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  1. Whoops, did I order that? 😁 Bit of an impulse purchase, will go nicely next to my 4 other M-chassis cars. Dont have tyres yet, but have a NIP Eunos Roadster body somewhere in a box that will go well on here.
  2. Yes have bought from Redline before, cheap and good service. Think they are a 1:1 car shop that does rc on the side 👍 Haha and that's what makes them so much fun! If the van's a rockin...😄
  3. Oh ok no, I though maybe the redline performance one 👍
  4. Think the M06 Kombi, and the WR02 Kombi are two different bodies? So not sure if they are the same wheelbase? Could be wrong... Also, may or may not, have a M-08 enroute 😬
  5. Its bonkers compared to a MB. Wise choice, I think I know where you got it from too. I was looking at one too, my lhs has a black ed as well, and a ww2, tempting as I want my kids to have their own tamiya.
  6. 80-85mm is the length you want to build them to. Get the Ampro brace as the gearbox springs will snap eventually (sooner than later). I know you love racing, so dont expect any sort of handling, and don't go out of your way to try and make it something it isn't. If you can overlook the poor handling and lack of steering, it is actually a very fun rc to try and keep on its wheels. Get some alloy body mounts too.
  7. Holy moly! They FINALLY ARRIVED! Ordered 26th of March, now 7th of July 😬😬😬 I was just about to email the guy and ask if he could help locate them...
  8. I totally agree with you, Kym. They could have at least done a full wrap sticker with some colour on the Torque and new Sport. Half of the fun is getting something that looks physically different. Who wants to look at something that looks identical to the one that comes in every standard kit? If it makes you feel any better, my Kyosho tires still havent arrived from the USA, ordered March 26th. Think I may have to email the seller, even though it's not his fault. 😔
  9. I have the 3/4/5 and 6. Would love to get the 7 and 8 (and the 1 and 2). My least favourite is the M05. then the M03, I think I enjoy the M04 the most because i can drift it. The M06 handles the best because of the m chassis dampers and m and s grip tyres. Only the M03 and M06 are modded, the other two stock. None of this means anything to anyone but me, as they are all apples and oranges. 😄 Would like to spend more money and time on these four, and get the chassis' I dont have. Quite addictive little cars, that's for sure!
  10. New lunchie pinion from the UK (wiped it with hand sanitizer 😄) I recently replaced the diff gears in my 11 year old abused lunchbox, but they still whined, and looking at the old pinion it looks like its had a good, hard life 😅 My goodness the gearbox sounds buttery smooth now!
  11. Crazy question, but you have done the DMD setup procedure?
  12. This was fighting for top place with my clod above. Because it was worded that I could only keep one, it was the clod. If I was going to run the proverbial out of it, break it, fix it, rinse and repeat, and get my absolute moneys worth out of it, then the Lunchbox my other half bought for my birthday in 2009, has already achieved all that. I firmly believe the lunchbox, is the one rc you can have a good time with anywhere, by anyone, and smile if not laugh. New: 11 years later, Grandads Axe:
  13. Enjoying this thread. 😁 My LHS has an old Big Brute sitting up on the shelf that needs some serious restoration, would love to get my mitts on it 🙂 Cant complain, still have my USA-1 EP and GP that needs doing!
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