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  1. Hi again all, Thought i would show off our latest track design changes from this weekend. We've had a few smaller electric buggies on the track recently and they seem to love it along with all 10th scale and 8th scale. We even had a few 5th scale cars including Baja's and Rally X although the baja did struggle on the S bends. More changes to follow but this is the track today: The wooden sheets in the middle will become a tabletop which we were experimenting on. Will be soil mostly but we are using the wood to determine where to put it. I want a jump before it so you can land on the tabletop or clear it onto the rear slope. We have several tonn of soil comming this week to help create the new banks and fill some new ruts and will need several more tonn to complete the tabletop. Top left corner is next but it's another major change to do and the one we started today will take time. Very soon you will see a large bank on the top left corner and another two at other turn spots. Hopefully end up with something like this before end of August?: May I also let you know we are trying to raise some funds to help towards a rostram extension so putting on a cheap fun race/bash day on Sunday 30th August 09. As we had a good response from the small electric buggies (National Racers I may add!) the fun races will be anything under 10th scale as one race/heat (-10th Buggies), 10th scale Buggies, 8th Buggies, 8th Trucks and possibly oversized 8th and 5th together as 8th+ Rally. We are still in the evolution process somewhat so not quite a full club as yet and welcome novices (like us) and full on pro racers alike. I'm a keen on the mechanics of cars and love to help where I can. Could do with some Tamiya sponsorship .
  2. Is Northampton too far? Sixfields Off-Road racetrack.. We are thinking about having a weekend bash. Possible camping but that parts a bit iffy. Don't think the land owner will allow the gate to be open so cars could be stuck there till next day.
  3. We just struck a deal with a local scaffolding company for our new Rostram. Will be fully erected by 10am tomorrow (Friday 5th) with stairs, 9ft platform height, railings and potentially a roof ! (We will have to cover the roof ourselves as the scaff alone has broke both our banks. It's being done professionally so we have the certificates and supplier liability cover to-boot. Will take a long time to get our money back but at least it's there and permanent. Enjoy !
  4. We will have our own fence/gate banner/board soon but untill now, we have only mentioned it on our facebook group and rc-racing website. Thought about Silverstone but a little too far from town. Seems all too official to me but, if we can work something out later then I'm right up for it . I have the BRCA Club Affiliation forms but waiting for this weekends feedback to determine if it's worth it. Looking at the weather report for this weekend, not sure if we will be able to race or not. Need to prey the sun stays out!
  5. Many Thanks The tree's and bushes on the A45 Upton Way next to the track block your view but we should see it from the road in winter. Havn't done any local advertising or name boards for it yet but if you drive from Denes Camp Way roundabout, up towards Sixfields football stadium, it's on the right, directly off a roundabout. The gates have a yellow sign on for: 'Duston Mill Car Boot Sale' which is held in the field on the left as you enter. We are further down on the right. Once the Rostram is fully built (hopefully by this weekend) you will definately see that from the A45 Upton Way. Hope to see you there sometime.
  6. Hope this is ok for me to post this info here. Me and a friend used a field to run our trucks etc where we created our own racetrack using bits and peices of pipes to form the track. A few other drivers started joining us regularly and now, several months later, after some serious effort fitting a few hundred meters of black and white fixed track edging, soil jumps and banks, dips and curves along with marshall zones and a rostram comming this week, we have a formal racetrack and seperate bash area. Not sure yet if we are to make it a regular racetrack so we have a free open weekend this week (6th and 7th June) where we have invited many drivers down to test the track and give us feedback on if it's worth opening to the public. Totally new venture for us but what we have created does look cool and I'm quietly confident buggy, truggy and truck drivers will ove it. If we do open it, I will ask Tamiya for some banners etc so I can promote the name all round the track. If you would like to join us, Sunday looks like it's already busy with lots of 1/8th Buggy's and Truggy's already confirmed from our facebook group Northampton Off-Road RC (Sixfields) but Saturday only has about 10+ confirmed drivers at the moment. We know more will turn up because we already have random visitors each Saturday and Sunday of which some do not use the internet to find such places plus I'm spreading the word as much as I can online. Here's a couple of teaser pics from a week or so ago. We have lots to do with regards to setting up the orange barrier netting etc so if anyone wants to arrive early Saturday (before 8am) to help then we would really appreciate it. Racing/Use starts after 10am so you could get some track time in before everyone arrives/registers Peace Nik
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