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  1. I have one, built, full ball bearings, etc. this is the kit version. any idea how much it would be to ship it from the United States? It has been hardly run, the only "mod" I have done is added heat sinks to the speed control. This is the kit version with oil shocks and ball differential. The body has a scuff or two, the kit was missing the mount for the antenna, but that's it. chassis is in good shape.
  2. Brand new = was new until I used it. Seriously, I got an older futaba transmitter and "brand new" receiver. Yeah, it looks like the receiver was dunked in acid. and 2 of the tabs were broken, so the case fell apart when i took it out of the box. this is an actual quote when I asked the dude about it: "Sorry about the way it looks but it is really new. I used it in my 1/8 buggy one Saturday for a few hours. When I cleaned it off I got some motor spary on it and it turned it to that dal color. But it is a great system and you should zero problems with it. Besides, the R123F brand new is like $50 and the best deal I found on that Tx was on RCU for $40 alone. So you made out good." Maybe I am wrong, but that means it's USED. It can't be new if it was USED. Am I wrong?!?!?!?
  3. I have a tz in my re-re boomerang. I am running the stock 101bk speed control, but running a 2s lipo (7.4v). Top speed with the radar gun was 27. 26 mostly consistent. I am kicking around the idea of brushless, but not sure if the gears will take it.
  4. yeah, i know about the speed limit, but that makes it easier to pass the real cars! you know, I didn't realize how close I had gotten to that pole!
  5. I am using a cheap 480x640 camera purchased off of ebay. Not sure the brand. I only have it taped on the car (had to remove the wing). This is temporary, until I can make a better, more protective, mount. The lipos made a big deal in "punch", as they can deliver the amps better then my 3000 nimh. Also, the lighter weight actually makes the car steer better, since it has less understeer than before. Gained about 2 mph over 7.2v nimh, also. here is a link to a similar camera on ebay (I bought mine a long time ago). micro video recorder
  6. top speed is 26-27 mph. a long time ago, I got frustrated with not being able to tell how fast my cars were really going, so bought a cheap bushnell radar gun. It's accurate, as I compared it to my friend's police unit in his cruiser. It's amazing how 26 mph looks so fast when the perspective is 3 inches above the ground!
  7. i actually cannot remember. I know it might have been a bit above 3v per cell. maybe 3.5 per cell.
  8. how about this? $10 and it reverses the servo with no messing around. http://www.aeromicro.com/Catalog/dionysus_...ser_3975198.htm
  9. I have tested mine with both my coaxial heli and my boomerang. the alarm triggered at about when I saw a noticeable drop in performance of the car or heli. My imax charger verified the cell voltages were right in line.
  10. The blitz has full hardened metal gears, so I wanted a mammoth amount of power for it. anyone use this ezrun system? http://cgi.ebay.com/Ezrun-RC-Racing-Car-5-...id=p3286.c0.m14 60a speed control, 6000kv motor. I know I don't want anything under 4800kv. and prefer something insane. All current blitz electronics will be removed in favor of this system. I know the blitz isn't out yet, but I can wait.... I just want a fairly easy project with uber speed. my goal is 45mph flat out, with enough torque for fun off road.
  11. I am running two Yeah Racing 3200mah lipos in a stick configuration to fit anything that uses a standard 6 cell stick pack. so far, the runtime is very good, hold a decent amount of power until a steep drop-off in power where my lipo alarm kicks in. The batteries were around $30 each off of ebay, and cable and balance wire quality are good. I retrofitted to deans connectors. Batteries run wide open on grass and asphalt until the alarm triggered were barely warm. I will buy more in the future. I am charging them at 3A (which is a hair under 1c).which nets a full charge in about 64 minutes. (this is a balance-charge with an imax b6 charger) So far am more than happy with the batteries. I might charge at 3.2 amps, just to see if it gains me a decent decrease in charge time. Charging produces no heating of the packs that I can tell. Hope this information helps.
  12. The alarm seems plenty loud enough. It might not be loud enough if you are running with friends who are running nitro cars. it's about the same volume as a truck back-up alarm. Not sure if all alarms act like this one. The red lights come on as a "warning" when the battery starts to get low, then the alarm kicks on a few minutes later when it hits the "danger zone" for battery voltage. I picked up two of them for $8 total with shipping off of an ebay distributor out of HK. Arrived in about 6 days to my home in Indiana.
  13. well, just got done doing a speed test. With a super stock tz motor, fresh charged 2 cell lipo (7.4v), 15t pinion, on asphalt, the speed was 27 mph at the fastest. most runs were 26, so call it 26.5 top speed. Previous speed with same setup with a 7.2v nimh was 24.5. I have a bushnell radar gun and it's pretty accurate, just not accurate enough to write tickets by! I guess the added .2 volts and the lower weight of the lipo helped the top speed a bit. Speed control is the stock 101bk, but I added heat sinks to it. After running in grass the speed control was barely warm (104 degrees). The motor was about 160 degrees, though. I have a heat sink on the motor as well.
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