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  1. Wouldnt be my wife if she wasnt trying to get out of buying me a gift 😄
  2. This immaculate (looks unused) M04 turned up after nearly one month from Singapore, just before we were about to head out the door to head to Auckland. Missus intercepted it at the door and looks around at me and goes "This parcel isn't for me..." then as I unwrapped it, I got the "Oh is that your birthday present?" 😐😐😐
  3. Always preferred Tamiyas stuff. Tried the 3M stuff, other brands etc, still prefer T's in house tape. Sell it in a big roll too, #54693
  4. Not sure with the MFC-02, but with the MFC-01 there was a running change, where it went from compatability with the 27mhz 4VWD to the 2.4ghz 4YWD. I have a early MFC-01 where it won't function with a 2.4ghz unit, I have kept my 2 old 4VWDs, and am putting the old MFC-01 in a truck at the moment, rather than not use it at all. I am not sure where the MFC-02 sits with this changeover. I highly doubt you could buy a MFC-02 That's been sitting on the shelf long enough that you would require finding/purchasing an older 4VWD now anyway. I would assume you would be safe. Have you opened the instruction booklet? I think one of my newer MFC-01s had a pink leaflet in it, that told me it was to be used with the 4YWD 2.4ghz system...
  5. Maybe it was L&L Models I was thinking of, they do a 225mm Mini body. https://landlmodels.co.uk/collections/m-chassis/products/mini-225mm-m-chassis-body-shell
  6. Is the phatbody not 225mm? One of the aftermarket mini bodies is mid length... ðŸĪ” Actually, I dont think I should really offer advice on which m-chassis you should buy next 😎
  7. Bahahaha... thats what every one of us on here tells their wife too 😏☚ 😄 mines more of a 'spread-all-over-the-house... sheeeeeet'. I would like to itemise all my stuff, but having a list of evidence hiding somewhere, would be more dangerous than running two Conrad motors in a Clod Buster ðŸĪŠ
  8. As a male, I completely missed the point your wife was trying to make, heard what I wanted to hear, and believe 'cake and eating it too' means she is making you a Sand Scorcher cake to go with your new RC... You're welcome! What a fantastic wife you have there. 😎 ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ
  9. Yeah racing make a rear upright that moves the back axle even further forward from 225mm to 210mm. Only problem is the rear chassis overhang it creates isn't suitable for short rear bodies like the Mini. https://www.yeahracing.com/aluminum-210mm-225mm-wheelbase-rear-hub-2-pcs-black-for-tamiya-m07-tamc-056bk-00081259
  10. Great on carpet and grass, rubbish on lino and tiles. All M02, M04 and M06 I believe come with S grip rear to tame oversteer. As do the new Soft and Hard #54995 and #54999 tyres, same as kit (50683) tyres but with a shiny sidewall. No identification marks. Slightly softer. Remember my findings are subjective. If you are referring to me, I have tried all the treaded tyres. But all are subjective since I don't legitimately race mine in controlled conditions on a lap timed track with real world experiences, and as specified earlier, most have different foams. Debating rubber is perfectly fine if that is all we have to go on. It's no different to everyone's opinion in the TD-4 Super Avante thread. All he asked is why there is different tyres with the same tread. The #50419 is a 1.9 touring car tyre 👍
  11. Ok everything is very subjective. I cannot remember when I bought my last set of S-grips and m-grips. They are new, but been out of the packet for who knows how long, and my s-grip, m-grip and 54999 'soft' and 54995 super (Hard?) tyres all have different foams, as it was more a case of (with the whole Covid thing of the past 16 months) what I could get my hands on. The only true indication would be to mount all tyres on the same rims with the same foams and do back to back testing on the same car/track, changing nothing but the wheels with the appropriate tyres at the same time of day I guess ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ then in the colder and warmer seasons taking into account track temps. I feel like the 54995 are the softest. It could be that they are new, but it feels like crawler rubber. Softer than the S-grips, marginally, but softer. Super soft sidewalls. Same goes for the 54999 hard supers, they are marginally softer than the kit tyres (50686 hard). Visual differences? There is no text/paint to differentiate between the two new compounds. The new tyres have a super shiny sidewall. Two uppers are M-grip and S-grip. Left center is 50686 kit tyre. Middle lower 54999 hard super and right is 54999 soft.
  12. I have all the treaded m-chassis tyres made by Tamiya (only 2 of the slicks). The new ones (soft and standard compound) feel identical to the S-grip and standard grip, albeit with a shiny sidewall and no other markings to differentiate it from the first 3 60d compounds. Obviously real world track time might show different results. Will take a pic when home.
  13. A few of us used to hold a NZ annual pTamiyaClub meet at Pukekohe Park Racetrack a few years ago now. Was just vintage and some contemporary runners and just fun, not really anything competitive (although there was talk about a SAND Scorcher Cup). @kalsh, you and Don @Bluefoot (maybe even Mike) keen to do this again?
  14. I'm in a similar boat. I have Tamiya #1 and #2 screwdrivers, MIP hex drivers, but no nut drivers. I looked for Tamiya ones, couldn't find any, but I might pony up for MIP ones. I now have no need for this set, and I think swapping the handles would annoy me. Buy it's Tamiya, so do I buy it anyway? 😄
  15. Might bring this puppy down from the shelf and give it a light potter around the garden...
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