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  1. Thank! Already tried the setup you propose. It is better, bur not yet wat I really want. Now I"m looking at using the dampers of MST RMX2.0 drifter, they're so soft... Should work! Keep you posted :-)
  2. Hi, thanks everybody for the info. I'm not necessarily looking for higher ground clearance. The M05 RA has enough ground clearance for what I'm using is. Only the suspension remains too stiff with the options I'll already tried. When I look at my XV01 long damper spec, i just notice it is way softer then my XV01. And there is a small difference in ground clearance, but nothing major. So I was thinking to try a different damper stay (F+R) so I can mount longer shocks, without changing to much of the ground clearance. And really want an option for the front end, as the dampers are laying way to flat... Want to copy the setup of the XV01 LD, where the front dampers are almost vertical... Has anyone a idea where I can find damper stays like that?
  3. I was wondering, has anyway ever tried a long damper mod for an M05ra chassis? I'm running a almost standard M05ra, but I'm not happy with the damping of the chassis. Already had the trf dampers with the softest springs installed but it keeps a little bouncy. I would like to have the movement like my XV01 long damper spec, which dives nicely under braking, hangs on in a corner... I'm running on smooth dirt and a little parking bashing... So no competition :-) So any advice is welcome!
  4. Is there any update on these?? Really would like to order one...
  5. Honda CRX works perfect
  6. Alloy front hubs are useful, as the original already snapped after first run. I use the wheels and tires of a CC01 Pajero, as Tamiya once did with the Blazing Star. Offroad works fine bur onroad is a thrill. Maintaining diffs is essential. And don't crash it! Front gearbox already broke of chassis
  7. I use these BFG's as all-round tire an my Egress. Plenty of traction offroad, hard enough onroad.
  8. Hmmm, I think this would be the list... 1. XV-01: Versatile chassis, I even use it as low budget drifter. 2. M-05ra: Easy, low maintenance parking basher. 3. MF-01(x):just started running it in a rally config (m-chassis rallyblocks). Future will tell if it can stay in the list. 4. CC-01: My all-time favorite scaler. 5. FF-01/TA-02/DT03/WR-01/Egress/Sand Scorcher/Super Hornet/ Blitzer Beetle/ F103GT/Groupc/... Hardly come out once a year, but always making me smile when running
  9. Always interested in a Daytona set :-)
  10. Fiat Panda 4x4 (old and new model) Citro├źn Saxo T4
  11. It is a success IMO. I have a XV-01 Subaru Arai version. After 2 years of running brushless 10T I only had 1 diff loosing itself... Now I'm building a Long Damper version (They were sold for a good price in Germany). Ground clearance is around 18mm. Not that much extra, but it is enough. And it is still controllable :-) I've been running FF01's, TA-01/02's and a DF-03Ra as a rally car. Until now I liked the FF-01 best. Although it is a FWD, but it corners nicely, taking advantage of front mounted motor. Now with the XV-01 I do have the handling that I love of the FF-01, only far better traction. Biggest advantage is when you loose the throttle, it bites into the corner. Then you can floor the throttle and it goes in to a perfect 4WD drift. It means you only need to brake for slowing down, not for placing the car. Even a Scandinavian flick is possible just be playing with the throttle. I do run HPI Pirelli rally tires (the hardest ones) off road and on dirt asfalt, as they are far superior to the tamiya Rally blocks. On asfalt I'm using Tamiya radials or the rally blocks. And it is just sliding where I want it :-) I even use it for drifting from time to time at our local club. Only change tires, and it is controllable. I recently tried a TT-02, build as rally spec with the same HPI tires. It promoted instantly to a shelf queen. I just don't like the handling. But as always, it as a personal feeling. Conclusion: I really like the XV-01!
  12. Hi Everybody, thank you for the explanation. As I'm going to use it as a basher I'm going to leave the one way out of the car. It is perhaps a little better to swing the rear, but I fear pointing in the wrong direction all the time. Anyway, on my Vajra the option isn't installed and that one is also a blast to drive
  13. Hi everybody, I've purchased a re re Egress and I'm having a sort of issue. When I was building the Avante BS, I came to certain point in the manual where I had the chose between a direct link or a Torque splitter. As the Black Special only was going to be driven gently, I chose the direct drive. But now, with the Egress I really don't know what to do. I'm planning to give it 3300 kv Brushless setup and I'm not sure what to do. Use the slipper or not. I'm not really planning to make big jumps, but I'm a little afraid when using the slipper it's going take to many power out. So is there anyone who can give me some advise? How does the slipper works? Thanks, Nils
  14. XV-01! Complete stock, perhaps you can upgrade the shocks and run it... Mine is equipped with the 23T Super Stock TZ and that's just perfect. Nice topspeed, torque is perfect! I had a DF-03ra, hated the car. Always issues with cooling and understeer. But the XV-01 is a really nice chassis. Strong, nimble handling and the prices of the first release Subaru Impreza are not too expensive.
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