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  1. looking for a pair of bumpers from the tamiya mini monte carlo, or something similar. i dont need the light bars, just the bumpers and bumper mounts. i believe they are H and J parts respectively
  2. hello all. i figured i would make a quick thread providing a little background info on me and my R/C history, along with an attempt at updating my general lack of modern R/C knowledge. i have been in and out of hobby-grade R/C for about 20 years now, mostly as a solo hobby, briefly on a club-based competitive level. i have always yearned for scale realism in body design, chassis/drivetrain design, and on a smaller scale, performance. for those reasons, i have been mainly drawn to Touring cars. when the TA02 chassis came out, my LHS at the time decided that they wanted to host 1/10 sedan racing. we all used the same stock motor(Green Machine2?), same packs(Trinity 1800 NiCd?), and were strictly limited to Tamiya hop-up parts only. i finished 3rd of 8 first season with TA02SW, 2nd of 12 2nd season same chassis, and 1st 0f 20 in third season with TA02W. after that the hobby shop closed and my touring car career ended lol. with my most recent purchase, i am hoping to find some guys on craiglist or something, get the same kind of racing started again. i have owned cars of most scales and power options, but TC is just where i feel most comfortable. i like detail, but not to the extent of concourse or shelf queens. lets get a few of my past cars out of the way to give you guys an idea of my R/C history, in chronological order lol: Tamiya King Cab Losi JRX-T Associated RC10 Parma Hemi Coupe, never got the body/engine built correctly Tamiya Monster Beetle Tamiya Clod Buster -break- 3 years Traxxas Hawk Tamiya TA02SW 911 Tamiya TA02W 300ZX Tamiya M01 Rover Mini Ofna Ultra Worlds GT FSR Bullet Pro AE RC12L2 -break- 5 years Ofna Ultra LX Pro Tamiya M03 Rover Mini Tamiya FF01 Mugen Civic AE TC3 -break- 3 years and recently got bitten once again, by the Tamiya M04 Giulia, which reminded me of how fun the M03 Mini was, so i bought both kits. i dont know what im really going to do with either, aside from the usual hop-ups and scale-realistic mods. anyway, thought id say hey, and introduce myself to the community. i have a few pics of my last few R/C cars, here you go lol.
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