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  1. Yeah, was going to say, the Leopard 2a6 was probably the most involved build for me
  2. Went to my LHS and got asked to build this for a customer (I have done a few now). Hopefully I will find the time to do it. These dont appeal to me, but I am not one to turn up my nose at building a new RC! 😁
  3. Yes Cape Reinga. It's quite cool seeing where the Tasman and Pacific seas meet.
  4. I bet she's got more decorative cushions or shoes than you have rc's... At least you're not blowing it all at the local watering hole or red light district. I would offer an opinion, but your first post pretty much tells us what can't go. I understand the 3 madbulls for you and the kid's, I would like to do similar.
  5. Took the little guy out since it was pretty hot and dusty today after work. Forgot how funny it was to drive! I have a new body, decals and a lunchbox chassis to tart it up (No battery tray on it), but time and indecision means it hasn't been done. Also want to add a steel pinion and maybe go back to white wheels and tyres lettering. One thing is, it makes me miss me old mate Mike, whom I got it from 😔
  6. Yeah he was after I told him what was wrong with it. The first kid was quite respectful with it, the second was hamfisted and was almost deliberately trying to roll it. Never mind, I told him these things happen and I was actually quite shocked myself as I have never seen a smashed a servo spline before 😲 I found someone who has the gear set locally (thankfully don't have to order from overseas), but yeah 2/3rds the price of a new servo. Haha I came across one of those guys once, he kept sending the cops down as my HPI BAJA sounded like a dirt bike, then came down and scolded me and told me I was trying to compensate for something with my toy car. 70yo man. I swear I nearly twacked him, but just laughed it off and continued on lol. I had the steering rate turned down to 50% and the throttle to %60 as my 2 year old son drives the dump truck. So I gave the kid's my brushed stampede and the same kid was pretty loose with that, but all in good fun 😎
  7. Let a few young lads have a turn of my dump truck, second boy only a minute in...
  8. To be honest they are fine on sand, loose dirt and grass, but anything abrasive (hard dirt, concrete, asphalt), and they turn to fairy dust 😄
  9. I hear ya, that was the only maker I could find doing the GMT400s. Yeah I had seen the 454ss, and they do a extended cab but it's long bed (and my 1:1 is short) so would need cutting down. Same as Jconcepts do a few versions in 1:10, but again long bed and I don't fancy slicing down lexan/polycarbonate.
  10. HPI do one. 5.5mm and 7mm, sorry to hear one nut is bigger than the other!
  11. Not inclined to build one of AMT/ERTL's C1500s? Although your 1:1 is a W/T, correct?
  12. I am working through this Xmas, more out of necessity than option. Here is one from back in the day. It never occurred to me to take my HPI Q32 anywhere on holiday to honest.
  13. You can use soft pack LiPos if you want. You don't have to use hard case, unless you are going to take it off some sweet jumps? I have gens ace 4000mah LiPos in my 3 that have a battery tray underneath (the wires don't exit the pack centrally, so the tray required a little trimming). And my Grand and Globe use a Hyperion Swift Classic pack, or the aforementioned soft packs.
  14. Carson Forklift. I dunno if I have ever really enjoyed this thing. It's slow to operate, doesn't have the turning of a real forklift, it needs a lot of modification to be useable. Wild One, nothing wrong with it, I just don't use it anymore. Used to be a regular at the beach, so did I, now neither of us go. CC01, used to use this regularly, now it is on display in my LHS (along with my leopard 2a6, and Scania).
  15. I have one set of the alloy dampers nip, Alloy steering set nip, wheel and tyre sets nip, propeller shaft set nip, a mint front and rear body shell carcass with one light coat of paint, and a set (8) of used factory dampers (great condition). Let me know if any of these interest you.
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