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  1. I should add that according to the pictures you posted, Anthony, at least one kit is missing parts in the blisters: The front half shafts, front wheel shafts, and front steering knuckles. It is also possible that the parts are located somewhere else in the box. It is difficult to give an accurate estimate without knowing what parts are missing in each kit. And there are 2 battery packs (or just the boxes?) and motor (Kyosho 600E) and sponge tyres in that box as well which are not part of the stock kit.
  2. The Gallop was considered to be a "high-end" racing car, at least in marketing from Kyosho, but in reality it was too complicated and heavy to be a competitor on the track. It was not very popular compared to the Optima, at least here in the USA. Still, it's one of those rare chassis that is intriguing and unique due to the 4-wheel steering. I own a Kyosho Progress which is based on the same chassis but with a polycarbonate body shell instead of the tube design of the Gallop. The Gallop also had a front diff whereas the Progress used a solid spool in front which doesn't work well on pavement in turns which I learned quickly after rebuilding mine. I got my Progress used. I completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt it with full ball bearings (which were a pain to do because the old bushings were force-fit into the aluminum hubs and gear case at the factory and it required a lot of percussive finesse, swearing and heat to get them out). To say I would not be interested in a Gallop would not be true, as I would love to own one, but the price I would pay wouldn't be fair to the seller, especially when comparing with what eBay thinks they are worth. The seller of these should list them on eBay or be patient finding a forum buyer with deep pockets and high desire to own a NIB kit or 2.
  3. I was being lazy when I asked for the widths. I opened my kit and measured. The 620 is about 2.4mm wide and the 830 is about 2.8mm wide, so I ordered 620 2.5mm and 830 3mm widths from eBay.
  4. @Golden I think you only need 2 850 bearings additional to those supplied by the kit. The car needs 4 in total, but Tamiya gives you 2 (one for step 8 and one for step 25) so you only need two more for step 5. Can anyone help me choose the correct width for the 620 size? ID=2mm OD=6mm, but is it 2.5mm or 3.0mm wide? Both are common on eBay. Same question for the 830 size. ID=3mm OD=8mm, but is it 3mm or 4mm wide?
  5. From page 4 of the Spectrum DX5C manual:
  6. Yeah, most Tamiya kits suffer from this problem. The molds are ~0.1mm too large in diameter so the bearings do not press-fit snugly. It annoys me too, but I must remind myself that Tamiya designs their parts fitment very loosely as a rule. It's just how they are. It's not just the re-releases or only the plastic parts either. I remember encountering this while building the original Super Champ in 1984. The outer rear wheel bearings were very loose in the swing arms back then too. Bottom gearcase bearings were loose as well, if I remember correctly. I think I used thin paper shims back then to eliminate the rattle.
  7. I finally got the two 480T motors that I ordered from Banzai on October 6th! They were shipped via SEA Oct 7th and sat in a US warehouse for two weeks starting Dec 2nd before finally moving to USPS distribution and delivered to my mailbox today. So happy they were not lost.
  8. If you are in the USA and were wanting the 3 alloy gear case hop-ups for the CAT XLS, they are now available on A-Main's website. A-Main support gave me these links more than a month ago before the parts were in stock or available for ordering online when I asked whether or not A-Main would be stocking them. I kept checking the links regularly. For the past week or so, the parts were online, but not orderable so I knew it was only a matter of time. A few days ago they became "live" and orderable, so I ordered them and they have shipped. Now it's your turn! Don't forget to use a coupon (check your email from A-Main, coupons are at the bottom). SCHU7293 - CAT XLS Alloy Front Transmission Housing SCHU7292 - CAT XLS Alloy Rear Inner Transmission Housing SCHU7294 - CAT XLS Alloy Rear Transmission Spacer
  9. Tower's new web site is terrible compared to their old one, especially when viewing orders that you have made. I have an old order still in "OPEN" status even though I've received all items. Another old order is in "NEW" status even though I received all items. I can see pending charges today on my credit card for the VQS kits I have on backorder but the order status page still shows as "backorder". As we all know, Tower only charges when they are about to ship, so I know the kits are pending shipping. Ignore what your order status says on the Tower web site. It's wrong most of the time.
  10. I think Tamiya has been on a bender lately (the past couple of years) where they have been clamping down on retailers that are "undercutting" their brand by pricing kits and parts too low for their liking. I'm talking about Banzai (more than a year ago) and another online seller that was discussed on this forum recently that I can't find the name of right now. Banzai got cut off from Tamiya completely as a result (and still is) while the other more-recent seller had a bit of renegotiating happen before sales of Tamiya products resumed after a few days of suspension. Tamiya has made changes to pricing all over the world recently to almost MAP-style levels (Minimum Advertised Price). Tamiya have redefined themselves as a "premium brand" that therefore commands "premium pricing". You may or may not agree with this assessment of theirs, of course. I think Tamiya did some internal auditing, external discovery, and financial analysis to determine that in order for the company to continue to exist they needed to raise prices and enforce world-wide consistent pricing or face financial ruin in the long term.
  11. Who or what event is being commemorated? I mean, a "memorial" generally means it's a tribute to something, like an event, or someone. Did a long-time Tamiya designer die this year? Perhaps the designer of the DT-01 chassis? I wish we could see a higher quality picture to see the date and the text on the rear window pillar. Anyone in Japan know?
  12. Yes, I run every kit that I build. Problem is, I have no idea when I'll get around to building this one. Way too many in front of it. So Tower responded to only one of my order change requests and told me they adjusted the coupon as I requested, but looking at the order now it's exactly the same as it was so I can't tell that they did anything. Sigh... I hate the new Tower website. Can't cancel a backorder, some links don't work right, plus always pop-ups pestering for email sign-ups. I just did a live chat and got verification that one of my requests was done. It's all done in the back end so the customer can't see it (brilliant). And they merged my second request thinking I created a duplicate ticket by mistake, so a request was made by the live chat rep to have the support person change my 2nd order too. Hopefully it's sorted.
  13. Wow that's $30 cheaper than the backorder I have. That new coupon for $75 is way better than the $45 I used back in August. I need to cancel my backorders and re-order or otherwise get Tower to adjust the coupon. Thanks for the info, you saved me $30 x 2 (for 2 orders)!
  14. Well if the motor shaft is hard to turn, then it can be only 2 possible things: The brushes or the bushings. And since brushes cannot impart that much resistance due to them being springy, it's gotta be one or both of the bushings. Maybe the diameter of one or both of the bushings isn't large enough and the shaft is binding (a manufacturing problem). I would try oiling both bushings using a light oil like 3-in-1, then push the motor shaft in and out (sliding it) to see how free it is, and also spin it manually. Then run it with a C cell and see how it goes (if at all).
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