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  1. I don't have an MB01, but I'm going to hazard a guess you are at the limitations of those huge plastic drive cups. The dogbone is fouling on the cup, and your steering servo is asking for more throw, pushing the dogbone on the cup, and pressing the arms off the lower ball joint. Is there any evidence on the dogbones that the cups have been touching the shaft? Just an idea... No happy the body can't be lowered to a desirable height, but as with other m-chassis cars, I've had to shorten the dampers and ride height of the chassis to get body where I want it to sit.
  2. Last weekend (Friday) I did and oil change on my DD and my truck. I got a new DA polisher with the gift card i got for my birthday back in July and spent the whole weekend cutting and polishing my truck. It has been painted over a year now and there was some sanding marks here and there from when the painter had sanded out some imperfections and not polished them out. So I went over the whole truck 3 times and got the paint 90% there, then polished and waxed.
  3. Because nobody can drive a rwd m-chassis rally car offroad without just sitting there doing donuts? 😄 It would be less frustrating for the inexperienced I would imagine. Looks like I'm going to have to start moonlighting and selling my body to get the funds to acquire all these new m-chassis cars 🤦
  4. Found the spare mount... old one looks a bit.. 😬
  5. What. No, Ouch, you can't go! I'm so sorry to hear the bad news, I thought you'd had enough of playing with rc cars, I didn't think you meant you were leaving the world behind! 🥺 Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful builds with us and being such an asset to our community... I for one have always enjoyed your posts. We are going to miss you a lot around here.
  6. Yeah they get a bit of a hammering. My kids haven't driven them in a long time so they are a bit rusty, so there's a bit of full throttle- cartwheel - keep going antics lol, but they've enjoyed themselves and that's the main thing 😁 Yeah cracker day today! If it's the same tomorrow hopefully I can scoot over to redwoods in the arvo 👌
  7. Had my kids this weekend, took the dump truck and the lunchbox with us. 5 minutes in and the lunchbox gets a bit noisy. Now my ex bought this for my my birthday I think around 2008ish, and to be absolutely honest, the only original parts on it is probably the uprights, rear axles, bumper, and possibly the front tyres, absolutely everything else has been changed from original, it's had a HARD life. Maybe I am forgetting a part here, because as this has been through two gearbox casings, multiple sets of wheels, 3 chassis carcasses, front arms (flogged out) subframes, gears, you name it, I don't think I've ever 'broken' the motor spacer, but... now I have lol.
  8. Always thought I'd get my hands on a WW2, but I know it would end up in the 'kids runners' pile and get wrecked like the Heavy Dump truck and Lunchbox. Personally, I'd like a FF tourer of some kind, not sure if an early one or later, filled with hop ups, but either way it would more than likely end up on the shelf not getting use.
  9. What Tamiya does best, is make us lot broke! 🤣
  10. Finally got out with an rc, it's been quite some time unfortunately 😕
  11. Yeah they certainly looks a little agricultural. I quite like the old school bigger sidewall, white lettering type look. Unfortunately the 'in a perfect world' wheels I really want are 18x10 and 18x12 and stupid expensive. I put the center caps on, and I must say, I like these far better than the Centerlines I had on previously... Now I just have to roll the rear lips with a rubber mallet and a heat gun, called a guy that does them professionally and he won't touch it because they are double lipped.
  12. If that's the end result, @Wooders28.. that's going to look gorgeous Got my tyres fitted. I tried one of the beauty rings and the center caps on one wheel and I'm not sure, kind of like the raw look of a silver painted steelie at the moment 🤔😄 Funny thing is, I was actually considering painting the wheels gloss black and just running the center caps, so it had that Nascar (or squad car lol) look. Did a poll on FB with pics of both and majority said do them silver. Have to get the rear guards rolled because the offset is lower on these wheels an I put a wider tyre on the rear.
  13. Sold my Grand Hauler and Tanker trailer this week, that's 3 truck and trailers I've sold now. Got two left.
  14. Yeah same here in NZ, any flashing (of headlights you bunch of sickos) to warn others of any police presence is illegal here, we wouldn't want people to slow down, just pay the revenue, right? You've done a nice job on that steering shaft, looks good all tidied up and painted 👍 I like what youve done with the wheels. I looked into buying a sand blasting box but like you, I knew my compressor wouldnt support it. Watched youtube for gravity home jobs and it looked labourous considering how much I had to do (quite pitted) and when i went and got a quote, he charged me $220NZD (£110) to do the fronts and backs of all four. It's something I'm looking into later, either that or the Cunningham Machine one 👍
  15. One thing that I didn't realise is American stuff doesn't have a flash headlight function, so you can't warn other drivers of gatso's etc. Good job on the boot. Did my rag joint recently, apparently the solid XJ Jeep steering shafts fit my truck 🤷 your steering shaft doesn't look a lot different than mine. I bought some squarebody rallys for my truck a few months ago. I had them sandblasted and have been painting them over the past few days. Couldn't find the exact paint I wanted but got a colour that appears very close. High build primer, about 4 coats of silver, two coats of black on the back and a few coats of clear and they don't look half bad. I found some center caps but unfortunately the chrome is blistering. I have some beauty rings but they are decidedly second hand as well. I bought 4 tyres as well as the ones on the rear of my centerlines are stuffed. I went one size wider on the rear and a lower profile, so I may have to get the lips rolled on the rear of the truck. Just waiting for the shop next door to work to mount the tyres and will throw them on.
  16. Friday/Saturday: This was last night, I have my kids this weekend. My mum picks them up from school, and I meet up with them after work. It's miserable weather Friday and Saturday, so we might be inside watching movies and playing games today (Saturday), will take them out to the library as they have a Lego room there for the kids, and then go to the supermarket and get some popcorn and we are going to make home made pizzas tonight for tea tonight. Sunday: is meant to be fine, so we will go to the park, get some lunch and then they get dropped at their mother's at 3pm. Hopefully I will go back, get my MTB and go for a ride Sunday arvo, because I'm hanging out for a ride 🚲, might go pick up some new pedals if the kids haven't bled me dry 😄 Edit: Their mum didn't pack any shoes for my son, so took them clothes shopping and got them some bits an pieces and him some shoes/sneakers/trainers. Conveniently, 🤣 the bike shop happens to be next door, so I got myself some pedals and new grips, since my old ones are nearly worn flat
  17. Fine work, very talented! 🙂
  18. Thanks, would love to get some action shots/videos, might have to see if my gopro still works. Those shoes look pretty fancy! 😍
  19. This. I used a few sets of 54753 for some of my m-chassis cars and think I used the bigger spacer in the kit to limit to 50mm.
  20. Thanks man! I'm like that with the engine bay at the moment, I'm just trying to tidy it up. I bought an Edelbrock air filter for it, which counteracts the cold air the original stove top air cleaner was providing, but looks a darn sight better. I am trying to just get it clean and presentable. The intake manifold (and possibly the rocker covers at the same time )were painted matt black and poorly without masking anything off by a previous owner, so I am trying to fix up the intake manifold, and either paint or replace the rocker covers. I don't want to get too crazy spending money upgrading this motor as I don't know whether I am keeping it (it's getting tired) or swapping it out in the future or what, otherwise headers would probably be next. I Like the stereo gear! I have a basic mp3 (not bluetooth) Pioneer head unit and have replaced the factory 4x6 fronts with Kicker (DS?) ones, haven't replaced the rears yet but they are 4x6 too (and a pain to get to) and hopefully will get a pair of slim 8" sub/amp underseats. Would prefer Bluetooth hands free as I have that in my little city car, but it works.
  21. Especially like the A110 in light blue and your 1:1 and 1:10 Abarth!
  22. I can only imagine! 😄
  23. Haha sorry guys, probably just going to get nylon/composite flats. Clipless is something I may look into at a later date. Decided to stick to nylon because if anodised alloy ones get knocked about they will look naff or the pins get bent they are harder to get out, and I like that nylon ones have locknuts, and nylon are cheaper to throw away if I want to replace them. Went out to the next city over yesterday, massive bike park compared to my local, like 10 times the size at least. Had fun, had another bail haha, but was awesome and want to go back asap.
  24. That's so cool! (Frozen even!) Fond memories of those Transits used as ice cream vans, even over here! Then the Bedford's.. I see Walls, Streets, and Frosty Boy, I assume they are all interconnected?
  25. I'm in the same boat as you, looking at some proprietary shoes for my bike, and some new pedals. I still have the plastic fantastic ones on mine and have been looking at either nylon ones with metal screws/studs, or alloy ones with the same. Just apprehensive as I had an off going too fast down a grade 5 trail (the trails here aren't colors, they are graded 1-6) and went down a long bit that was basically clay, couldn't stop, lost control, and hit a tree stump and went over the handlebars and down a cliff 😄 luckily the moss stopped my bike going to the bottom and a tree stopped me haha. But I took some skin off my calf, and I've always thought if I had decent pedals it would've done far more damage. 😄 So I am looking at a pair of Ride Concepts (subliminally because they have 'RC' on the side? 🤔) shoes and some Crankbrothers or Spank or Raceface (haven't decided yet) pedals. I feel like this new hobby could get addictive. Also started selling some of my rc stuff and a lot of things I've accumulated, to downsize, free up some space, money etc. Then you get distracted sorting through stuff you're thinking of selling, making sure it all works etc... 😄
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