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  1. Ottershaw Surrey UK, Got my first tamiya at 18, a 2nd hand Monster beetle. Couldn't afford proper Rc cars as a kid.
  2. Not to sure of where to begin, Knight hauler, Scania r620, King hauler, mercedes benz 1850l, flat bed trailer and a container trailer. Leopard 2a6 tank trf201, trf801xt, Avante original and rere, Egress original and rere, Avante 2001, Vanquish, Mad cap, Manta ray ,Terra conqueror, Blazing star, Dirt Thrasher, Top force original and rere, Wild willy 2, vw wheelie bus, Gravel Hound, Grass hopper rere, Nova Fox, Porsche Cayenne, Holiday buggy, Zahhak, Fav rere , Wild one rere, Mini cooper monte carlo MO5, Super hotshot rere, TXT2 TLT1Rock buster, Monster beetle rere, vw golf rere. Escort michelin Pilot. XR311 rere and a ta05ifs axial wraith, traxxas Emax, Xmaxx, Summit and a few Mardave meteors Have multiple of some and a few NIB duplicates would say that about 15 vehicles are ready to run, the rest are shelf build examples
  3. This is the Xmaxx truck. came out last year as 6s capable. has just been revised to be able to run 8s power. I built one from parts and run mine on 8s with the castle system. truck is huge see this thread
  4. I Don't have a T maxx, but do own the Emaxx. rpm front and rear suspension arms are a must, rpm bulkheads are also a good idea. Have broken standard suspension arms on my Emaxx. Have found the front bumper/ skid plates are a consumer able item, so upgrades are advised. wheels bar is good, if you don't want back flips. have twisted the standard drive shafts, so have fitted the upgrade steel shafts and prop shaft (might be a brushless design fault that they fail)
  5. WillyChang, I will stand up for all Weird Dorks who play with rc My name is Ian and i am a Weird Dork
  6. pre-ordered mine from fusion hobbies just need to wait now for release.
  7. Why not buy a new car when you reach your destination? Good excuse to get another car Then mail it back home just before you leave.
  8. Received a sorry looking mardave meteor. That I will check over and make into a runner. And got a pair of wheels/tyres for the x-maxx, (have split a front tyre from spinning it to fast)
  9. Looking good Mastino, Will you be keeping the body silver? Must resist urge to build my kit
  10. Received today, Thanks for a great transaction
  11. just some parts trees for a king hauler. front Grill , window glass, bumpers and a screw bag. All from tonys tamiya parts
  12. looks like my credit card will take a bashing when the top force is out.
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