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  1. Looks like I'm doing the same just in the southern hemisphere. Mine has done a check on the carpet with a TEU101BK, but it just sits awaiting more parts and an esc, plus like you I have the MX5 body all painted up but it is the one with the pre-drilled holes, and they don't line up with the M08 body mounts, so I either have to get some 3mm carbon fibre plate, and relocate some custom mounts, or just chuck the MX5 body on the M02M, and find/purchase another body for the M08. That would certainly help with my dilemma with finding a chassis extension for the M02... So I feel ya 😄
  2. Top job on the M08. Have you run yours yet? I haven't, still not finished,need an esc for starters 😄
  3. Is it geared quite low? I have found with the few F1s I've had, you can gear them quite high with a silvercan due to weight, my F104w does approx 55kph and the motor is like warm. Being geared so high makes the torque lower and less twitchy I find. You still have to lean on the throttle though, and not hammer it at low speeds.
  4. Well done mate! The knight hauler is a nice truck, and trucks are epic builds! 😁 Reminds me, need to repaint mine soon 😏
  5. Yeah he does pretty well with removing money from my account, and living on two minute noodles is severely underated 🤣 I like your choices in the dupli-colour range, interested to see what you do with it 😎 👍 I'm off work today, so after the kids had gone to school I wasted no time making a coffee and putting some Van Halen on the stereo, relaxing and fitting the steering parts I picked up yesterday to my M06 😁
  6. Swung by my LHS and picked out a few more bits out of the excess M chassis stuff ordered the other day... There was another UGT Tuned motor there, but do I really need a THIRD... 😅
  7. Postie brought me my quick release battery holders.
  8. I like it, it's different than the rest of us in a sea of anodised blue. I've been hunting for aluminum stabiliser clamps for the M06. I swore black and blue that alloy versions were available when I got my M06 but cannot find them anywhere. There is a slight chance I was getting them mixed up with the steering posts, but when I got my M06 and started to build it, my steering posts (on the A parts tree) were deformed, so I had another set sent to me, so you would think I knew what the steering posts looked like straight off the bat. Please someone tell me I'm not crazy and someone makes alloy stabiliser clamps 🙃
  9. 😄😄 I am trying to find the part number for the tamiya 1/14 logbook also, need two... moonlighting, ya know
  10. Wasted no time fitting the 3 sets of stabilisers I got from Tony's yesterday for my M05/M06/M08. 🙂 Now to fit the new gears for my motorized support legs on my box trailer, which I broke a couple of months back.
  11. I had one in my hornet resto too, so I could use it on the beach without deteriorating the original silver can motor. Didn't take long for the end bell to get rusty, and just biffed it out when I'd finished.
  12. Wow! Paying for the hobby stores Christmas Holiday Getaway this year are we?! 😯 Very nice haul! This lot just left the postie's hot little hands! Wasn't expecting a Saturday delivery! Thanks again to Tony's Tamiya Parts 😍
  13. I would jump on the DT02/3 bandwagon. Great buggy for cheap. Steel pinion, bearings and go. Just make sure it has CVAs or you are happy to pony up for them, friction shocks are rubbish in these. Had two DT02s, would happily own another.
  14. He is right though, that looks remarkable 😍 I've had the 7 dwarfs on the table this afternoon. I decided to break in the 2nd UGT motor and fit it to my M06, even though it is destined for the future M07 I am waiting on. I missed in the motor instructions that Tamiya want you to 'break out' the motor after a cycle and run the motor at 3v AFTER a full battery... yeah, no. I don't mind running 'conditioning' brushes occasionally, and replacing the standard brushes more often than my undies to keep the motor in top performance, but ain't got NO time, to do after run 'break out 3v runs for 5 mins after every pack 😂 I don't mind a gold/champagne coloured silver can, but those ugly uncoated metallic looking stock motors like what came with my M06 was hurting my retinas, so the UGT Tuned motor can stay in the M06 until I get some Lightly Tuneds or Formula Tuneds for the M05/6 and the UGT can find its home in the M07 when that arrives. Also found and annoying rattle in the M06, a loose stone had found it's way into a small recess in front of the stock motor, and would sound like something sliding side to side when I picked up the car. Thought it was in the gearbox... fell out when I removed the silver can *sigh of relief*!
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