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  1. I assume most have the sticker with the cvas/torque tuned, XBs like mine were pogos.
  2. Jealous! Would love an M06R 😍
  3. That's cheap! Parts are still plentiful for it so you should be good for a while 👍 Oh ok sorry to hear they are no good. It's a shame they can't be saved. The lady I am currently seeing has two Anglias, both the same colour. She bought one, and the other came up for sale which she thought was in better condition than the other, and just hasn't sold the other one, so still has two. They are currently at two different shops but she knows I'm good on the tools so I think she is going to get me to look after them once she gets them back. Yeah it's the little things that are consuming, and the high shipping prices are off putting. I hear ya. The previous owner of my truck wedged a head unit in the center console, ran the wires under the center of the carpet and to the speakers. He did this to keep the factory look radio and equaliser. I think in honesty it was just a cheap way to bypass the factory without pulling it out and not buying the correct kit (dash pocket, center dash head unit piece, and antenna extension) to swap to a aftermarket unit. I've hooked up the front speakers, but the rears appear to have been disconnected from the factory harness, and ran with the wiring he has put under the carpet. I have the left over home made wiring under the carpet to remove (it is just capped at the moment) and there is also two old alarm units under the dash and in the engine bay that don't work, and I don't have the key fobs for. One is a $5 two wire jobby, the other is this horrid old blue box with 30 odd black wires ðŸĪĶI also need to remove the old Helwig helper air bag compressor from in the engine bay, as it has never had the bags in the truck since I've owned it (previous owner removed), so going to need some time off work to go through all that. But it's summer here, and there is a car show pretty much every weekend, so might be better to let sleeping dogs lie, so I can still use it, and not open a can of worms. Once I've done this, I would like to put a decent alarm with gps and remote start in it. Saturday I went two hours north to a beachside town to look at the World's 1st Car and bike show. Being that NZ is generally the front of the time zone, the people that organise the countries biggest Car and rock and roll event have this cool little show that starts at 8am on New Years Day. We took the truck up, stayed the night with some friends, had beers and BBQ, and took in the event in the morning. Was an awesome way to break in the new year. Didn't take any pics sorry.
  4. No worries, glad you enjoyed them. Yeah those minis are cool. We have a lot of old British stuff over here, as that's what everyone owned before the flood of jap imports in the 80s. My first cars were a 69 Mini, then a HC Viva, then a Hillman Hunter lol. Haha yeah I was the same, and I shake my head now at the Boy Racers 😄 Up to you, i used to race in the m-chassis class, but it gets too political for me, and im happier bombing around offroad by myself. Cool you still have two minis! But yeah i want to see the Trans Am done! Yeah absolutely. It's been ok, had other things go on in my life that has made that pale in significance. Boxing day I saw my kids for the first time in 5 months. I went through a rather traumatic break up with their mother back in June and have only seen them once since. They were apprehensive when I met them and my son soon came around, possibly because he's younger and doesn't understand (was asking if I was coming back to his house etc), my daughter just kept staring and wouldn't let go of my hand. But after a few hours loosened up and after I explained that what happened was out of my control, and that I've thought of them every day and will always love them no matter what, she became more comfortable. Hoping if all things go to plan, I can see them in a few weeks. Hope you all had a great Xmas!
  5. Those pics... One on the left just makes me want a set of those Tamiya m-chassis Alloys even more... I am.. the night rider... And someone got a blurry action pic of my truck, but I'll take it...
  6. Thanks mate. Yeah the ambulance driver said the same thing. He said "If it doesn't affect you, there's something wrong." Yeah it was mainly to sell the forklift, things are tight. I took one truck and drove it for 5 minutes, then talked to the two guys left, everyone else had gone home. I think I over committed, I achieved lots, but it was so exhausting and not relaxing. ðŸ˜Ū‍ðŸ’Ļ Cheers mate, I appreciate that. It was cool to just fit in (kind of) for a bit.
  7. Friday one of the clubs here had a Toy Run, so went along and did that which was pretty cool. They've been doing it for 20 odd years, but this is first I've actually participated in. A lot of really cool Hot rods, Muscle and Classic cars. Friday night I got a message from an old work colleague asking if I was climbing the Mount this weekend (been a bit slack since I injured my knee A month or so ago), so arranged that for the morning. Saturday I was heading to the Mount for said climb with friend and watched a head-on collision unfold in front of me. One of the drivers died and I had to drag his body from the car as his was on fire. Luckily there was other people there so two guys ran to a house to get buckets of water and three trainee nurses were there (were in the cluster of traffic also) and were starting their shift heading to work. I didn't end up catching up with my workmate, (it had been 1.5 hours since I was meant to go for my climb) I went and and had a coffee in a car park and stared into oblivion over analysing what happened in front of me. Sunday the car club I (kind of) belong to had a Charity event on. There was a hot rod classic car display on, and they auctioned off some donated stuff to give the money to a men's mental health organisation. After this I drove 2 hours each way to play trucks for 30 mins and sell my rc forklift. 😄 Stopped off at the local park on the way home and ran my Mojave and DT03 Will upload some pics later.
  8. Had Friday off, this is two weeks in a row now, it's quiet at work. Not complaining, get paid, but was counting on doing a bit of overtime before Xmas for some extra dosh. So the last two Fridays I have gone into work on my days off, and worked on my truck. Just chipping away at a list of small things to get it looking tidy, as it's quiet therapeutic. Managed to paint the faded grille. I would love to pick up (no pun) a decent second hand one out of the states, but finding one is one thing and the shipping is a killer as it's an oversize part. Don't really want a reproduction one as when they make the clones, they leave the recess out so the original Chevy emblem doesnt fit. I have locally found a shop that has a new reproduction valance (I was originally going to buy this from Summit), it's a $20USD part, but once I pay Summits oversize fee, then the shipping cost of nearly $200usd, it works out at $360NZD, minus import tax. The local shop that has the valance is $135 plus shipping from the south island, which works out at $190. Also as next weekend is Beach Hop, which is NZ's biggest Rock and Roll and Classic/Hot Rod car festival. Not entering it (my truck is too new, they have a cut off year for entries), but you can still go up and have a look and watch the entertainment, go on the nightly cruises, buy stuff and they normally give away a classic/vintage car/truck that they've been doing up throughout the year, a bike (normally a brand new Harley) and a cash prize. There is lots of people dressed up and generally a very cool atmosphere. I've only been once in my truck, back not long after I first got it. So I am looking forward to this. Sorry, this has kind of turned into a project car post ðŸĪĶ‍♂ïļ
  9. Hope you can afford tyres every two battery packs! Unlike the infraction, these have a larger rear offset, so you cannot swap front to rear to make the most of your tyres as well 😐
  10. Yeah that sounds about right. Just measured my M04L beetle with the rear posts turned around (so they are the same as the S2000) and I get about 10", unfortunately the M08 is only 8" and that's really the only option for the 239mm wheelbase unless you want to custom make something or go with magnets.
  11. Never get tired of a bouncy stock-ish clod ðŸĪĐ They can easily get out of hand though! We also don't mention the unfed Moana Taniwha attached to the keel 😛
  12. Unfortunately not. Nearly all have the front mount on each chassis are inline with the front axle, but there is 2-3 options for spacing of the rear mounts on m chassis cars. Kitset bodies have pre drilled holes, but the (#47×××) lightweight bodies and now some of the bodysets (#51×××) don't have pre drilled holes. The M08 only has one option for the rear mounts, (if you use the mount stabilisers) which correlates to which wheelbase you decide to use. Measure the distance of the holes on each body and I will let you know if they fit an M08. Otherwise you can acquire an M04 👍
  13. Something I will certainly look into, thanks for the info 🙂
  14. That support brace is a very cool home remedy 👍 It's certainly something I will consider, probably after I've used up the 2 extra chassis tree's my LHS bought in 🙄😄
  15. My alloy diff case finally came for my Mojave so I built that, factory is 100k fluid and after approx 8-9 packs, there seems to be excessive wear on the washers that go behind the sun gears, so I bought some 500k, 50k, and 30k (couldn't find diff fluid between 50 and 500k) and made a concoction with the 500 and 50k. With my eyechrometer (bonafide legitimate unit of measurement in NZ) I came up with a viscosity of about somewhere between 50 and 500k 👍 Also stopped by the LHS after work and picked up a Savox to replace the temporary stand-in 1983 Futaba S-148, so yeah... metal geared 7kg servo incase it rolls off the shelf. ðŸĪ·
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