm would work for me time wise.
  10. Hi Johann, I didn’t really have anywhere in mind as of yet so happy to work in with you. Hopefully a couple of others are keen as well.
  11. Hey guys Was thinking of taking some cars out for a run on Monday. Anyone else interested?
  12. Hey Brad It’s been a very long time. Hope all is well with yourself and Kumi. Hopefully we can get something nutted out very soon. Good to see some of the old faces are still around!
  13. Hey Ian, good to hear from you! It’s good that your kids are taking an interest in RC. Hopefully my girls will too! We’ll have to go for a run in the next few weeks.
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