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  1. Cheers. Yeah I left quite a bit of the showy stuff off it, like the visor, rear bumper, exhaust tips and the rear guards, it's too much for me and prefer it look like a work truck with some subtle flash bits. Um I forget, it's a metallic green, it's out of the tamiya range, TS-60? around that number, would have to check. I still haven't finished, I got some king hauler decals, with the white changed to brown, (like the vintage look too) but still not sure... It does have a vintage Tamiya DDS unit fitted too. My Globe liner is the same (also unfinished) trying to make it look like a vintage K100. Still lots to do...
  2. Welcome to the site. What do you need help with? The Chevrolet Clod was only produced for two years, If it was me I would fix what is broken and leave it as is. As you have an emotional attachment to it, some parts are hard to find, and once you start trying to change things, the modification hole is a deep dark one for clod busters. It will no longer be 'yours and your dads' if you fiddle with it. Up to you. You can buy new super clod busters and hotshots, still available online. Good to see you back in the hobby, we mostly all have a similar story.
  3. The factory servo saver is fine. Either buy replacement parts for the servo or as above, get a metal geared servo, where the spline is metal.
  4. Just measure the height of the battery compartment holes in the chassis, it's the height/thickness that you need to worry about the most and where the wires exit the battery. Get some alloy anti-rotational brackets too 👍
  5. Good to see he is still doing RC, the last time I was in there he had boomerangs and fire dragons when there was a shortage around the world. Bought a SC10RS off him and a few other bits online, Always had the intention of going back for a look but I hardly have any reason to go to Akld anymore. Replaced the gears on my highly abused lunchbox, gearbox was starting to slip, no wonder looking at the counter gear! Also got some rough painting done on the rere shell for my pajero, needs some touching up as I was doing it at 1am after a few beers 🙄 The old one was broken it three places plus numerous bits broken off or hanging off 😄
  6. A pair of GPM alloy hexes, my Stampede rear wheel nut came loose and the hex and wheel are stripped, the wheels aren't that old (near new tread) so hoping this will bide me some more life out of them, otherwise I may have to glue a plastic hex to the back. Will also replace the nut.
  7. Very cool Aussie 'Performance' wheels, so popular on the XW-XY Falcons 👍 Stephen is a great guy, what happened to his shop on the shore? My LHS will do the 'stick it out the back door, no contact' if I want anything 😁 Although we have the RC equivalent of toilet paper, he cannot keep TS-13 Clear in stock!
  8. My steering wheel isn't glued in, and I have the drivers window down/removed, so I literally remove the wheel out of his hands and then can remove the cab. It would be better if the seats and driver were part or the cab, with a false floor.
  9. Yes, it seems like only last week I was laughing at Australia and American with the toilet paper, now people from the city are driving north to our little town to buy up all our stock, it's just mental. Is a hobby shop and essential business? To me it is...
  10. We haven't bought a **** thing! My employer thinks we are still allowed to work when it goes to LVL 4 😐 I have so much stuff I could do if stuck at home, also LHS has a SCB BE, that I am tempted by...
  11. I'm pretty sure those screws are made from a cheaper metal, they almost look like pot alloy. I now don't run a bumper on my konghead. I am pretty sure I have both the black and orange/yellow wide bumpers, let me have a look at get back to you.
  12. I have a 1:1 of those trucks (albeit lowered, not monsterised) and I want to build a 1:10 of it! Have fun, looks like a blast! 😁
  13. Second of three parts for my Kyosho DRX. Also need another tube of shoe goo, as the body pretty much shattered, but LHS has the Tamiya equivalent, polycarbonate body reinforcement. Wondering if any of you lot have tried this?
  14. At least it was aptly named! 😎
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