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    Besides RC cars I like to spend time with my family camping. Working on arcade machines, playing guitar and my band, pro wrestling and especially Karate! <br />I am a DJ and own a sound company and do the sound/lighting, etc for many pro wrestling companies out there.
  1. Well, I have tried it all. I even removed the bearings from the gear and it still didnt do it. So I guess Ill either use RED locktite... then it will NEVER come off so if I strip a gear I wont be able to use the other parts since I have a spare gear only. So that might be out. So im going to y friends house Thursday and we are gonna make the gear a SOLID gear that I can also take the gear out and out a new one in. I will let you all know how that works. I hope this is a good idea. Thanks again
  2. Hi All. Just joined the club last week and cant beleive all the info I have found on here. I have a blackfoot with Thorp gears. The diff gear keeps loosening up. I have tried everything. Some people told me it was in backwards but there is no way it can in the gear box. I was told to use lock tite... but that didnt work either. Am I missing something? Im tempted to just say screw it and make it a solid gear. Any suggestions will be great! Thanks again group.
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