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  1. Started peeling decals off my DT03, not sure why (maybe im trying to make mine different from the others). I grabbed my box of left over decals and can't see anything jumping out at me to decorate it with. Also went iut and purchased some more Shoe goo and fixed the cracks in this front of the DT03 and also my Konghead. Might put some more on the Lunchboxes parma body, which is probably more goo and cracks than polycarbonate 😄
  2. Awesome, will watch with interest! 😁 Have put another M07 and a M08R away at my LHS..
  3. Yeah fair enough, that's why I'm hesitant to buy the expensive dampers. Once you add all the extras that you would want, you end up being in the price range of a better buggy (like a TD2 for example) so like you, I am trying not to go overkill and enjoy it for what it is. I still need a steel pinion, a motor upgrade, and hopefully I will cut it off there 😄 So today my ribspikes turned up. Rather annoyed the wing didn't, but that was coming through a different (more useless) courier company. 🙄 Having seen and driven one of these (I completrly understand the decal over-cut dilemma), I still think they are an amazingly detailed rc, and if I didn't have my limited funds expressed elsewhere, I would get absolutely get one.
  4. Nice! Going good! I'm going through similar steps with my DT03 (I've had two DT02s in the past) and ordered some rib spikes for the front, and a Tamiya XF wing (the original was obliterated), but was thinking about those turnbuckles and need some dampers, but there aren't any in my country, unless I want the uber expensive DF-03 alloy ones. Thanks. I assume you're just talking about my trucks, and will gladly take all the glory 😄 I didn't hesitate when I was spoken for, I honestly didn't care what others thought. But the burning reality is, is that I may have to go uhh... 'back on the market' so to speak, in the future, and I'm not sure my 'pull game' will be strong with a little toy car on the rocks, especially where the girls that run go past. Normally the calibre and frequency of the fairer brethren, is of a much higher standard around the Mount than further down, where I go with the lunchbox, where it's normally just a strolling Reginald and Doris, and their spoodle. Today I got a MG servo from my LHS, (should have bought one for the DT03 as well), and fitted that and the servo saver to my Arrma Granite, after I accidentally pryed the servo saver apart, and spent FAR too much time, trying to get the spring back inside the darn thing!
  5. Not sure I'm that brave to be honest 😄
  6. I did a mini many years ago in PS9, wished I had gone with another green tbh.
  7. I'd be lying if I hadn't thought of taking the scx24 there. When I was still with my ex, I wouldn't hesitate to go there. But now that I'm single, I'm a bit dubious as a lot of cute women run around the base where the rocks are. 😅 That's so cool. I regularly use Meguiars Ultimate Detailer on my rc's, and I sanded back my little 1:1 runabouts headlights the other week and am considering coating them in TS-13 Clear 😄
  8. Awesome pics, @lsear2905! Looks like you had a relaxing holiday! Today at dawn I went up Mt Maunganui again (3 days in a row), then after a coffee treat, I went down the beach a bit and depleted 2 4000mah batteries in my raggedy old Lunchbox. Then went home and got the DT03 going, and punted that around the garden. Think a faster motor, faster servo, and some better front tyres could be on the cards for that one. :Edit: Also a video of our truck meet last weekend...
  9. Picked up a Arrma 25t servo saver (the factory one in my granite died) and a set of TL-01 B Parts from my LHS, because I needed the servo spline and spring for the DT-03, as I can't seem to find my stack of directly connected servo saver parts trees 🤷
  10. Recently built a TT02 for a customer, and this is probably the biggest shock I got when building it. Foams are a $2 extra that used to be included in most on road chassis kits, why not the TT02? Baffling....
  11. Sorry I meant polycarbonate body manufacturers. But thanks for the list of 6r4 liveries. Unfortunately I don't want extra work trying to source decals etc to do something the owner already has the provisions for, sounds like he is happy with the Belga livery, even if I have to do the stripes myself. 🙂
  12. Oh so there is two versions? I have no idea, just got asked to paint it 😄 I doubt this one will get used to be honest. Either on display or sold to a customer more than likely. ______ Today I went back to my LHS to fix a clod buster after getting some of my parts for it out of storage. It keeps breaking, I've never seen a clod so fragile. I also picked up a faster and metal geared servo for my lunchbox and some bearings for the DT03, and installed them both. Now shopping for some dampers and maybe a cheap brushless system for the DT03, and a racing fighter body maybe.
  13. You could probably buy the decal set for the blue one, if that's what you want. I have held off from the Monte carlo decals for now, might add them later.
  14. Great job! Very nicely done 👍
  15. Is that yours? Didn't see the stripes, I'd assumed I was painting them 😬
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