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  1. Well, I’ve pulled my finger out and made some progress after many months.... Fabricated rear mud guards from alloy sheet. My daughter has been getting into 3D design and printing, so I got her to do the front indicators, which I painted. and she also did some side mirrors. 3D printed rear chassis and tow-bar. Out in the garden showing off the headlights. And the turn lights. Brake lights also active. Very capable off-road. All in all I’m very happy with how it looks, the scale details, and how it goes on the track. Thanks for checking it out!!
  2. Missed this thread first time around, but I’ve got this tucked away. Sits on a TA-01. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=130610&id=29570
  3. A small flurry of activity over the weekend. Jack with scratch fabricated mount, modified snorkel with fly-screen filter, wipers, wiper motor, shut lines. Starting to take shape. Have begun fabricating rear mudguards.
  4. Spotted just now in the Annex Market NYC....speaking of Radio Shack....
  5. Some great info and memories from this thread! In this era I was still running the Frog I got for Christmas 1984, trying hard to keep it competitive with my brothers Fox which he was starting to enter in local races. Our kid sister wanted in on the action and was given a Taiyo Jet Hopper which wasn’t a bad little thing and hugely popular here in Oz. They must have sold 1,000s of those things. She ran it for a while and eventually upgraded to a Hornet, but by then her older brothers were into road cars, F1s for me (Adelaide had the Grand Prix in the late 80’s, still my passion today) and an RM 956 for middle bro. What great times!!
  6. Styrene section for the front bumper. Shaped, painted and fitted with winch opening.
  7. Suspension and magnetic mounts for the cab and tray all done. Some front end detailing. Fly screen for the grills.
  8. Sorted out the suspension and tray mounts. Using CAD (cardboard aided design) cut and painted an angle section of aluminium for the suspension mounts. These also have the magnets for the tray. Suspension points are adjustable so I can fit smaller springs or adjust ride height. Tray in position.
  9. Cabin and tray resting on top of the chassis. Starting to take shape.... Hoping my integrated rear suspension and tray mount solution will work....
  10. Thanks for that link too. I’m going to try and solve the suspension conundrum this weekend. In the meantime, I’ve assembled and painted a killerbody tray. My original intent was to scratch build a tray, but this looks really nice and has working hinges and latches.
  11. These do look good! Thinking I may be able to fabricate something similar.
  12. For the cab I used off the shelf vinyl cans. Pretty cheap and gives a good flexible finish.
  13. Finished painting the cab and the chassis now has axles. Still no solution for the suspension.
  14. A little more progress. I’ve opted for an SCX10 chassis - the builders kit. This gives three different wheelbases out of the box. Based on various measurements of the cab, the scale is between 1:10 and 1:9. The longest wheelbase gives me 1:9.5, so that’s what I’m going with. Proportions look pretty good, but unfortunately the rear suspension towers won’t work with the tray. Some thinking to do....
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