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  1. I want a TRF 417 V5 Not sure funds will let me get on this side of xmas thou
  2. Muchmore, Rides or sorex like some of the other questions raised here temp is a factor to what compound you would use. Also what motor are you using running a 4.4 t mod will wear tyres quick than using a 21.5t motor, so a lot of factors you need to take into consideration before purchasing tyres. if it is only for parking lot racing and warm weather use 36's good grip once they get some temp and will give you some life so you are not purchasing tyres reguarly cold = 28's mild-warm = 32's hot = 36's
  3. The Super Champ was my very first car when i was a kid. I regrettably sold it a few years ago to fund getting into onroad racing after being out of RC for 25 years. After selling it too cheap i realised what they are worth. After a few years again chasing one to restore i was able to find one at a reasonable $$$ a few months ago. I was able to restore it,to its original glory. (pics of the build in the vintage thread) I am sure pending $$$$$ that i would get a re re if it came out. The hardest would be to convince the wife, "why do you want another of the same car?" "don't you have enough toys?" blah blah blah you all know the questions
  4. 120 - 130 C 1. unsolder motor 2. walk towards nearest bin 3. open bin lid 4. throw motor towards bin 5. purchase new motor 6. purchase new heat sink 7. purchase new cooling fans 8. purchase smaller pinion 9. monitor motor temp regularly until you find the right temp/performance FDR
  5. ill check out at my local track and see what there is sorry to make you jealous i should have layed it all out on my Tamiya towel as well, next to my Tamiya carry bag plus my 8 Tamiya's TRF 414M2 - TRF 415 MSX MRE - TRF 416x - TRF 417x - Super champ - buggy champ - sand scorcher - M03R
  6. 1 set of ceramic bearings for my Reedy Sonic Motor 1 set of front shock shafts for my B4 buggy i set of Reedy stickers and a Reedy T-shirt You have to look good whilst you are racing
  7. I have been working on a Sand Scorcher, i have converted it to a full coil over suspension, just need the time to put it together and then paint a body also i picked up a TRF 414M2 last week, it will be built and put on teh shelf with my TRF 415 MRE MSX edition, it has been retired still running my 416X and my 417X
  8. no pics but a bag of spares from RC mart for my TC, a new Muchmore pitmat and a new Muchmore setup board If im not fast i have to look good whilst im doing it!!
  9. I bought aTRF 414M II and i received it on the weekend an awesome edition to my TRF TC cars TRF 414M II TRF 415 MSX MRE TRF 416 X TRF 417 X
  10. I have one but unfortunately for you I am one of his not willing to part with theirs Good luck on finding one
  11. Thanks for the comments, DJMCNZ if you look down a few more post in this Vintage thread you will see progress shots from beginning and after each lot of changes i made through the restoration. There was a bit to do through the restoration, but that was the fun part of it, repairing bodies, scouring the net for parts, etc so all fun and i am happy of how it turned out. The rear end is stock, that is how teh original SC came out, very heavy rear end, all alloy. The cable ties only allow the rear end to droop so much, now for another restoration
  12. well after months of chasing parts, repairing and painting the body, polishing parts and painting teh driver, i have finally finished teh super champ This was my first ever car when i was a kid and regretably sold it years ago, only when getting back into RC again and realising the silly mistake i did by selling it. finally i found one good enough and cheap enough for a restoration I have two more very minor items to do on it, 1. install an on/off switch, 2. install the tie rod from servo to servo saver, still trying to find one well here it is and i am happy of how it turned out
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