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  1. berman

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Been off work with a back injury. So I finally glued the tyres on my konghead. It used to act as a slipper clutch as it has a 4000kv on 3s, now it just launches and lifts the front. It still gets squirrely when it diffs out and the two rear axles tyres touch each other 😀
  2. berman

    Pacific Green Grand Hauler

    Liking that Pacific green, doesnt look too far off GM's Bright Teal Metallic 👍 As above, I would extend a flatbed orif you are feeling spendy a low loader from rc4wd.
  3. Hey Baddon, I could be interested in this piece if you are willing to ship to NZ? If not I understand
  4. berman

    Vintage Shelf Queen Display Stands

    I always thought colour printing and enlarging the blurb and specs that sided the actual car in the vintage catalogues would be cool for the description next to the model...
  5. berman

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Thanks bro. If you are absolutely keen on a chrome one I still have my new one I am not using, and if you have something useful similar to trade we could swap and it would only cost a each other a courier bag? Just an option for ya
  6. berman

    Monster Beetle servo help...

    It wont matter, apart from maybe adding 2mm to bump steer. It will clear everything, the servo cover is miles away from the top of the servo/saver and there isnt anything else to make contact with in the area. Tamiya just list that size as it is a guideline, doesnt contact anything, and suprisingly, is the exact size of their rebranded Futaba servos *conspiracy* coincidently...
  7. berman

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Looks far better. I painted mine white (to match the guards and roof) and it looks good because they dont blend into the chassis. The body set parts come with a black and a chrome version.
  8. berman

    Flat bed trailer.

    You can buy another flat bed and put a fifth wheel on it to make it a B double. A lot of the US guys extend the flat bed trailers to make it more accurate to a 53', they normally spread the axles too. You dont have to stick with over the counter decals and trucks too, some of the more unique stuff is custom made. Convert a globeliner to a K100, there is Peterbilt light and grill sets for the king/grand. Fuel tanks and air cleaners... so many alloy wheels, even guys on shapeways making Mack and IH shells... How far do you want to go?
  9. berman

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Forgot about these, made by a talented man in the States who sadly passed away. Alcoa replicas:
  10. Imagine trying to back up chasing that dinky little tail though
  11. Any of my tractor trucks (being an ex truck driver) or the Leopard 2a6 would be fun! Alternatively, I want to make a 1/10 of my 1:1 one day soon
  12. berman

    Flat bed trailer.

    You can decal the 40, just use the sidings the on opposing sides so the ribs are inwards
  13. berman

    The Cool Wheels Thread

    Always admired the Juggernaut wheels and tyres... For sale too
  14. berman

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I must admit, I pushed through to get it over with... But it was hugely satisfying when it was done! Truth be told, was a bit of a messy dump though...