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  1. Yeah, usually most models have loads of different schemes carried out.. Somehow the xr311 has a very loyal following for box art... I'll try and come up with something original...
  2. I've spent the last couple of days trying to find images of different paint schemes for the xr311.. The vast majority are box art, spotted a red one a yellow one and the alternative zebra box art.. My very first xr311 from the 80's was a light gold (sadly no pics) I have two xr311's one is box art and the other I'm just about to start an rc channel ally build and wanted a civilian colour, was thinking a deep red metallic or black metallic .. Any one have pics, ideas or suggestions???
  3. Had the steering issue a few times on the hornet. Check the clearance of the servo saver against the chassis.. Its quite close and can cause it to snag giving the issue you have.. Depending on the servo I've assisted the clearance before with a file..
  4. Just had my second batch sent, perfect never had an issue.. Very quick service, well packaged and good quality.. Have to say the decals tc did years ago were better but still happy with what mci did..
  5. Welcome back and know what you mean. I had my first sour deal recently on a guy that properly scanked me (not on TC by the way, always had good deals on Tamiyaclub). first time in 18 years of being back into Tamiyas. Really lost my mojo (and trust) after that but somehow I keep coming back here and dipping in (less elsewhere for that reason) I personally think the community here is first class and worth keeping in touch with.
  6. That looks ace, started something similar myself just never got round to painting it..
  7. The ones with the deeper offset are fitted to the early brat.. So no hole in chassis for skid plate, no body mount moulded in bumper mount (for the frog body) narrow bumper (if original, most have broken now) they went to standard offset on the next version, around a year later.. Regards the ranger I'm sure all were the wider off set.. But could be wrong..
  8. I put spacers on the chassis where the rear wishbone stop is.. You might see it in my showroom pics.. It was a common trick in the day of 'racing' it limits the travel but not by much.. The front is frog springs with a couple of loops cut out just like they do on the 1:1 stuff...
  9. I agree with frog jumper, strip clean make it into a light runner and get a reissue to bash around with 👍 otherwise you end up with triggers broom...
  10. Welcome to the brat club... Wish I had kept mine from 83... Just to add from what kev said.. You will find all the black plastics will be now brittle due to age so don't be surprised if they are not as robust as you remember.. The body's swap OK but you need original chassis and original body mounts at the rear as they are not interchangeable with reissue stuff without minor modifications... Enjoy and keep us posted..
  11. I actually like it this way, before you missed so much content.. When I previously browsed I would stick to the home page and I rarely clicked on the more of that user (if loaded more than one) for me it just needs a button on the home page to load more content to save you going through the hamburger menu... I have quite a few to load as I like my showroom to reflect what I have... But I'll just load as and when... Plenty of time!!!
  12. Happy to Chris, I'm not very techy though. Will dig some of my old pics out.. Maybe after shut down could take the full scale brat for a drive...
  13. I've rite enjoyed these... Watched the two today.. Great to see people's memories and all so very similar..
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