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  1. Thanks TDCY! Yeah I think they will stay stock (apart from bearings and pinion) and maybe even a lower turn motor. Just had the dump truck out again, and realised that a front dogbone and drive cup are missing. They don't usually come out unless a step screw comes out of the top arm, so don't know where those have gone to, must've gotten flung out last weekend at the park. 😕 The stampede is fixed though.
  2. Took my kids to the park yesterday. Gave my daughter the dump truck and my 2 year old a too-fast-for-him stampede. Most of my runners use one radio, which the dump truck was using which you turn the throttle rate down on. Glad that after a few wheelies and crashes with the stampede, my son learned that "gentle" throttle application means he didn't have to go over and right the truck. Although after about 10 minutes he ended up at the far end of the field, and while I wasn't looking, drove the truck down a bank and into a tennis court fence, which ripped the whole front steering block out. Tears were shed when he realised the stampede was no longer in service and his older sister was still driving the dump truck. 😄 I can see a comical frog for her, and either a comical hornet or grasshopper for him in the near future.
  3. Mine was the red one, I painted the blue one for a neighbour. Unfortunately I sold it some time ago. Would love another brat!
  4. First place trophy is made of scoans with jam n cream. Second is a half empty tin of quality street Third is a jam butty.
  5. It's probably because its on the back of Steve Graemes truck from Outback Truckers 😄
  6. You should have got both the #1 and #2 Tamiya ones, Jonathon. Think they are approx $10 each locally too.
  7. I am feelin ya there, Si. I just had a look through a box of some vintage NIP spares for something for Beefmuffin and realised a lot of the parts in the box I no longer have the cars for. So might have a clear out in the for sale section soon.
  8. Oh mate, you said it. Bunch of tight wads... half of them expect you to hand it to them free, entitled so and so's... I loathe selling stuff. One guy asked me if there was any spare parts, I told him I had enough to build another 1 and a half cars, he asked me to send them and then wanted to be sure the postage wasn't going to be any more... I said "No, postage will be the same because the spares weren't listed in the auction" and he got the car cheap anyway , Cheeky.. 😄
  9. Nice! I am looking at trying to sell mine again, any tips? 😄 Rough and ready... not the colour or scheme I wanted, but was out of cash and went through my paint collection and this is what transpired.... still heaps to do and now have to be more realistic about how much detail I can put on it. Will be at a show on Saturday so...
  10. A long wait but got these cool barriers from KKtruck store. I was meant to buy some bruder construction stuff as we'll for this weekend but funds didn't allow.
  11. It gets below 0c here in NZ in the winter sometimes too, especially further south. Nobody has problems with LiPos and cold weather here. Buy a charger as above with Lipo compatibility, square packs fit the Clod Buster if you note where the battery wires come out. And the 860 ESC has a Lipo cut off. Just get some steel 13 tooth pinions. Done.
  12. Looks like it's about to rain chocolate raisins on your windscreen 😉
  13. I have a konghead with a 4000kv on 3s and it isn't that fun, it gets squirrely and the 4 rear tyres expand that much they touch. It is probably more behaved on 2s, but I think the truck is too vanilla. I much prefer my heavy dump truck with a sport tuned on 2s. In fact, I might sell off my konghead...
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