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  1. I guess I'll have to size them and see if I can just get some aftermarket ones cause 60 pounds for a full set is around 100 usd plus shipping know of any others that will work?
  2. looking for a set of shocks (full set) and if possible a body cheap, I think thats it, working on a restore of my first rc
  3. better qhestion... how did you get so lucky?!
  4. well they could stick wide open, and I'd be worried about the resistor getting too hot
  5. quick question, why not replace the MSC with an ESC? just out of safety for the model
  6. theres a black blitzer going for almost 90 bucks right now
  7. I want the super beetle, why aren't the rereleasing it or one of the others? the only thing I could see keeping them from rereleasing the super beetle would be the body and VW throwing a big time fit and the rough rider is what they just brought back at over $500
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