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  1. Ok... I found a 10T 0,5 pinion but it seems too small but the teeth are right. It must be a 11T pinion right?
  2. Yeah i think so I´ve got a new parts tree here and i believe it says blackfoot on the sprue
  3. Well i better not use it for a runner then since monkeyboy Kstar always crashes his cars into my cars!
  4. Yeah that´s right too expensive for old junk! Even if the trucks themselves are worth $$$ i´m not into buying an old rusty motor for loads of cash. I just want two pinions
  5. Thanks! Any idea where to find this pinion?
  6. I´ve got an original old red plastic complete monster beetle body. I´m looking for an estimated value. Not sure if i dare to use it for a runner if it´s to pricey.
  7. Hi I´ve got a Toyota hilux and a Blazing Blazer Both are missing their motors and of course pinions. How many teeth is it on the original pinion? These cars haven´t been run for the last twenty years and it would be nice to get them running.
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