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  1. I'm gonna go with 2.2s because I'm getting the 4 point suspension upgrade . I'd really like to get something like the Bruiser rims.
  2. Hey guys, can anyone recommend some tires/wheels for my Tundra Hi lift? I've been tryin to find some and all I've done is waste money and time. I got 4 from a TLT 1 and they looked great on Ebay , but when I got them they were pretty small. I'd like some deep set mags , like the Bruiser and similar tires too. My wife is gettin p.o'd with me spending so much !! Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. I'm looking for the Tundra F parts tree. Anyone ?? Tamiya is sold out and I have a broken fog light !!
  4. We never did find out. It was some sort of chassis/tranny misalignment. So they replaced some things and now it's solid!
  5. I've gotta say , when a company sets out to make a customer satisfied , they make a customer for life. I had been having trouble with the trans on my Tundra since I got it. I kept emailing customer service over at Tamiya , and they kept giving me suggestions and ideas to try . All this amounted to little more than frustration for me . No one could seem to nail down what the problem was or how to fix it . I then got hold of the director of customer service , Gary Demory . He not only worked his butt off trying to find an answer , he kept in contact with me and gave me status updates almost daily. Long story short , my truck is fixed and running like it never has before! It's faster , more responsive and is twice as much fun to rip around the yard with! I'd like to use this forum to thank Gary and his tech team for not only fixing the mystery problem (which still is a mystery) and for creating a customer for life . Tamiya is a company that goes the extra mile for their customer's satisfaction!!
  6. Hey guys, I bought the Tamiya Tundra RTR from Tamiya USA back in July. I paid $1200.00 with shipping . When it arrived , I was totally pumped and couldn't wait to try it out! I opened the HUGE box and found that the truck was pretty beat-up. Scratches on the beautiful silver mica paint and rubbed off chrome on the roll bar . Both side view mirrors were coming off and there were two white marks on the driver side window , apparently from some kind of impact . I immediately called Tamiya customer service and told them all about the problems . They said send it back and we'll send you a new one . I was leaving on vacation the following friday and REALLY wanted to bring it with so I declined and figured I would fix it myself . Anyway when I fired it up and drove it , I noticed it kept slipping out of 2nd gear , after looking at the forums and finding out how to deal with it by using the trim , I took it with on vacation up to the northwoods of Wisconsin . It didn't get any better after I trimmed out the shift servo and I couldn't stay in gear . So for the last 2 months I have been back and forth with Gary Demory at Tamiya customer support , as it turns out, my trim on the shift side doesn't move. Gary said it's ok , that I shouldn't need to trim it out . I think he's wrong , and I'm hoping some of you could help me figure it out . I sent my Futaba radio back to them and they said it worked fine , but still no trim ! Have any of you dealt with this kind of problem or have any suggestions on how to fix it? I don't want my money back or even a free fix , I just want it to work right! This thing is a BLAST and I love rippin around the backyard with it! Only it's not so fun when you can't go above 1st gear! Thanks in advance for any help. Sam
  7. I've got 4 very slightly used Tundra tires/rims for sale/trade. I used them about 2 hours on grass and dirt in my backyard before I upgraded . Make me an offer , but I only ship to continental 48 .
  8. Yeah I thought so . I bought 4 wild willy 2 tires just to be sure. Thanks!
  9. I am on it like a cheap suit! I got 4 wild willy rims on ebay for $20 and ordered the tires today at Hobbytown Crystal lake!! What's nice is I can use the monster tires inside while I'm chasin the dog and the crawler tires outside for serious stuff!
  10. What type of foams did he use? The truck looks awesome!
  11. Hey Blues, thanks for the tip! Got any pics of the f350? I'd love to see it!
  12. Does anybody know if Bruiser tires/rims will fit on the Tundra? I love that monster truck look with the deep rims!
  13. Well I got her all stripped and she's spread out on the table ... my truck that is. I have a couple of questions while it's apart though. First off, how much grease should I put on the gears of the trans? I've heard some guys talkin about "packin" it with grease , and I'm not too sure about that. The other question is, has anyone had any luck waterproofing the mfc unit? I know it cant really be water proofed , but as close as possible would be good. No problem with the servos thanks to our fearless leader Medic! The speaker poses quite a pickle tho , but I wonder if some speaker cloth sprayed with scotchguard would do the trick ? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated !!
  14. This truck is as addictive as crack!! I had a family party last week and wasn't able to mess with it for a day and I was JONESING for it!
  15. Hey guys, newbie here. I'm sending my futaba attack back for a replacement but in the meantime can I use a different 4 ch radio? I have 2 from my Blade cx helos and was wondering how to get it to control my Tundra . Is it even possible ? The radio is from e-flite and is a 4 ch . I suppose the servos wouldn't recognize the radio tho . Also has anyone gone through the teaching procedure on the Tundra or F350 ? It seems kinda involved and I'm old and feeble minded! God , I love this truck ! There's so much to do with it!!
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