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  1. @Willy iine I've bought from Marwan many times over the years and he has always come through for me. His tires are excellent quality, and his bodies and decals are great as well. I've used both. He ships quickly and has excellent customer service. The one time he missed the quantity of tires I ordered, I emailed him and he sent the remainder instantly. He is based in Kuwait, but shipping is very fast because he uses DHL or FedEx, not slow-boat. I will be placing an order soon.
  2. Should be released soon according to Youtube channel TRUE VINTAGE RC. Marwan's site does not yet have it up for sale as of this posting. https://marwanrc.com/shop/ols/categories/tires Video credit: TRUE VINTAGE RC (https://www.youtube.com/@Bormac073)
  3. Breaking news: Marwan has recreated the W5031 tires, if you are looking for that true vintage tire look. Release date not known yet, but should be soon(tm). Not quite up on his website yet as of this posting (https://marwanrc.com/shop/ols/categories/tires): Video credit: TRUE VINTAGE RC.
  4. Totally agree with you. If I didn't have the car, I wouldn't buy them. Pink isn't really my color, heh.
  5. Yeah but they are cheap enough to get just for the label difference. I preordered them from Banzai for US ~$19 each. Shipping costs as much as the motors.
  6. Good question @tamiya3speed. I want to know WHAT spares I should be buying, too. I know nothing about Yokomo so I have no idea what might break or wear out.
  7. I asked Tower support for help with my backorder for the Tamiya Super Sabre from September 20, 2023. I noticed that the Super Sabre was in stock according to their website yesterday (it now says backorder), but my order status still showed 'Awaiting Shipment'. Horizon Support responded quickly with "Unfortunately, the system was not able to process your order and you will need to re create the order. We apologize for any inconvenience." What a crock of crap. So, even months after the merger of ordering systems between Horizon and Tower, on a brand new order with a coupon code (remember those?), their system was "not able to process the order". And no, there is nothing wrong with the credit card I used for the backorder. Of course if I order it again from Tower, there are no coupon codes so it's full price. Instead, I ordered it from AMain instead and used a coupon code for $20 off. Cost $15 more than the Tower backorder, but at least I'll get it.
  8. Not my video, but I agree 100% with Addam:
  9. Oh I just noticed your Optima has the belt drive conversion. I've never had one of those. All of mine are chain drive. Cool. Is the belt in good shape? From the picture, the final gear looks pretty worn. I'd get a Pargu hardened final gear (or OT-76 if you can get one cheaper than Pargu's) to ensure the rear diff gear doesn't get stripped out, if it isn't worn out already. The front plastic bumper brace looks a little bit bent, but should be good enough to use again.
  10. Ugh, I hate when someone decides that making random holes in parts is a great idea. It saved what, like 6 grams of weight with those tiny holes? And the chassis rails are now weaker from them. The good thing is some of those side plates are cheap on eBay, usually. Maybe other parts, too. I envy you right now. I would enjoy restoring another Optima, but I am running out of space. I love the Optima. I've rebuilt 6 of them in the last few years. It's weird. When I was younger I avoided the Optima because to me it was a complicated beast, thinking that if I bought an eBay wreck I would be getting myself into a quagmire of problems with no solution. But I could not have been more wrong. They are just so much fun to tear down, clean, and rebuild. Parts are usually found pretty easily and not for ridiculous prices, well except maybe a few select parts. I use a few aftermarket parts like hardened final gear (because that gear in the car when I get it from eBay is almost always completely destroyed, worn away from lack of grease because the original manual didn't say to grease those gears), black anodized aluminum front bumper mount (the original one is often cracked/bent permanently due to previous front end crashes which bend the front bottom chassis plate/bumper mount "under guard"), and shock clamps from Pargu (because the stock red shock spring clamps are almost always broken). For the rest of the chassis, through, yeah sure, you can use a re-re parts in a pinch, but I like to keep them vintage if at all possible. Oh, and re-re body of course, or just re-use the one from eBay if it's in decent enough shape. I end up spend an hour re-bending the front chassis plate where the bumper mounts (called "Under Guard" in the OG Optima manual). It's a pain to bend back into the original shape and get the angles correct, but it can be done well enough to allow it to be re-used with a vice, pliers and some flat wood pieces to prevent scratching up the metal. As for those Chinese wheels/tires, I have a set of those exact ones on one of my Lazer ZXs and they are actually pretty good for running. Soft, but good traction and they wear like iron for me compared to some other tires I've used. I like them and the tread design is good for asphalt running which is where I usually drive. Mind you I don't drive crazy and do burnouts, just gentle stuff since a lot of what I have is vintage. I only wish they came in a 2.0" size instead of 2.2" to more closely match the original wheel/tire diameter.
  11. ^^^ Good thought about the battery cutoff. How hot do the motor, battery and ESC feel when it dies? What brand/model charger are you using? How many Amps do you charge at? I use 1.5A for my NiMh 7.2V 3000mAh NiMh packs. Takes up to 2 hours to fully charge a pack, but it's nicer to the cells.
  12. Interesting. Per this picture from Kyosho, it looks like they took a Kyosho Gold 240S BL 13.5T (based on endbell shape and color) and put the Trinity motor sticker on it (comes on decal sheet) and the terminals don't touch the motor guard. Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean by "motor cover" in this context.
  13. Tower is a total disaster. I have 2 BBXs on preorder that I paid in full with a gift card I bought previously. The order amount was $511 - $75 coupon = $436. Yesterday I got this email: I received no such cancellation email and my backorder for the 2 BBX kits is still there and active: So am I using the new system or the old system to view my orders, since I can still see my backorder and it is not canceled? Today I received another email from Tower informing me of a gift certificate for $81.20. What the heck is that? Certainly not the $436 I used to pay for the BBX order. I have no other orders for that amount, and nothing on backorder besides a can of paint and the Kyosho 60th Ultima. What a cluster. Still, I'm going to ride this out for a while and see what happens. I am not in a hurry to receive the BBX kits and they aren't limited, so I can order again later once things calm down. UPDATE: I figured it out. It's some real shady stuff that Tower does with gift certificates. On 2022-11-23 I ordered 2 Hotshot II Blockhead Motors kits for $354.80 with credit card for payment On 2022-12-23 I bought a $500 gift certificate On 2023-02-04 I ordered 2 BBX kits for $436 with gift card as payment. On 2023-03-24 Tower shipped the 2 Hotshot II Blockhead Motors kits and instead of using my credit card for payment, they took it out of the gift card balance, leaving $145.20 gift card balance (which I didn't know they did) $436 - $354.80 = $81.20 So because I "authorized" $436 for use to pay for the BBX order on Feb 4th, when the Blockhead kits came into stock on March 24th, Tower decided to use $354.80 of that $436 to pay for the kits instead of using my credit card like I asked. This left $81.20 in gift card funds that were still "authorized", so when the BBX order was canceled (which isn't canceled from what I can see), they "unauthorized" the $81.20 back to me as a new gift card. But how the heck were they going to charge me for the BBX kits since I didn't have credit card as a payment method for that order. Ah ha....I think I'm beginning to understand why they ran into a problem during the migration. Their own shoddy business practices caught up with them under the new ordering system which probably wouldn't allow an order to be created without a way to pay for it.
  14. So you guys are getting BBXs from Tower? I preordered Feb 4 and still have yet to get anything.
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