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  1. lee1980

    Another small tank 48214

    Thanks, I guess limit running on to much sand or gravel etc will be best to. These will be my first tanks, and maybe go on to 1/16th one day. As slow moving can use in garden where as all other RC means need to go some where to run them!
  2. lee1980

    Another small tank 48214

    I see, ah i have the 56604, so hope its not that same one, item number is different of course. I had googled it and kept getting the 56604 come up to. HHHmmmm hope I get the kit as per images.
  3. lee1980

    Another small tank 48214

    yea or 56604 in 1/16th be good, though these scales are probably a better size for my back yard just wonder how long they would last if actually used much! Does seem strange I have never seen any of the British tanks in 1/16th.
  4. This time 1/35, British Centurion, got the other in 1/25 to, both come with 2.4ghz radio and MFC things for control. See if get customs on this one did on other. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10542534
  5. lee1980

    Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 Tipper

    Jap only full option set out soon be about £850, before customs etc. I saw on hobby search 1999.jp. Tempting so as get all the good stuff!
  6. lee1980


    MMMmmmm yes I want the mack truck to but space is limited already and have a few to build stil!!!
  7. lee1980


    Im hoping to put in it new extension once thats built. Have gone for a Technic base stand that angles it up to save space.
  8. lee1980


    hehe i know feeling mine does same even when I rotate them on Pc. Mine is still in box lol, I got the parts with printed stuff on instead so no need to use stickers much better and longer lasting to no peeling!!
  9. lee1980

    Re: 56604 1/25 Centurion

    I did look in box yea and got there separate option for turret rotation, that was not included in Japan only kit. Expect it will be on shelf for sometime at the mo, currently having an extension built at home so busy! ~Will look at closer and get some pics.
  10. lee1980


    Thanks for letting us know, seems a lot of complaints on technic forums about all sorts. I think some similar issues to Porsche to. At the mo think will get other lego architecture sets.
  11. lee1980


    Me to want want! Though do wonder what car will be next I might prefer as reckon they will do more maybe one every 2-3 years! I think I got Porsche for £160 or £180 a year or so ago. Lego has taken over RC at the mo, got the UCS MF still in box to lol now that needs a huge space!!!
  12. lee1980


    Going to wait at that price, but also I think need to decide as got the Porsche in box, but don't have enough room to display both if ever build both! Aggghhhhhhh lol
  13. lee1980


    this must the vid over on Euro bricks technic forum peeps are saying wrong to see, but it seems typical for leaks now for everything. must be leaked by some one at lego to! does look great mmmmm
  14. lee1980


    They look amazing big to! I need to stop buying lego just because of space to show them off lol.
  15. lee1980

    Hot temps for NIB's

    Yea and now I have brought them down from loft temps dropped quite a bit lol! Just lego up there NIB now but sure that be ok more so.