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  1. stuck to sides and back of servo 20g on front bumper and the front bulk head has holes u can get more liquid gravity in to
  2. if u cut out ridges in bottom of battery tray can get battery forward a bit i run shorties in mine and near on 70g 's of lead in front of chassis
  3. yep a lot better and no screw pins coming loose plus i run the aeration dampers run all the hop-ups i can plus a few spacers under front of gearbox to give it some sort of anti squat .. and under front of front bulkhead to help with turn in .. and flipped front arms round so wheel base is a bit longer .. have a look at old man racing in forum .. or pm me .. am on iconic rc on facebook under my real name Andy Wade
  4. i just bought the tl-01 pin set and some trf spacer kit job done
  5. rm-01 drivers are 1/12 if you can find them
  6. the 3 racing ball diff is toffee but the tamiya unit is bomb proof been running in mine for over 2 years with minimal maintenance
  7. ball diff really helps with it to stop power wheels and get the power down
  8. great day and night with the Iconic boys and girls and as always a great curry night before even if i did have some mad African dude yelling on phone outside room at 4 ish
  9. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=73009#entry538678
  10. if you release a whole kit think i mite buy one or 2
  11. been using the 1st one you linked to for a year or more no probs and snug fit and use every week for racing only charge once every 4 weeks
  12. seem to be tamiya esc pop these rx's sometimes never had this issue using different brands of esc though and same rx
  13. Was great to meet you bit of a bizzy day not enough time just to chew the rc fat but they all did well .With Stock servo saver normally put a cable tie round it helps make it a bit stiffer and less sloppy on action .. Roll on next years revival and dt-02 challange
  14. great fun hope to get last video to you.. ooo and barbie badword at end Buford T Justice mite buff out i think Thanks Lee and all for a great day and that mad lady night before in pub who scared all the long hair blokes
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