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  1. I put spacers on the chassis where the rear wishbone stop is.. You might see it in my showroom pics.. It was a common trick in the day of 'racing' it limits the travel but not by much.. The front is frog springs with a couple of loops cut out just like they do on the 1:1 stuff...
  2. I agree with frog jumper, strip clean make it into a light runner and get a reissue to bash around with 👍 otherwise you end up with triggers broom...
  3. Welcome to the brat club... Wish I had kept mine from 83... Just to add from what kev said.. You will find all the black plastics will be now brittle due to age so don't be surprised if they are not as robust as you remember.. The body's swap OK but you need original chassis and original body mounts at the rear as they are not interchangeable with reissue stuff without minor modifications... Enjoy and keep us posted..
  4. I actually like it this way, before you missed so much content.. When I previously browsed I would stick to the home page and I rarely clicked on the more of that user (if loaded more than one) for me it just needs a button on the home page to load more content to save you going through the hamburger menu... I have quite a few to load as I like my showroom to reflect what I have... But I'll just load as and when... Plenty of time!!!
  5. Happy to Chris, I'm not very techy though. Will dig some of my old pics out.. Maybe after shut down could take the full scale brat for a drive...
  6. I've rite enjoyed these... Watched the two today.. Great to see people's memories and all so very similar..
  7. Put a small shallow screw in the release tab just where it catches the chassis tub.. Not too long as it will be difficult to release.
  8. Yep you had too much oil in so piston couldn't move freely in the body. Glad you've sorted it...
  9. I replaced the one my BH with one from an astute, don't have a pic sorry as I sold it a long time ago. From memory I cut the original away leaving enough to bolt the astute tower.
  10. Be good if it comes with the clear screen.... And agree needs the alternative stripes.
  11. I've sold loads over the years, many abroad, some do keep cropping up from time to time especially some of my old brats as I did some in unique paint schemes so easy to spot. I did get luck recently when I spotted my old xr311 on ebay, I knew instantly it was my old car, was used in the tamiya101 dvds, I was lucky enough to buy it back and arranged collection over postage. Thought it was amusing that the seller said he painted and restored it. Didn't burst his bubble, bonus was it came with radio gear this time and a kit box as I didn't originally sell with them. Still in mint condition and not selling this time round. A lot of the cars now in my collection are staying and not sold many recently... At one point I did discretely etch zakspeed on the body so if you see that will be one of my old builds...
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