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  1. Thanks Reilluor! Obviously these are quite different from the original metal plate (in my picture) but I guess they will fit perfectly with the screw hole in the light buckets. Thanks again, I had never seen these before
  2. Hi guys. Been trying to locate a set of the headlight stays for the CC01 Pajero but I can not seem to find them anywhere. I really need some help here. Part number is: BF3 Part name is "Supplemental screw bag" Screw bag number is: 11054511 Any tips on where I can get these? Best regards Kenneth
  3. Dear all. Have just finished building my NDF, but I have a problem with the wheel and king pin (or upright?). It says in the manual to adjust the S1 until there is no play (like I also do on my Traxxas vehicles), but I have it all the way in and there is still quite much play. Seem like the S1 should be longer?!? Adjusting the BB11 changes the camber, but of course have no effect on the sloppy wheel. Anyone else experienced this? I guess I have to find something to put in there to make it tighter, but it seem strange that it is made this way. Could I have done anything wrong? And in advance, thank you for any help :-) My new built car And with bigger tires
  4. Thank you guys! They are 79mm high, I think it may work for the project. Ordered a set from Jasons Store. Br Kenneth
  5. Do anyone know the part no for the tires on 58406 Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007? I guess the same tires go on the Mitsubishi Rapol also. The reason for my question is that I would like to set up a TT-01 with Brat body and these tires. Best rc-regards Kenneth
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