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  1. Interesting reading all the different points of view here. My enjoyment of this hobby has many levels. I was originally drawn in by the nostalgia for the cars I used to want as a kid but couldn’t afford. I like to restore and display (for my own private viewing) anything that interests me. I like to build and bash new kits with my kids. I like the community and discussion of the hobby in the forums. I like to collect some NIBs that interest me. I like to build NIBs for the fun of it. I sell things to make space or if I change my mind. All of this costs money, and often I’ll spend more money than something is worth or sell on at a loss. While not ideal, I’m in this hobby expecting it will cost me money, not make me money. That’s ok. Do golf enthusiasts expect a refund when they retire from their hobby?
  2. Seems like the only option for us antipodes is to post our old cars to the UK crew to clean them up for us!!
  3. Great work, thanks. Here in Aus, “desolvit” is a citrus based stain remover. Could you please post a pic of the ingredients of your desolvit to help find the local equivalent? Cheers!!
  4. rjg1973

    Vintage tamiya lipo in Australia?

    F101 959 Hotshot Frog aint no school like the old school! 🙂
  5. rjg1973

    Vintage tamiya lipo in Australia?

    Hi, I got these from Hobby Habit in Adelaide. Very happy with them. Fit the old models and have a standard plug. 20-30min run time with a silver can.
  6. rjg1973

    What color is this?

    This is ps-16 backed by white: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=132869&id=29570 A bit darker then your example I reckon.
  7. rjg1973

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    Thanks! Will add my new build shortly.
  8. rjg1973

    Car list updating ( need help guys )

    Hello, Could you please add 47372 to the database? http://www.tamiya.com/english/products/47372/index.htm Thanks, Rob
  9. rjg1973

    List of Supercar bodyshells

    HPI did a Series 1 and Series 2 Elise. Both are hard to find. Here’s my Series 2. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=130699&id=29570
  10. rjg1973

    Do you use masking tape or liquid mask?

    I do this, dipping the sharp end in polycarbonate cleaner. Works like an eraser to fix any mistakes or sharpen up lines.
  11. rjg1973

    At which point does...

    Still a TB01. I have a boat trailer built by my father. Over the last 40 years it has carried a number of different boats and had the wheels, axles, frames and hubs all replaced many times. Still has the original license plate and is listed as homemade built in 1978, so must be the same trailer. Government says so.
  12. rjg1973

    Hotshot and Fox Restos

    Thanks for this great reply! While the differences seem tiny, and only one person in a million would know the difference, I would know and so it seems a shame to put original decals on a re-re body. I better start saving.....
  13. rjg1973

    Any vintage F1 experts out there?

    Hi there. I don’t have a 10 but it looks a very close match for my 12. IIRC the 10 came wth the smaller motor, so any wear marks on the gearbox may give a clue? Good luck!
  14. Hi guys, Pardon my laziness as I’m sure this is on here somewhere, but.... Planning my next projects, per the title, Fox and Hotshot restos. Over the years I’ve collected the original chassis parts and decals, just need the bodies for each. For those that can maybe compare side by side, are there any differences between the original and re-re bodies? Thanks, Rob
  15. rjg1973

    Hilux with a drop bed

    Will probably handle more like the full size version with all the weight over the front axle.