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  1. I replaced the one my BH with one from an astute, don't have a pic sorry as I sold it a long time ago. From memory I cut the original away leaving enough to bolt the astute tower.
  2. zakspeed

    Blue Edition Brat

    Be good if it comes with the clear screen.... And agree needs the alternative stripes.
  3. I've sold loads over the years, many abroad, some do keep cropping up from time to time especially some of my old brats as I did some in unique paint schemes so easy to spot. I did get luck recently when I spotted my old xr311 on ebay, I knew instantly it was my old car, was used in the tamiya101 dvds, I was lucky enough to buy it back and arranged collection over postage. Thought it was amusing that the seller said he painted and restored it. Didn't burst his bubble, bonus was it came with radio gear this time and a kit box as I didn't originally sell with them. Still in mint condition and not selling this time round. A lot of the cars now in my collection are staying and not sold many recently... At one point I did discretely etch zakspeed on the body so if you see that will be one of my old builds...
  4. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    In post today for you
  5. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    yeah PM me - i'll never use em
  6. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    Once again sorry for the delay, I used to have presence on TC every day. Only dip in now and again, anyways less of the waffle and pics attached for reference
  7. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    Yes will post later for you
  8. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    Sorry for the late reply I've been away with work. Just jumped into loft and gone through my decals pile. Found the envelope (dated 2012!!) sorry to say no red, I have standard blue, yellow, and lime green. Soz...
  9. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    I don't think so I'll have a look for you
  10. zakspeed

    Am looking for a seller?

    Stickerbod on here originally made those stickers. I bought a few sets off him at the time (never used them though) Don't think he's active anymore and I remember seeing a post that says he wasn't doing them any more. But still maybe worth a shot...
  11. zakspeed

    Monster Beetle re-release #58618

    Not sure why there is a thing for placing the servo centrally, you lose the Akerman principle and it was one thing the Frog was great at was the way it turned. I raced a brand new Frog back in 1984/5 and it was brilliant compared to the opposition. You have to remember what was around at the time, SRB's holiday buggy grasshopper Brat. It was only Tamiya at the time. I only remember seeing one Kyosho later on. Tamiya was king back then. I did really well racing that Frog. Its only in 12 months from then that more and more stuff started to come out and compete. I never really liked the monster beetle or blackfoot but have had them in the past. And own a few now. In the day you used to be able to buy shims to reduce the slop as it does get worse with use due to the plastics rubbing against the ally. But so what its a fun vehicle and needs to be treated as such... cracking design and the orv chassis was way ahead of its time when it came out... just a classic vintage model that has stood the test of time.
  12. zakspeed

    Vintage Mountaineer Tyres

    Yeah, OCD you're correct original mounty tyres while interchangeable with Blackfoot, they were a much stiffer compound...
  13. zakspeed

    Tamiya is....

    Relaxing and fun.
  14. zakspeed


    Yes the basic grey chassis is the same so with the parts you can make it how you want. Note that fitting just the gearbox widens the rear track so you need to either fit front suspension too or fit Super Blackfoot front suspension . Given costs and cheap runners easy to find it be best to do that. The king blackfoot has not been re-released..
  15. zakspeed

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    Just finished mine and enjoyed its first run in the wild, as has been stated.Very impressive and has it's minor faults just like the original. Now i've seen a kit version i'm tempted to buy another. Nice to run a truck and not worry about the vintage aspect. Although saying that I used to run my Mounty in anger and went through a gearbox and front axle so i'm not afraid to run em. (More pics in my showroom)