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  1. I've fitted electronics to my CR-01 Unimog and done a short testrun. Seems it's not happy with dual servos.. The rear servo seem to make interference to the reciver and jams it on full throttle with connection lost between radio and reciver.
  2. Speaking of that... I'm planning to use a 3s Li-Po in my Unimog. Anyone know where I can get longer mount screws (BA22) to rise the battery "cover" to get room for the larger battery pack?? Other than that I'll be using a 21,5T sensored QuicRun motor with standard 20T pinion + 60A QuicRun ESC.
  3. Applying decals to my CR-01 Unimog... The chassis have been ready for SIX years but not run. Time to get it ready then..
  4. THX Steve! I love to make something different from parts lying around, and hopefully it'll work fine
  5. My daugther had to have one too..: Same chassis set-up except the tub comes from a Manta Ray, and the wheels are Ansmann. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=127766&id=29893
  6. Hi! It's been around 5 years since I was active on tamiyaclub.com. Time to get back Some of you might remember the MG Metro 6R4 I built in 2010...: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=102393&sid=29893 I ran the Metro for the first time this summer and it handled quite well so I decided to build a simular car for my son. I do think the Ken Block DC Shoes Subaru is one of the greatest looking Subarus so therefore I thought a different looking Brat was in it's place. This is a mash-up of different parts: FF-01 chassis tub from a Honda Civic, TA-01 gearboxes, DF-01 upper & lower arms, adjustable tie-rods, TA-02 uprights, DF-03 front driveshafts (modified to slip into the TA-02 bearings), Yeah Racing rear driveshafts (unis), hard driveshaft cups, Yeah Racing TA-01 alu propshaft (shortend), fully ballraced, Alloy dampers, EzRun 17,5T motor + 60A ESC, Traxxas TQi 2,4 GHz Radio + transmitter, FaceWorx decals, AMG Mercedes 58145 rear spoiler, Toyota Celica GT-Four 58164 mirrors, Wide 5-spoke wheels with BF Goodrichs. You'll find more pics here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=127765&id=29893
  7. Thanks for the comments/replies. Keep them coming Yep, her and my favourite shot was nr. 2 (top right) as well. Looks almost as a real TORC truck at full throttle. You can see it's going fast.
  8. Excellent paint design for that body
  9. Hi friends! Long time no see. As I've bought myself a 1/1 Alfa Romeo racecar I've been kinda occupied with that for the last 1/2 year or so... Today we had our cool niece Pia visiting and she's an eager amateur photografer so I thought she'd have a go at the Slash on the lawn. She's only 15 and she'd like to know what you think of her first RC-photos.
  10. After my experiences this autumn I'd recomend you a 4x4 Slash. It's fast, fun and handles like a dream. And it also copes a flog or five.
  11. I did as well, but never became World Champion in any 1/1 motorsport.. (yet...)
  12. When painting the RetroRacing bodies you need to use waterbased paints. Check this link: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...21&id=25518 Scroll down to see Retro Racings comment:
  13. The car is set up like this: TT-01 chassis, modified to better ground clearance Stadium Raider wheels electronics: TEU-104 ESC Lansu LS-103-R 2ch AM rx Futaba FP 5148 steering servo standard 540 silver can IP 25C 3000 mAh Li-Fe battery I really enjoy the car myself. We often swap the wheels for wide on-roads and I'm surprised of how well it goes both on and off road. A couple of shots here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...8&sid=29893
  14. I don't experience any problems using 6.6V LiFes in my sprogs TT-01. I use a TEU-104 ESC.
  15. I don't understand you here... I don't see a CR-01 for "bashing"..
  16. Sorry to laugh at your pain.., but you made a good point there. Prehaps you would consider one of these instead of running off to buy no-pain-cream everytime..:
  17. Where?? Can't find it on 3Racing website....
  18. Yes, you are correct. The 104 has only a LVC for Li-Fe... Hmm.. the idea with CR-tuned + 104BK + added LVC could be a nice budget combo. Also more resistant to water as well as it's brushed.
  19. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Novak GOAT 3S system. The TEU-104BK doesn't take Li-Po as far as I know. Only Li-Fe..
  20. I'll go for 3s Li-Po to get that extra punch when needed. I've not sorted out what ESC and motor to use yet...
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