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  1. I've been modding and working on cars (1:1) for a while now. I currently have a Subaru STI that I've dropped alot of money into. I used to have a load of hobbies, but I've cut back to just a couple. That way my wallet doesn't hurt so badly.
  2. I guess I've been fortunate with Tamiya kits. I've owned a bunch, and I've never really replaced parts unless I wanted to. My nitro RS4 back in the day was another story. I broke, stripped, and snapped just about everything.
  3. I would piece these parts together yourself. I don't see the point in buying a put together box of hop ups unless you save a few bucks.
  4. The WRC wheels are off a TT-01 Subaru WRC car. They are flawless and have never even touched the ground. Only the tires have been mounted. Both the wheels and tires are NEW! The JGTC wheels (Rays TE37 style) are off a TT-01 Raybrig NSX. They have been run a total of 4 times. The tires are in good shape, and the wheels only have minor lip rash where the tire meets the wheel. The tires are the standard hard racing slicks that come with the TT-01 kit. I will only ship within the United states. I am looking for $15 for the WRC wheels/tires (set of 4) and $10 for the JGTC wheels/tires (set of 4), plus shipping. I am located in Los Angeles. Payment will be made through Paypal for ease of transaction. thanks for viewing!
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