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  1. mechplas

    Fast Attack Willy

    Awesome job!
  2. mechplas

    FAV civilian facelift

    Nice work. Impressive scheme.
  3. mechplas

    Re release news

    I have zero time for R/C and the desire to have re re's has died. BUT if the Blazer comes out......hmmm the fire could re-kindle. LOL
  4. mechplas

    Wild One Re-Release. #58525

    How about reversing the Tx throttle to reverse?(servo reverse) or swap the green & yellow motors wires.
  5. mechplas

    Frog and Wild One For Sale

    Sold. Thank you
  6. mechplas

    Frog and Wild One For Sale

    I decided to give up my spares, complete new in box unassembled Frog and Wild One without ESC. Please offer me a price that I cannot refuse. Shipping to UK is around est 200USD for 6kg with tracking and insurance, to be added to your offer after measurement. I will accept paypal only. http://s83.beta.phot...rary/Tamiya Kis Updated with Frog and WO pics. Asking USD388 for both the Frog and Wild One. Price includes shipping to UK.
  7. I have spare NIB Kits to clear. Sand Scorcher, Buggy Champ and Subaru Brat. Only one ESC avail. Asking USD550. Price excludes shipping/postage to your destination. Pay using paypal. http://s83.beta.phot...yaKits.jpg.html contact via or Whatsapp @+65 97526809 Cheers!! Pic updates: http://s83.beta.phot...rary/Tamiya Kis All Sold! Thank you.
  8. +1 So very true. The force is strong with this one...
  9. I noticed that the batt used on the Bruiser is Custom NiCd....hmm. I wonder why.
  10. mechplas

    Castrol Toyota Toms Supra GT - Complete Build

    Nice Build! You are into MTB too! Great.
  11. Awesome!! We shall get our wallet bruised! How come you guys can see so much details on a spy shot like this?
  12. Thank you very much for this list. Now, just need to move my lazy *censored* and visit Stargek.
  13. Same here, my threshold is 10km on a bike trail before the joints start complaining. Need glasses now whenever the hand is fixing Tamiya models. The days are long gone when we can zoom in and out of the model without glasses! As long as we keep ourself busy with Tamiya models or any other models for that matter, we will always be able to pick a 12mm screw from an assorted pile by one look.