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  1. Sure, happy to help if I can. Sent you a PM.
  2. Electrics control the steering (rudder) and sails, but all progress is from the wind.
  3. Finished these off by casting a steering wheel and painting. Ronnie and Mario ready for their Lotus 79’s.
  4. Cheers JM! For the molds I used Platsil 71-11 which was good to work with. I don’t suppose you have the body set instructions for the Lotus 79 Essex (green) livery? A scan would be very helpful for this restoration.
  5. Well this has proved impossible to find, so I’ve made a start making one instead. The green one is my original, white is cast from resin.
  6. Here’s my 959 with a TBG body and MCI decals. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=130609&id=29570
  7. Thanks! Yes the paint was a concern as I wanted the body and wings to match the front wing sticker colour. After some trial and error, for the body I went with many coats of PS-19 Camel Yellow with no backing colour. For the wing end plates (front and rear) I went with a mix of X-6 Orange and X-8 Yellow, applied with an airbrush and also with many coats to match the solid colour of the front wing stickers. Not perfect but pretty good.
  8. Great thread! Here’s my latest build from a couple of weeks ago.
  9. I’m not an expert, but the kids and I have really enjoyed learning about CAD and 3D printing this last year or so since we bought our printer. It’s really got them into design and creativity, and we’ve built and fixed lots of cool things. I couldn’t justify a high end unit, but ours does print ABS which is a bit stronger and less brittle than PLA. You can engineer extra strength in the design phase and also in the printing (infill structure). The key is trial and error, but you can move from design to prototype quickly so this is half the fun. it’s been really useful on a few projects -
  10. No, wasn't unfortunately. I bought an F101 screw bag for the the M3 32mm flat top countersunk (in black), and found some non-tamiya M3 15mm raised top countersunk on ebay from a specialist screw supplier.
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