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  1. I have test a few days the stock ESC TEU-103BK in DualHunter with 2 Tamiya Super Stock BZ motors 23T, and the RC works perfectly. The torque and speed is very good, in 4WD mode. I have modify little the esc, i put up in the flat heat-sink, 2 little heat-sinks from memory chip of vga , before i cut the small plastic on top and i use two side thermal tape. I also put on, one small fun from cpu 4mm X 4mm and i powered from the output of bec (bat) in esc who gives 5-6 volt and speenup the fun slow but works fine. No problems in time, i use one battery Nosram 4200mA NiMh, one Nosram 5000mA NiMh / 7,2 volt and finally one Li-Po 7,4 volt Flight-max 4000mA 25C. I change the tires also, with Proline Dirt Works #1072 and the RC it turns like ''train''... DualHunter is ''flying'' in the earthy street...
  2. Hi from Greece. I have a little week the wonderful DualHunter and the first time to try to synchronize with the transmitter HPI TF-1 is taken about ONE day...and i don't understood what is happen. The problem is again, after 1 week with the battery pack out of RC and the putting again to run out. When i try to run the RC, the motors runs upside down, the one front and another rear...and the RC of course is stay in the same place. This is happen in forward and reverse of gun throttle. I try several times to connect the ESC and the battery put in ant out but nothing, the sane problem. How to resolve this problem, is happen in another person ? Thanks.
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