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  1. If I had time to list all my unfinished projects I'd have time to start one... I don't even have time to read Mad Ax's posts!
  2. Pfft Mad Max used to drive those back roads in a tanker fending off crims with an abundance of fire hazards bouncing off left right and centre
  3. Don't think that is a FAV (the FAV is based off a Chenoweth buggy) but it doesn't distract from how cool the video is! I love watching the old Baja races! 😁
  4. Ok well if it is like a online newspaper, as saito2 said, fair enough. The point I was trying to make was completing the transaction before someone else bought it or as you said, bumped the price up. Even if you could have messaged him and credited his account before the price hike, you could have always picked it up later. Here's a strange story, I listed a 65" tv and home theatre last week for 630 reserve, and had a 650 buy now. One guy asked me if I would take 550 for it, I said no and let the auction run. On the last day the same guy hit the reserve, then another buyer bid against him. This went on with him and the other buyer and it sold for 1200... nearly twice the buy now. 😳 Now I am not complaining, but some people... The item is pick up only, and the buyer is 5 hours away. Sheesh.
  5. If that stop is on your regular run, I would be chucking an rc in the back... 😎 Those scx10s are actually brilliant rc's, my LHS has a UMG10 (Unimog clone) and since selling my old scx10 I have been wanting another.
  6. I have no idea how Craigslist works, but is it not like eBay where you could have bought it with a buy now/binding contract and picked it up later? Yeah maybe someone messaged him and told him it was worth more? Maybe he saw the other boomerangs and realised it was worth more and is trying his luck. Is it worth messaging him and asking why the price changed?
  7. They have one at my LHS, no doubt it's a cool toy, but I would rather have something that goes on and off-road. I quite like the Losi Super Baja Rey, I just can't justify the $$$ at the moment.
  8. You procrastinated. For $20 you should have bought it while it was hot. If I was that bothered about fuel/comfort I would have asked a friend/family member if I could borrow their cheap runabout. Never mind, there will be another bargain. I am not sure why I am giving you RC buying advice, I should be spending any spare money on my own Chevy...
  9. I also have a stripped and caged Honda with a 4:78 fd, which makes it sit at nearly 4k at 60mph, has bilstein coil overs, fixed back race seats, r compound tyres, no stereo, is 76mm off the ground at lowest structural point, (and nz roads are like goat tracks) manual rack, all driver aids/creature comforts removed etc and I drive it 120 miles each way every 3 months or so to meets... For $20 I would get it. Take the missus on a road trip and take her to lunch somewhere close. It may cost you $100 but you keep her happy, you get some quality time with wifey, and it 'Only cost $20' because the fuel and lunch wasn't technically related to the boomerang.... Ahem
  10. ...Oh, and I put 5 'gallons' in my truck, and it costs me $35USD 😂😂 So it's more a roadside ornament than anything
  11. So the owner doesn't want to send it to you? Why do you want to take the Chev and not one of your cheaper cars? I have my c1500, but I also have a bread and butter Honda Fit to drive the 40kms to work 😂
  12. Welcome to the club and nice belated entry into Tamiya! The Sand Scorcher is the king of blasting the beach! Yours is looking good, have fun!
  13. Sheesh dude! I want the part too but jeez take it easy!
  14. Ok, all I was seeing was the same wheel sets with the four tyre options in both links, maybe it's because I am on my phone.
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