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  1. Yeah I am hesitant to do just red as that is what the current body is. I was looking at some form of red and a white front or yellow front but after seeing you and @Juhunio struggle with the front bonnet lip I am a bit hesitant to use such a thin colour that needs quite a bit of coverage. I had a similar issue with the rear of the Alpine trying to get the PS-16 blue (which is a thin coverage paint) in the rear without runs. 😬
  2. I think Willy and I we were just amused at the thought of the pressure being Bar instead of PSI, as 1 Bar is 14.5 psi, so 25 Bar would be over 350 PSI. Absolutely nothing to do with your set up or abilities mate 😎 🤗
  3. @Re-Bugged is correct @Blista, I just received two parts trees from Tamico the other day, ordered late August. I couldn't get tracking to work though. I had to email Tamico specifying what I wanted and they set it up. Would certainly use them again, especially as in my situation, they were the only supplier who had stock of what I wanted. 👍
  4. Haha @ 25 Bar, I'd imagine it would almost be blowing holes through the polycarbonate with the paint 🤣 That looks brill @Re-Bugged! Well done on the paint scheme! Multiple colours are always a challenge I find, especially after adding silver and/or black backing coats and you still have to remove masking. I am still undecided what to do with my Alfa body, but will not be attempting something this complex
  5. Finished work at lunchtime, so went and picked up the last set of TT02 super mini dampers and a can of PS-2 Red from my LHS. Went to get a stronger servo for my MAN TGX as well but the one I wanted was out of stock. Got home and decided to dismantle my two M04's and make one good one out of the two and swap all the good hop ups to the good chassis. This one will be the Alfa Giulia which was previously a runner, but will have the good bits and the unmarked chassis, the other chassis and remaining hop ups will make up the Beetle. Also the sun is out, so it's beer o'clock 🤷
  6. Back in the day, Tamiya sold an aerosol can of spray oil similar sized to the paint cans, (they also did a smaller sized spray lubricant with a Fuchs product) that had a tube you put the nozzle like today's spray-on lubes. This is what I believe the easy access oil cap was designed for on the GH/H/LB/MP/PW.
  7. Thanks. I can't hold onto them forever and I sold my juggernaut a few years ago now. Yes the were modelled off a real tyre but are an acquired taste. Then there is the polar opposite, with the likes of the over square Proline Destroyer and RC4WD Rumbles. Fair enough. I sold a set for $100 USD a few years ago and shipped them to the UK, cannot remember the price to ship but it wasn't too bad, not sure if it would have changed with the pandemic.
  8. I have a jugg body carcass (no chrome parts) some other bits like the steering hop up set and some stock shocks, also 4 sets of Juggernaut wheels and tyres all brand new.. what's 'sane' money?
  9. Probably a time or unit limit imposed by the manufacturer and or agreed to by Tamiya per contract/model. 🤷
  10. No wonder he's got no teeth, they've all rotted out with the coke 😄 I love mine, had them a year or two, money well spent! I just recently got the 5.5mm and 7.0mm drivers, I highly recommend them also 👍 My first order from Tamico. No tracking and took a while to get here, but good packing. Would've ordered more if I wasn't spending money on m-chassis stuff elsewhere 😄
  11. Arrma has a 3 position switch on their spektrum radios that do 50%/75%/100% throttle. Their 3s line is safe for any age with a 2s lipo an 50% throttle. I have a brushed Traxxas stampede that my 4yo boy loves. It's fast at 50kph for him, but he's ok if he concentrates. It's when he gets distracted (talking with the throttle pegged) or tries to show off to other kids that it gets hairy. He has tried to ask to drive my tractor trucks etc, but he is learning there is some stuff that's off limits.
  12. Absolutely. I am going to try some of the aftermarket cars soon, Carten210, M4, M5, FM1S etc etc
  13. I tried to pick one, once...
  14. I was laughing... I mean, he did spend a good portion of the day playing with the helmet of his Willy 🤣
  15. No sorry I meant the TT02 #54753 dampers. #54000 as above will build as 50mm out the box
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