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  1. Hi Chris, I really haven't had any problems with the exception of losing some comments, and having to relist a car,but I just wanted to come on and gripe about something. I have this really bad itch, it's sort of...well, can you fix that? Josh
  2. Chris, If you were requesting our input, I'm ok with losing trades and starting over. Josh
  3. Chris, Scoobs made me think (I know, scary). Is it the PMS or the ASAP with the North American Red Mockingbird or the South American Red Gecko with the RSVP or the QRSTUV? If not, it might be the WXYZ. If I can help with an explanation, don't bother dropping me a line, 'cause I don't know what the badword he or I am talking about. All I know is I'm glad no one is relying on me to fix anything! KEEP CHARGING THOUGH, I'm foaming at the mouth and about to begin my seizures. Josh
  4. Hey Buzz, Good thought man, but I can't be bothered to have pictures of Monty's cars. My suggestion is that when Chris is done, he go to Monty's house, collect the cars, then distribute them equally, as opposed to photos only. [] No Buzz, I don't know how he'll get past Andy into his house, but that's not my problem. I'm one of those people who points out problems and DON'T offer solutions. Hey Chris, It will be up when it's up. It'll be like a new TC if none of the comments get restored. I'll (and everyone else will) have to go through everyone's showrooms all over again and leave more comments. It's a good chance for me to see updates to models that I forgot about. Anywho, good luck and keep charging; you'll get it. And, QUIT SCREWING UP! [] The glass is always half full except when it's half empty. Josh
  5. Bangstick, Nice to know that not only am I full of ****, but I'm also full of great expressions. I think that one may be American. I love the British expression "Rare as rocking horse poop." Or the one about "As easy to find as hen's teeth." Oh well, off topic. Maybe we should start a thread about great expressions. Cheers, Josh
  6. Loaded, How can you criticize others? You can't even spell "FAVORS." [8-)] [] Josh
  7. Andy, While I know Huff, and don't know you, just from reading your responses, you must be "Mad." Not really my business, but "Why the hurry?"? If someone puts in their auction that they want contact in 2 hours and payment in 24 hours, that's their rules. (I think eBay actually gives the buyer 72 hours to pay). If that's in the auction listing, and you decide to bid on it, you should apply those rules. That takes a badword of a lot of nerve to win an auction, then tell the seller you'll pay when you have the money. What makes you so special? From reading your posts, you sell a lot. Do you just let people pay whenever they want? "Oh, yeah, no worries, that's great, you won my auction, just pay when you feel like it." So what if it's not his main income? What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Really, it doesn't matter. It's the principle of it all. Do you do to a store, tell them you want to buy something off the shelf, take it, then tell them you'll pay them later. It all seems so **** simple to me. If you do not have the money, DON'T BID! How is that at all fair to the seller? Would you accept the same? Josh As for everyone attacking Huff about wanting to "name and shame" someone, I think all he really wanted to do was to try to make sure no one else had the same problem. As Chris might say, "people form opinions of others from what they read." Of course they do. How else do we form them if we have never dealt with someone. If someone tells me they have had a bad deal with someone, I don't want to deal with that person. I try to learn from other people's mistakes as often as possible. Also, just muddying the water a bit here, but if people want to buy cars and break them, that's their business. I can see both sides of that situation. I have probably bought parts from some of these guys. Though I hate to see some of these rare oldies get parted out, these people are helping some of us. So, I guess my opinion on that is rather ambiguous, but it is what it is. Really, I wish eBay was for breaking and selling and TC was for RC enthusiasts trying to help each other out, but I also wish I had $100,000,000.00. So, as my old man always said, I guess I will "**** in one hand and wish in the other, then see which fills up first." Back to the part about Andy. In all fairness to him, I have never dealt with him personally. He may be a really great guy, and I might be wrong. My opinion comes from reading all the information here. I'm not always right, though I think I've only been incorrect twice in the past 10 years. I HAVE dealt with Huff many, many times. While I consider him a grumpy, old, fat ******, he is a great guy who is brutally honest. So, before anyone starts writing their hate emails, remember "opinions are like .........., we all have one." Thanks for reading. Josh
  8. That's hilarious James, I mean Goose! Have you lost that lovin' feelin'?
  9. Cul-Tech sent me a picture of himself some time ago and I told him I wouldn't post it, but I just couldn't resist...
  10. Gosh Cully, didn't know you liked the Super Champ! GO FOR IT! [] Josh
  11. Jeeez Mike, You are as good at keeping a secret as our federal government. Federal civilian spying program? Did you leak that? Arggghhh, no photos available of my ride for at least two weeks because I'm planning a stellar paint job for this one. But, in all fairness, Breakus Ditchus' chassis will kick mine's ***, but his body won't even hold a spark (much less a candle) to mine. And, yes, it will have lots of cool Cul-Tech parts! Way to steal my thunder MIKE! Josh
  12. Hey, hey! I have my own thoughts on these competitions, but I honestly have to say that this award is absolutely deserved. @ Tamiya Fever, your truck absolutely kicks *** and you deserve this award! Great job!!!! Congratulations!!!! Cheers, Josh
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