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  1. Those screws are made of pot metal, I'm sure... I broke mine and sent my bumpers to @lsear2905, now I just run without. If you buy the stainless pins set for the arms #53301 you can run the same bumper on the front that's on the back...
  2. Yup, feel free to show your wares 🙂 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/97466-the-m-chassis-topic/&tab=comments#comment-845864&ct=1618296304
  3. Interesting! Would like to see more of your collection. Maybe post them in "The M - Chassis TOPIC" thread if you haven't already?🙂
  4. After my kids shared birthday party, I sat down with a corona or two and swapped some of the wheels and tyres around on some of my M cars I had bought some weeks ago. The runner M01 got the old 55d wheels and tyres off the mint M01, and I assembled the new 55d wheels, tyres and foams and put them on the mint M01. My M03 mini also got new factory silver/gray minilites, although now I've swapped them out, they look a bit dull compared to the bright Monte Carlo wheels it sat on before...
  5. Yeah it looks great! I have 3 minis to paint and I am not sure if I should do boxart or come up with a colour scheme. Nice, watch those hop ups, they get addictive! Those wheels are available in black. Just cannot remember the part number right now. Edit: part number is #51665
  6. You've done a cracker job of that 😁 The dark blue for me was darker than I see most, I painted a MX5 on the inside and it is very dark, so I think you chose well with the PS16. Any love going into the chassis?
  7. Got a bit rambunctious with my Terminator Clod, so fixed these with some spares. Have ordered we Jconcepts Tributes wheels, then realised I bought them from a seller I really didn't want to deal with again (took their sweet *** time to ship last time).
  8. "Mmm.." is that another one I see? 'Mine' chassis... also bad English, but at least we know who they all belong too 😂 Unless I own them all, everybody is competition!
  9. I was thinking it would be a small price to pay get your brother into it... and then you have something else to bond over. 🙂
  10. 😬 Run far far away... do NOT get into m-chassis cars...
  11. Maybe time to squirrel away for another second hand slash?
  12. Member/Moderator @TWINSET did a tutorial through the homepage, worth a looksie 🙂 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=126319&id=169
  13. Impulse purchases. The low friction king pins can go in the M-four, and the tweezers I liked because I've used someone elses before 😁
  14. When I started getting into Tamiya as a child, my dad used to say: "When I was a kid, we had a bit of 4x2 to play with, and that would keep us entertained for hours!" 😂 Truck is looking great bud, really admire your multi coloured paint jobs 😮
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